Shovel...Dig it?

Just finished another shovelhead hardtail frame. No 2 bikes are the same and this was no exception. I did a shovel a few weeks ago and the 2 were similar but completely different at the same time. Ground clearance, wheel and tire sizes, and front end lengths vary from bike to bike so it is really important to get a plan and stick to it. Seems like easy advice to follow, right?

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Ruiners Ocean Run

The Plan for GR8ness

Hello all. 
I hope your summer has been going well.  With the Gypsy Run being right around the corner the updates and info will be coming more frequently. For the moment here are the broad strokes. The biggest change this year is we are staying at one camp site for the entire run. Traditionally we have stayed at different places Friday and Saturday. There are several reasons for this, but without getting too complicated about it the main reason is just to try something different. Friday we are going to leave from Cool Beans Coffee shop in Oradel, NJ. We are going to ride approximately 200 miles around the Catskill region of New York ending up at The LANDERS Campsite on the beautiful Delaware river. We will have catering and free beer (while it lasts) and a pleasant evening getting to know each other. The next morning you will wake to the sound of birds chirping and bacon sizzling.  Around 10am Fritz and Mike 47 will lead you on a whirlwind 300 mile tour of the other side of the river, better known as Pennsylvania. We will have staff at the campsite all day to welcome people and keep an eye on things. You can leave your tent up and not worry about it while you are out riding. There will be NOTHING going on at the campsite during the day. You are encouraged to go out and do fun stuff (whatever that means to you). After a day's worth of awesome you will return to the warm embrace of our semi-permanent encampment where Cold Beer and a warm dinner will be waiting.  At some point we will be giving out trophies and prizes to people that made, and have done great things. After that I am sure something entertaining will happen. Sunday morning... go home. That is the plan. Details will follow. 

See ya soon  ~Walter

For the latest info follow us on Twitter @gypsy_run and Instagram @gypsy_run

Great Deal on A killer Triumph

1966 Triumph Old School Street Tracker  750 Big Bore Kit, Sifton 190 cams, ARD, new Amal Carbs, Akront Shouldered Rims, Custom Paint. Northern California.


 650 747-9798

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