sometimes, lost.

the will is unsurpassed.
the courage always lasts.
the passions always warm.
the spirits never torn.

dont say a word.


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TACO MOTO TUESDAY Clothing Drive at Alex's Bar (pt.2)

Just a few more pics from this weeks #TACOMOTOTUESDAY (follow @kultofspeed on IG for future tuesday locations). Another huge thanks to everyone who brought out bags and bags of clothing to help out the less fortunate in our communities. The clothing drive was a huge success and shows just how much crap we really have, we really don't need. Give it to someone who can use it! And a huge thanks to ALEX'S BAR LONG BEACH for the Tacos and Beers all night long!!!

Barn Find Garbage Wagon

This bike is not really a secret. It's been on the local craigslist for a very long time.  If there are pictures in the ad, they are pretty much terrible and the asking price is on the high side of perfect.  I haven't been in the market for a hack rig, so I never called.  However, my internet friend Bruce from Nebraska was really interested and asked me to go and check it out.  I know why the ad pictures are so bad. The bike has been in a dark warehouse since about 1994, I think.  That was the last tag on it.

Here's the sidecar.

That's actually the seat for it sitting in the sidecar. Blue velour, yo.

All duded out even a side mirror for the hack passenger to use.

Lots of bumpers. Safety first I guess.

I haven't seen all this twisted rod stuff before.

The dude straight bought the full catalog's worth of the stuff though.

More bumpers.

Breaker ONE-NINE, breaker ONE-NINE!

This was the deal breaker. Bruce was told that the frame numbers for a 1971 should be on a boss on the frame leg not the neck. I don't know. I don't much about stock.


What do you call this style of paint? Fishscale, maybe?


Bruce didn't buy it, but he sent me a very awesome care package and I got to see a crazy old bike on a Sunday afternoon.

A special sale for ChopCult members and followers

Steve at Deadbeat Customs would like to offer our members and followers a tasty treat. Order Deadbeat Customs' Slim Open Face Novelty Helmet and enter promo code "chopcultslim" during checkout to receive $50 off. Good from now til midnight on Monday, normally retails for 149.95. 

"Thanks to everyone that supports us and Chop Cult, we wouldn't be where we are today without YOU. - Steve, Deadbeat Customs"

Workshop Wednesday 2015/2016 #9

Racing numbers are ready, together with our sponsor logo's. Now it can rest for 3 months, wake up call MARCH 2016.

Yep - Weekend Sale at Old-Stf Cycle. Happy Thanksgiving

Thanks for your continued support of our small time shop.
Starting Thursday night with FREE shipping on orders over $100 in the states.
 Happy Thanksgiving !


Save the date: December 6th Arizona Cycle Swap

There is still time to reserve your vending spot for the upcoming Arizona Cycle Swap. Would you like to win a free vending spot for the December 6th event? Just follow us on Instagram, look for this image below and play along. 
Best of luck!

The Arizona Cycle Swap is presented by our friends at Throttle Addiction.

Oh no you didn't... TOUCHING TIPS is BACK !!!

It was our BORN FREE SAMCRO SPECIAL back in June but so many people have been asking me to screen more of these, I simply want you to shut up and go away... (not really. The Lady Hump LOVES you ~ Xxoo that means "kiss kiss, hug hug" if you didn't know) so here's your opportunity to show some Brotherly Love and support for SAMCRO this Holiday Season!!!

$20. anywhere in the USA
(including Temecula, Philadelphia, and anywhere in Texas...)

but wait, there's more...

Jesus is going to wear one of these shirt on Christmas Day!!!
So can you...


It's not gay.
(even if you wish it was...)

You really wish it was hu....???? I know you so well.

* Persons in photographs are not actually SAMCRO members

TACO MOTO TUESDAY Clothing Drive at Alex's Bar, Long Beach

This weeks TACO MOTO TUESDAY took us back to ALEX'S BAR in Long Beach for a Clothing Drive. Thanks to everyone who rolled out and brought a bag of clothing! Seriously, it looked like we we're all on the way to do our laundry on a Tuesday night! Cheers fuckers, y'all did good.

And of course, the Taco's were great. And you can't beat $1 Olympia's all night long for the perfect Taco chasers. 

Info on the next #TacoMotoTuesday location? follow @KultofSpeed on IG

Lowbrow Customs - Black Friday Deals For The Motorcycle Enthusiast In Your Life

Lowbrow has some killer deals going on for Black Friday, look no further for the perfect gift for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life (even it it's you!).

- Free shipping on all U.S. orders, no minimums! (see website for details)

Thanks to all of you have that supported us over the years, it means the world to us. From all the staff here at Lowbrow Customs we wish you a happy and safe holiday season; we hope it is filled with family, love, lots of good food and of course motorcycles. Cheers!

Win a free set of tires from Metzeler

Metzeler would like to offer a ChopCult member a free set of tires for your personal ride. This is an awesome opportunity for those who are in a dire need of tires and can't swing the cost. What's the pitch?

1.) Just comment yes please in this 

2.) The winner must share a photo on this thread of Metzeler's kind donation installed and give a honest review of their product after shredding 500 miles. Don't worry if your riding season is about to end. Just be accountable and follow through with your review when you get to enjoy the ride again.

****Please note- Racing slicks / NHS products are excluded from this promotion.

I'll announce the winner on November 30, 2015. Best of Luck!

I'd like to thank Metzler for their kind donation and support for the ChopCult community! 

Be sure to give Meterzler Moto USA a follow on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram and check out their website for more information.

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