Shovelfest IX - Saturday Part 1

It's a beautiful morning.


Headlight's bike. OBVI.

The fishing derby: Julia doing her thing.

You know Troy won't pass up a chance to fish either.

One of Brian's Shovelhead and Sarai's Twink.

Oh the beautiful clearwater creeks of Tennesee.

The impressive part of this one is the coveted No. 1 points cover is still riveted on and the factory electronic ignition is still firing the bike.

Julia won the fishing contest and got a shirt big enough to be a dress.

That goofball left his brand new camera in the pocket of his truck door and told everyone
he lost it.

Of course my bike is not running right. It's cutting out at WOT like hitting a rev limiter. I had already tried main jets with no change. I figured a coil swap couldn't hurt. The coil I got from Trent didn't help the problem, but I am glad I swapped this before it fell off my bike.

Like he's never seen that before.

Ain't no party like a creek party.

Cory models and tests the oar we found yesterday.

There was a stone skipping seminar as well.

Who invited a Panhead?

Jethro is unamused.

Kevin is still ready for more.

This is my good friend Noah. He is one of two of my first marital arts instructors.  He doesn't own a bike, but lives in Tennessee now. I invited him out to SpartaFest last year and he took right to the rest of our crew. So I invited him out again.

These ladies posed and not one chicken wing in the squad.

The lady on the right is Knucklebucket's sister. There seems to be an ongoing debate between the two on who is the retarded sibling.

She seems to like Chris.

Ladies love outlaws.

A picture of getting ready for a picture.

A picture of a picture.

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