This time last year... part 2

Spotted Ricky Lewis's Shovel at the Willie's show last year, knew I had to shoot it. The old paint and molding on the thing was just too cool.

The parking lot at Willie's was packed to the gills, so I had Ricky meet me by the beach entrance a half hour before sundown for a photo shoot. How romantic, right?

Well I should have figured Ricky would be late, but whatever, just had to roll with the punches. He rolled up with about 5 minutes of sunlight left. We snuck the bike down on to the beach through a hotel walk way as I recall...

Maybe about 45 second after Ricky dropped the kick stand and I switches lenses, a beach patrol crusier came blasting up, lights flashing and everything. You would have thought we were trying to steal the beach or something.

He tells me we entered illegally and that he could have the bike impounded and all of us arrested, yadah yadah yadah... he ended his two minute triad with a ".... take your pictures, but hurry up!"

Well no shit buddy! I now had about 2 minutes of sun light left before it became buried behind the beach side high rises. Snap snap snap!

I was pretty happy with the way the shots turned out. All natural lighting under some hurried circumstances... Oh, and the cop didn't notice as he blasted away in anger the quart and a half of oil that oozed outta Ricky's cases and on to his precious beach... fool!

The story behind this bike is quite interesting... a true survivor outta the back woods of Alabama. Charlie the Nomad wrote it too, so you know its gotta be good. I won't give it all away, but it had something to do with a customer bringing it in for a flat black paint job and a disc brake installed up front-- and Ricky rightfully took it outta the poor boy's hands. Read the whole thing in issue #99

Man, I gotta make it down this year!

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