update on Brittneys bike

Sorry for the lack of posts,  life has been pretty hectic.  We finished britts bike up a month ago, and had some complications with it and had to rebuild the motor to replace a faulty sprocket shaft.  We jumped through all of those hoops and have it runnign really well.  I have had it up to 65, and britt has had it up to 75,  I guess the 100 pound weight difference really has an affect.   Here is a pic of britts bike at the Saint Paul Fairgrounds from this past weekend.

Here is a pic of Brittney riding her bike for the first time.  It really fits her perfectly.  The bike will be at Born free next week, and then she has an exhibition run with Jim Wall in Holyoke Colorado on July Fourth.  Try to make it out if you can.
 This last weekend we went to the Viking AMCA meet to hang out with some friends.  We ran into Frank from Strong arm sprays.  He is a great guy and is always helping out on some level or another with the AMCA.  His product is really good too. We use it for breaking rusty stuff loose and even as cutting fluid on the lathe.
We stayed with Kevin and Amy Baas while we were in town.  I am always amazed at how quickly their boys are growing. This is Mason, he is so cool.
I saw this really cool bsa bike while I was at the meet.  It is tricked out and looks like a lot of fun to ride.

and another shot of my beautiful wife.  This bike was easy to build, there really are not a lot of parts on it or things to worry about, like clutches, brakes, or electrics.  She will be racing it at wauseon and davenport, so please come out and see some cool 90 year old bikes in action.   If you cant make it to the races, there will be a feature on it in american iron magazine.

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2014 Hog Feed at The Joint - Part 3

Authority Stunts put on a really good show at the 2014 Hog Feed at The Joint.

These are some photos from their first session.

They wrapped it up with a pretty sweet burnout.

They posted a video of the burnout on their website.  Here it is.

Here's another video they posted from the show:

I saw the motocross guys warm up but I'm not sure if they performed due to the rain.

Sportsters are next.

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August 2014 Events

Here's a quick rundown of a few events in August that you might be interested in checking out.

8/4-8/10: 74th Annual
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (Sturgis, SD)
Obviously, this is huge and a lot of people will make the 600 mile trip from the Twin Cities.  I went to the rally in 2007-2009 and had a blast each time.  I was just out in the Black Hills on a moto-fishing-camping adventure at the end of May and will post pics soon.  It's a phenomenal place to ride and can't recommend it enough.

8/7: First Thursday at Dulono's Pizza / Moto Mania at the Uptown VFW (Mpls.)
According to Dulono's Facebook page, they are planning a big party for August so we'll see what that entails.  Moto Mania is growing fast and the buildings are practically across the street from each other so swing by both.  The blog is filled with photos from these events so if you've never been, go!

8/9: Ride For Larry Pierce (St. Paul / Monticello)
Around the country, memorial rides are planned on August 9th for Larry Pierce who passed away earlier this year.  I didn't know him but it's obvious by the massive outpouring of love for him after his death that he had a huge impact on the motorcycle community.

Jordan from Union Speed and Style is organizing a local ride right here in MN.  You can find details on his Instagram page (see his post on 7/31).  The plan is to meet up at Tavern on the Ave in St. Paul at 10am, depart at 11am, ride to Union Speed and Style in Monticello, meet up with more people, and then hit some back roads.  Those who want to party into the night are welcome to camp.  If interested in the ride, follow Jordan on Instagram so you don't miss any updates.

8/16-8/17: Chariots of the Gods Custom Van and Vintage Camper Show (Mpls.)
Clearly this isn't a motorcycle event but I rode my Sporty to it last year and had fun checking out all the custom vans [click for blog posts].  Blue Cat is one of the sponsors and it's advertised at the Bearded Lady so it's sort of like an honorary motorcycle event.

8/23: Spare Arts Bike Show (Austin, MN)
I went down to Austin for the Build Art Bike Show back in March [click for blog posts].  This event is organized by the same guy and should be even bigger as it will be outdoors.  Of course, while you're in Austin, don't miss the Spam Museum.

8/31: Minneapolis Messaround (Mpls.)
This one is primarily a car show but you may find a small number of cool bikes there.  It's strictly pre-1960 which provides a nice focus.  I went last year [click for blog posts] and brought the family.  We enjoyed the cars, bikes, live music, and bowling.

Goodbye Schaidy (pt.3)

Alright Schaidy! Good luck to you in Oregon. By now you're already there and probably drinking art some new bar (might I suggest HERE for reference) We're all going to miss you!

Look, Jay the photobomber got one upp'ed by the dude behind him! Didn't see that coming...

Harley-Davidson has joined Oily Souls as our Main Sponsor!!!

We are beyond stoked that our great lake sharing neighbor Harley-Davidson has stepped up to the plate and agreed to support Detroit and our cozy little motorcycle show!  Support the mother of all motorcycle companies by stopping by their site and thanking them for helping out the little guys!

Bigger Is Better

You may notice a BIG change to the blog. For the first time in a long time, I have switched Blogger templates and tweaked the layout. I made it look very similar to the old layout with two BIG differences.
  1. The page is now wider
  2. I am using that added width to display much larger photos - twice as wide and twice as tall so they now take up 4X the space!

New photo size:

Old photo size:

You can still click on any photo see a larger version like before (I upload nearly all my photos 1024 pixels wide) but this change should reduce the need to do that.  I have gone back and updated all my blog posts from June and July to automatically display the photos in this larger format and may go a little father back than that (I'm not going to go back through all 900 posts on the blog as the process is very manual).

I hope you like the BIG update!
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