"Based on the number of emails we have received from interested applicants and institutions, many of whom have only just learned about our scholarship program, we have decided to extend the application deadline by one week!!! Applications will now be accepted until 10/7/20 at midnight.

Applications and instructions for how to apply can be found on our website at"

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Enter SPEED's giveaway now!

Win a free pair of SPEED Clothing Midnight Riders motorcycle gloves. They are made of black deerskin leather, short cuff with gold stitching, and proudly Made in the USA.​ Go here to enter. We'll announce the  winner on 10/23/2020.

RBM- Meet Brandon Long


Marine Corps veteran and Purple Heart recipient Brandon Long talks motorcycles, life, and the things that riding his Harley Davidson Trike gives him. Read more.
In case you miss it........

Jeff Holt, creator of V-Twin Visionaries, produces up to 9 events a year, curates rides, provides product testing of new high-performance parts for fans. Read more.

If you've been on the internet at all this summer, then you've most likely seen this wild video. Meet the rider who is fortunate to be alive. Read more.

Anya is the type of rider that's in it for the thrills. And being the Co-founder of Babes Ride Out Babes in the Dirt, some of her best memories have been on a motorcycle! Read more.


The fine folks at SPEED have donated a pair of their Midnight Riders motorcycle gloves. They are made of black deerskin leather, short cuff with gold stitching, and proudly Made in the USA. Enter here. We'll announce the lucky winner on 10/23/2020. Good luck!


NEW - Street Legal 475 Cam/Calibration for M8 Touring Model

S&S Cycle has long been the leader in performance cam development and looks to be keeping that streak intact with the 50-state legal version of their popular 475 cam for M8 touring machines. This bolt-in cam pulls over 100 Horsepower and 114 lb-ft of torque. An excellent power-per-dollar upgrade for sure, but they've now combined it with a Powervision PV3 tuner with built-in tunes allowing for a simple set up without having to put the bike on a Dyno. To make it even more interesting, S&S has managed to make the cam warranty friendly, CARB legal, and available in chain or gear drive! PV3 can also be bar-mounted to monitor critical engine functions or just used for tuning. A first for our market but not likely for the folks at S&S Cycle. Check out the details on their site at

Limited edition ChopCult patch

Buy this limited edition patch and receive a gift. We appreciate your ongoing support!

November 2008 - Morty

My very best buddy Morty ("Morty The Official Shop Cat") passed away from natural causes last Sunday, Oct. 4th.  Morty was the best pet I ever had, and I documented many things ol' Mort did over the years with the expressions and adventures he did around the garage and shop.  This BLOG introduced me to many fellow motorcycle enthusiasts over all the years.  I remember trying to figure out how to post photos, type text, etc...and this first photo was my test to see if I could do it.   I'd see this big, biker dudes at swap meets and events, and one of the first things they'd ask is..."How's Morty?"  It was pretty cool.  The blogs are a dying method (almost gone fully actually), but there was a time when it was the hottest and best way to get the word out, meet people, they were just awesome !  Each time I get on here to post, Google makes weird changes, and you gotta learn all this crap again... it's like - Nothin' lasts forever for sure.  Makes me sad.  Buy hey... I got an Instagram (for short attention spans I call it) - and I still post on that.  I'll try to send a post now and then, but it just ain't the same - and I'll miss Morty, and I already miss the blogs - but times change - and we just got to go onward into the future - but never sell those old Harleys and keep the vintage bike spirit alive - and maybe I'll see or hear from you all soon?  Thanks for the great times we've had !  -Noot

Pawn Shop UL

My dad's friend found this at a pawn shops years ago... now rebuilt and ready to hit the road again... Old Harley Never Die !


New product: THE TON Issue 6

Summer/Fall 2020 - Issue 6 features Mike Foster's "Thin Mint", Ritualust, Ryan Napier's "Dirty Devil", The Stooges, Cycle Monster, Lee Bullock, Tacoma's What? Shoppe and much more.

52 pages, full color, all killer, no filler.

Buy yours HERE.

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