Sneek peek of whats coming up on Halloween! Elvira b4 the glory days!

You will want to check it out! Been working on it today and will continue to do so up until the 31st! Already have over thirteen holiday related posts set to puonce on your virgin eyes.
Warning! Polegro!
If ya dont like T&A, monsters, good music, old movies, or alot of gore, dont click on that day! The topless Japanese tourture video among other things, will make ya sick if your squemish.
Just saying.

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2014 Hog Feed at The Joint - Part 1

The Joint threw it's annual pre-Sturgis party called the Hog Feed this past Sunday.  This was the 22nd year.  This year wasn't as wet as last year, but it did rain a little.  I rode my Sportster.

The event drew a good size crowd, which wrapped around the nearby streets.  While this event definitely attracts the bagger crowd, there were a lot of cool bikes in the mix.

I know some of these photos look like they were taken on different days but the clouds were moving fast.  One minute it was sunny, the next it was cloudy, then sunny, then it rained, then sunny again.

My bike and I got a little wet.

The event starts at noon and there is free food at 2pm (hence "Hog Feed").  I skipped the chips & potato salad but couldn't pass on the cornbread.

There's live music and vendors.

Pie Essentials was selling their wares out of their piemobile again.

Donnie Smith also hosted a ride-in bike show, Authority Stunts put on a stunt show, and there were some bike games (slow ride and weenie ride).  I only stayed for a few hours so I don't have photos of everything but I've got enough for a few posts of bikes and stunting.

Long Beach Cycle Swap (random shots)

There's the monthly sea of Stockers and Baggers. A tide that comes in through the port of Long Beach approx every 30 days, high tide lasts for about 6-8 hours and then dissipates again... 

Through it all there's always a keeper or two, the rest are (how do I put this delicately?) "too short" to keep. (that's what she said.) This month was pretty average, I think there was an equal part exodus due to Born Free happening last month (and burnout) v. we're still partying like it's 1999!!! going on. I got some good shots and I actually saw some bike that I must have missed at Born Free last month (because EVERYONE was there right? maybe not.) I'll post them up over the next few days.

Oily Souls 2 - Give Away Tank Sneak Peek

Ray Drea killed it on his Best in Show give-away tank!  A HUGE THANKS to Ray for helping us out!!! There are more coming.........



R4YL 6.0

The best damn run in the midwest is going down this weekend as well. It's even routed up through MI this year!


And Coming To A Town Near You....

Matt and Dean,
We are Wheelies Motorcycles here in Victoria BC Canada, we are a 60s inspired full custom bike shop (we only service pre 84 bikes and have full in house upholstery), on top of that we have a  20 seat licensed gourmet food joint under the same roof (Check out our instagram account for best shots). We are throwing our Grand Opening Party here Saturday August 9th from 2-7pm.  We’ve got 3 bands playing in our parking lot, The Vicious Cycles Mc, Ellice Blackout and The Shakedown.  On top of that full pig in spit bbq and a ton of beers.  There will also be a half pipe in the lot and a bunch of sick old vans. We also will have overnight bike parking for anyone who can’t ride out to the after party at Lucky Bar, where The Gypsy Hacks & the Vicious Cycles will be playing. If you’re out this way please come on down and check out our shop.

 Hey guys,
Ryan Jones here, from Echo Park, Los Angeles. Last summer I helped to produce the Wet Hot Summer Van Show in Hollywood. I also write music reviews in Rolling Heavy Magazine. I would like to invite you and your friends to an event I'm throwing at the end of August in Bandit Town. I hope that by now you have already heard of it, but if not, here ya go. Custom vans and custom bikes, psych and rock bands from LA and SF (Golden Void, Zig Zags, Cosmonauts, Fresh & Onlys and more...). Two days and two nights campout. Tickets are on sale now. More details here
Ryan Jones

Hey there Matt,
 So glad to have gotten a chance to meet you at Born Free. I am e-mailing you in response to our conversation about my show here in Boise. Great builders like Matt from Wrecked Metals, Todd from Small City Cycles, Mike from Old-Stf and Mike from Union Motorcycle Classics. I am working on others as well  but I'm so stoked to have the amazing quality builders that i do. Info here.
Speak to you soon.
Jerry Poe.
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