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Copycat says....

Just something to think about before buying your biker novelty souvenirs at Chopper World this year...

So, if no "laws" were broken, would you think it's ok to copy someone else's product and (along with modifying it to fit your own brand) sell said product? Even if it's legally ok, is it still something you want to support? Options are there for you to choose, but I choose not to, when it becomes apparent that someone (in the case below Harley Davidson) is blatantly (or is merely and obviously mass producing a "like" product) ripping someone else off. It's not done in ode to or in comic satire, which would actually be funny. In this case, the Mandana designed as a joke(*), now mass produced (with modifications sufficient to remain clear of patent and/or copyright infringement) to increase the weekend warrior "Skull Meter" ratings at the local Dealership Hot Dog Saturday... (insert face palm Picard image here). The most common reply is always; People have been and are ripping people off who have been ripping people off for years and years and years and years. That's just the "way" of the world.  ...but that still doesn't make it something I want to ignorantly support.

* I don't have any actual first hand knowledge of this (wink wink)

The real joke...
Available NOW at your local Dealership.

You might not agree with me. Zero fucks given.
Search out and support Originality.
Search until you die... 

"Wait. How many fucks was that again?"

...maybe a half of one. But that's a half empty one at best.

What Is & Why You Need The BF7 Grass Pass

From our friends at Born-Free:


"It's hard to get the info out regarding Born-Free because every year we change stuff up to make it better and more fun. It's not like a regular show that's the same deal every just show up and it's over. Between the giveaway promo's, invited builders & guests, videos, sponsor & vendor info, art, merch, music and general show changes it's a lot to process. 
*Today the most important thing to understand is how the BF7 Grass Pass early admission band works and why you need it. The Grass Pass band is designed for the rider to enter the BF grounds without waiting in a line , without having to get off their bike park and pay..then start it back up and ride in. Also a huge plus is being able to have your bike inside the show grounds for easy access. Hang out with your friends and BS about what we all! Remember its a bike show and we your bikes inside the grounds and to be part of the show. Any bike parked inside the show grounds is eligible for an award and there are several to cover all styles of bikes. In fact the Best in Show winner we be selected from the crowd. 
The Grass Pass bands are only $ 10 bucks and if you have a passenger they need one too. The regular gate admission is only $ 10 bucks so there is no up charge for the Grass Pass its simply for the riders convenience and to help us keep the traffic moving. Lastly this is the only way to guarantee that your bike is on show grounds and part of the action. You can take your chances to just show up and pay at the gate but if we are full you will need to park in the parking lot and just walk in. The Grass Pass bands are open to all bikes. If you are riding to Born-Free do yourself a favor and buy a Grass Pass...You can thank us later.  To buy online visit  Don't Delay..Online cut off is coming soon!! See you all next month.

We will be set up at the So Cal Cycle Swap Meet this Sunday and ready to serve you.If you waited to buy your Grass Pass admission bands or giveaway promo poster/ticket combo...Now is the time. We also have some BF6 Tees we will be blowing out for $5 bucks so stop by and get what you need before its too late!! See you all next month," Mike and Grant/

Hangin' in Hanford

On May 16th 2015, Classic Cycle Events hosted the 47th annual Hanford Vintage Motorcycle Rally. Held at the King's Fairgrounds in Hanford, CA and in conjunction with a motorcycle parts swap, this show has always been a vital stop on the swap circuit. Real pickers arrive the day before and wait in line to be the first in and the first to score crusty gold, mined from the local central California valley. Friday nights are spent talking about old bikes and bbq'n a few dogs and tossing back some brews with the boys, both young and old. The fact the show and swap takes place in a grassy section of the fairgrounds gives it a back east feel that many of the other California swaps don’t posses. 

After a night spent sleeping in the dirt, the gates open up to spectators looking to grab what’s left of the parts for sale and lay eyes on some of the killer show bikes that make their way to the event. As people pour in, the bikes quickly get mobbed by guys talking about how they used to have this same bike but theirs was different. Marshall Baker, the man that hosts the show,  gives out a few awards in predetermined classes of bikes ranging from early dirt bikes to later model Brit bikes. The show concludes about noon and most of the vendors clear out a little bit earlier after having hopefully sold what they brought and loaded up with more junk for the following years meet.

Thanks again, Marshall for always hosting such a fun show and swap! More info at:


Important information for anyone planning on attending Just Kickers

Due to the recent rainfall, the Ardmore Dragway is flooded, and it doesn't look like it will be dry enough for Just Kickers. We want you all to have a good time so we have decided to postpone Just Kickers to ­early October of 2015. As soon as we have a date we will let you know. Help us spread the word. Thanks, Kirk.



RIDE TO FISH | Saturday June 6th.

Minnesota is all about that city meets the sticks vibe and pretty much everyone in MN likes to fish. Now I know the concept will be a bit hard to understand but it goes something like this. First we ride... then we fish. If you like those two things, than this little weekend might be for you. Here are more of the details. Question: Who's invited? Answer: Anyone who's down to ride and fish. Question: How much does it cost? Answer: Zero Dollars Question: Do youguys have sponsors? Answer: Fuck No! This ride is great because it's NOT about any of that junk. Question: Is there camping? Answer: Yup - but don't expect a camp ground. We usually find a spot to camp as we go. Question: If I'm from out of state and I need a place to crash the day before or the day after, what do I do? Answer: Just email me. We've got plenty of basement space for you to crash out for FREE. Question: Are people really coming form out of state just to ride and fish? Answer: You betcha - We've got great bikes, great lakes, great roads, awesome weather and fantastic camping. Question: I'm still not sold on this ride to fish thing. Why should I go. Answer: I've already mentioned the roads, lakes, fishing, camping, weather, bikes and zero dollars. The best part of the trip is that riding out here means you're riding with stand up dudes. Everyone is helpful, some are handy and some are just plain hilarious. I'm honestly still trying to figure out why someone wouldn't go.

Ride to Fish - Cause skateboarding is a young mans game.

~ Speed Bump

You know it's funny when...

"The Boys are back in town... 
The Boys are back in town.... 
oh oh oh oh ohhhh o' o' ohhhh..."


ChopCult Instagram giveaway from Biltwell Inc.

Our good friends at Biltwell Inc. have donated two of their EXFIL-7 bags to give away. 
Follow us on INSTAGRAM to enter (please and thank you)

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