Was out of the shop

Took a breather from the shop for a bit and went into Boston for a couple nights with my wife.

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September 2014 Events

We still have 2-3 months of riding weather left but the number of events is getting smaller.  Here are some highlights for the month of September.  As usual, you can see lots of blog posts and photos of these events using my Guide To Local Events page.

9/4: First Thursday at Dulono's Pizza / Moto Mania at the Uptown VFW
This Thursday!!!  This year, I've been parking at the VFW and walking back and forth between these simultaneous events.  Overall, it's the biggest local bike night by far so don't miss it.

9/5-9/6 24th Annual SCVR Chili Feed
I haven't been to Chili Feed since 2011 but I want to go back.  It's the SCVR's annual fundraiser and it's a really fun time.  Bring your tent and eat all the chili and drink all the beer you want on Saturday.  Live music, bonfire, mechanical bull, etc. etc. etc.

9/13: 5th Annual Rad's Extra Sharp Motorcycle Show
I have attended the last 3 years and managed to come away with an award each year.  Feel free to show up to enjoy some bikes, adult beverage of choice, and lots of cheese but leave your Sportster at home.  I want another award dammit.

9/20: 49th Annual Fall Flood Run
Twice a year, this event turns the border of MN and WI between Lake St. Croix Beach and Winona into a steady stream of bikes all day long on both sides of the river.  The past few Spring runs have been frigid so be sure to enjoy the relative warmth of the fall run.  This will be my 5th fall run and 11th Flood Run overall.  It's for a great cause so buy a wristband!

I know there's a ton of other rides and benefits out there.  This is just my edited list of ones I've actually attended in the past.  No matter which ones (if any) you attend, just go out and enjoy the beautiful fall riding weather while it lasts.


As many of you know, we're boothing this years VVMC Rally and will be offering a selection of EVENT ONLY exclusive merchandise including the (above) Gasser Lounge shirt; Party in the Front, Business in the Back "Get Off Your Fucking Cell Phone" 

and (below) "Everything Went Braaap" Lady Hump shirts.

When and Where?
Ride from the GASSER LOUNGE to the VVMC Rally KSU from the Gasser at 10:00 AM.
Gasser Lounge will also be showcasing The Creep Machine at this event so swing by and check her out! EVENT DETAILS HERE: Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally 2014

DicE Issue 57 - The Haifley Brothers Issue.

It was Evel Knieval that once said; "I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair."
Um, yeah...don't we all bruv?!
He also said "I guess I thought I was Elvis Presley but I'll tell ya something, all Elvis did was stand on stage and play guitar, he never hit the pavement at 80 mph."
No shit Sherlock, but also Elvis is God.
This quote really took the biscuit though; "DicE magazine? Never heard of it."

Issue 57 is here and it is in collaboration with our good friends The Haifley Brothers, out there in Phoenix, Arizona. If you haven't already heard of these master craftsmen, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Perfect lines, beautiful curves and just drop dead gorgeous...and that's just the boys themselves!

Inside this fandabulous issue you will also find a Show Class Magazine special 16 page insert. The old magazine inside a magazine trick mate.

Kyle and his righteous slab side Shovelehead from Baltimore, Maryland.
Photo: Magic Ken.

Andy and his utterly brilliant Pan/Shov Chopper from Harvaluoto, Finland.

Sabbath Cycles from Sydney, Australia.
Photo: Simon Davidson.

Cuts Like A Knife: Part 1.
Photo: Ivester Creative.

Yuki and her fantastic Shovelhead from Hawaiian Gardens.
Photo: Troy Critchlow.

The Haifley Brothers from  Phoenix, Arizona.
Photo: Christian Otjen.

Jeff Wright and his Street Machine Shovelhead from Sioux City, Iowa.
Photo: Anna Jones.

Casper and his slab side Shovelhead from Stockholm, Sweden.
Photo: Nicke Svensson.

Fred and his Model C Flathead from Bourges, France.
Photo: Freaky Rico.

Doug & Chatty at The Compound in The Valley, California.
Photo: Troy Critchlow.

Hell On Wheels In Japan.
Photo: Nevin Pontious.

Mullins Chain Drive, Richmond, California.
Photo: Ken Nagahara.

Luke and his Ironhead Sportster from Tuscon, Arizona.
Photo: Christian Otjen.

Bandit Town USA.
Photo: Troy Critchlow.

Teresa Maher.
Photo: Troy Critchlow.

The 'Mama Tried' Show, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Photo: Cicero Guzman Jr.

Raddy and his Wheelie Machine from Los Angeles, California.
Photo: Troy Critchlow.

An Interview with Mike Vils: Part 1. 

Greetings from Germany!

I got a email from Butcher out of Germany who asked if the Lady Hump would share his event flyers for his upcoming 1000 Hills Run. Lady Hump is "mostly" a regional blog and doesn't (necessarily) try to cover many areas outside of Southern California (and sometimes New York with Jay McJay covering our annex HQ on the East Coast) but when I saw some of the pictures of what's going on over on his blog, I thought, "yeah, I better share this cause it looks like a really good time is being had!" Check out the torches and camping along the tree line (below)... that looks killer! I want to camp along that tree line!!! Cheers Butcher.

Blog link below. If you're anywhere near Germany mid-September, you'll want to make this happen.

CT70 Short Leg Seat: Part 1

So big boy is still too short for his bike. I have to do something to get his knees in the breeze. I got this seat with a bad cover, cracked pan, and decent foam.

Lummie welded up the crack and blasted and painted the pan. I thought about building high density foam from floormats or something, but the shape is odd with the ridge in the middle.

I decided to cut down stock foam. The end result will not be particularly cushy, but 8 year-olds are tough.

I picked up an electric knife at a garage sale just for jobs like this. I'll need to cut at an  upward angle to leave some foam everywhere and not hit the metal.

That went well.

Make the other side match.

Now scoop out the middle.

That's pretty much it. I really banana'ed it, so that there was still plenty of cush in the front and rear to help keep the boy on it. I'll have this covered by a professional though.

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