Shovelffest IX: Friday Part 2

Here's more pictures of the raffled smoker. That went to KevJer. I know he will put it to good use.

Jethro and Dennis resting up for the big party.

We are a close knit bunch.

King of the Highway!

A fine southern gentleman.

Hounddog putting in some requests.

Tracy, Troy, and Panhead Fred.

"Hey quit looking at my wife!"

"So all you to do is say 'Siri, where's the party?' It's that easy."


The VIP Lounge.

"See, just ask Siri."

"No, Siri does not know how to get you to Shovelfest."

This is the time we dance.

"Yeah, Siri can get the forum back up again, Jack."

Even more distain for societal and cultural norms.

Mark, stay away from that Yankee. He's rubbing off on you.

"Siri??!! Hell, I still have a flip phone."

Really though, Arley is so nice in real life.

More dancing

Total wallflower.

Still wearing that shirt. Dirty hippie.

Just like a second honeymoon for these two.

"What??!! Siri did tell you that??!! Or was it Michael?"

Cheers to Shovelfest!

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Bottle's empty?  Show's over.

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