Taco Moto Tuesday at THE GOOD BAR for June 13th 2017

Taco Moto Tuesdays

Imagine weekly open-to-everyone motorcycle meet-ups that just exist to gather friends (new and old) together for no other reason but to eat tacos and drink some beers? We even let the sober hamburger eaters join us! It's been well over two years now and Taco Moto Tuesday is still cranking it out.
@tacomototuesday on the IG for next weeks meet spot.

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Big-little Motorcycle Clock

So I about have to run a clock on my Kawasaki, because I commute on it. I have been running little spot clocks, but they aren't so good. Any nasty rain storm and they will need a battery and they might work again. So I saw this "Stainless Steel Super Glow Motorcycle Handlebar Clock" on Ebay. It looked decent for $17.95. The only down side is the shipping is from Hong Kong and takes a little bit. The next surprise was how huge this thing is. My usual broken spot clock on the right. The grid is one inch squares for scale.

This thing is way to big to mount where I usually mount my clocks.

It's going to need to go right here.

The design is pretty neat.  There is a a fully enclosed clock with an outer casing to mount it. This design should be more robust than the dot clocks for sure. The clock comes with a bar mount that will do 7/8, 1, or 1 1/4 bars, but I won't be using that.

This is the short screw supplied for the handlebar clamp.

I figured a longer screw would be possible and a lot better. A trip to ACE hardware and I came home with this one.

I picked up the proper drill for the job, too.

Cover the tank first, then pull off the risers and bars and just lay them on the tank.

A precise job would have pulled the top triple, measured for center and used a drill press. However, this is redneck machine shop. Eye ball the position.

Center punch it.

Center drill it.

Now this is serious redneck machine shop. To make sure you're close to square in both directions, have a helper(big thanks to my wife) hold one ruler and you can hold another and drill away.

Tap that hole.

Test fit the screw.

Lock tight that screw and mount the outer housing.

Make sure this set screw is pointed to where you can get the clock out easily later.  The clock has to be out to set the time on it.

Mount the clock.

Really easy to see for sure.

It really glows, too.

And the winners are...................

Congratulations to ChopCult members paulw and nmaineron for winning the year subscription of DicE Magazine in the Main Forum. I would also like to congratulate ChopCult member and follower Sickleville for winning through CC's Instagram account.

Big thanks to the family at DicE for making this giveaway possible. I am currently working on more giveaways so be sure to join the party!


The Stampede

I had a great time at The Stampede with Duane. Here's a few of my photos and Nick Faught will be sending in a full feature soon. He was lucky enough to get behind the scenes so I'm sure his coverage will kick ass (as always). -Lisa

Taco Moto Tuesday SPECIAL on June 27th and then Kit's Kulture Ride (no.3) on June 30th...

So what's going on NEXT WEEK?

Glad you asked... Once all the hullabaloo has passed we're hitting the ground running. Taco Moto Tuesday kicks off the summer!!! with a FREE LIVE MUSIC (no cover) show at Harold's Place in San Pedro. Which leads directly to Friday where Kit's Kulture Ride (no.3), Meet & Eat at the Original Tommy's in Long Beach (4315 E. Anaheim St., LB) at 5:30 and then we're riding to TOTALLY RAD ROLLER DERBY. Doors open at 7pm. Tickets for the Roller Derby will be available from Kit for half price ($7) at Taco Moto Tuesday.

Meet at the CLOSED Tilted Kilt parking lot KSU 7pm
or be at Harold's Place in San Pedro by 8pm

Meet at Original Tommy's 5:30 pm if you wanna eat
or meet us at the Roller Derby by (doors open at) 7pm.
(reserved bike parking for Roller Derby directly in front of the Longshoreman's Memorial Hall)

If you have any questions, DM @lady_hump on IG. 

Come Vote!

See you at Cook's Corner, the party starts at 3 pm.
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