Shovelfest IX: Thursday Part 2

I hadn't really planned on it, but there we were, not far from Highway 129 The Dragon. I had heard a bunch of stories of overcrowding and better roads to be found, but why not, it's a Thursday and what else were we going to do? So we rode it like a bunch of tourists.

It wasn't too crowded. There were a couple of slow bikes keeping us in a parade, but there were plenty of turn offs. The slow ones should have used those. I turned off a few times just to wait for the rode to open up a bit.

And like a true tourist, I bought a picture from

And one from

Another glamor shot.

Tennessee is beautiful. This is my fourth time to visit Tennessee, and I do enjoy it.

This is the only thing worth looking at and the only bike at the Dragon's Tail Harley Dealer(?)/Boutique/T-Shirt Shop.

Lunch at the Dragon's Pit Bar-b-que.

Back to camp. Speaking of Harley T-shirts, the MoCo put out these tie dye shirts with Shovelhead 1966-1984. I think every dirty hippie in camp had one from there local dealer or some far off location.

Tom, Sleepy, Julia, Huckster, and Greg.

Mike and Pibb.

Pibb cleaning the one lens he uses.

They say Panhead Fred is everywhere.

The SilverBullet's new ride.

Kelly cooking burgers.

KevJer's mighty steed.

Tim trying to get some cell phone service. Good luck on that.

Chillin' in the bar.

Paul, that made you look stuff is ghey. Ernie and Kentrr agree.

Sleepy and Greg inspect the raffle smoker.

Racer Jim's FLH is super nice.

Dennis, Hounddog, George, and Jaime.

I don't recall whose Softail this is, but it looked showroom new.

The TimeKeeper.

Tennessee Rick's bike.

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