Run To The Hills

Run to the Hills (Dirty Business)
Reyes Creek Bar and Grill
26905 Camp Scheideck Rd Maricopa, CA 93252

Reyes Creek Campground is a first come, first serve area, however we have some people heading up on Thursday to save space. Camp spots are limited but big, so make sure to share, especially those who can't make it out until Saturday.

An Adventure Pass is no longer needed for this campground, so you pay at the campground when you come to the site. The cost is between $10-20 depending on how many cars are at your camp site. This apples to cars, bikes, trucks, and RVs. You can not purchase the pass online.

Reyes Creek Bar is a full restaurant and bar, but they close by 9:00, so make sure to BYOB and don't forget the snacks!

As of today, bonfires are allowed, so make sure to bring firewood. There are bathrooms, so don't forget the toilet paper. Please make sure to bring trash bags as well.

If you want to meet up with some other riders, see the information below. If you do not end up meeting at any of these points, be safe and enjoy the ride....

Meet up times and locations:
Orange County peeps
Marty Fair and Breanna Rae Gastmeyer will be at Paul's Cocktails in Orange. Meet up time is 9:00, kickstands up at 11:15. Paul's Cocktails address is 207 W Chapman Ave Orange, CA 92866.

SD riders
Meet up with Kenny Compton at the Mobile Gas Station by 10:30... KSU @ 11:00 am.
Mobile Station
8380 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
San Diego Ca 92111

Rich Silva and his beautiful wife Marissa Silva are meeting up at the Raccoon Saloon in Wrightwood. KSU @ 11:00 am.

Raccoon Saloon
1269 Evergreen Rd
Wrightwood, CA 92397

If you are riding and are near the Burbank area, Kathleen Davis offered to haul your stuff up in her RV. She is leaving Friday morning, so please contact her to coordinate.

Friday night
Story time with Biker Steve and I foresee a pants off party. If you know Dirty Business boys, then you know what I mean. If you have any requests for acoustic guitar songs by Taylor Mirabelli, he only knows two songs. (Just kidding Taylor!!!!) You DO NOT want to miss Friday night.

We have a ride planned for the late afternoon, and plan on hitting up the Deerlodge.
BANDS START at 5:00. You do not want to miss either band. Arkansas Toothpick and the Fag Hags. Make sure to check out some of the videos that have been posted on this page.
Raffle!!! Jolene Lavelgia has worked diligently to bug some sponsors and get you guys some cool shit. We have stuff from Midnight Rider, Show Class, Speed Kings, Coffin Culture, Klass Cycles, and others that have sent us some items to give to you guys. Everyone gets one raffle ticket just for showing up. If you want to purchase any more tickets, please do so. There will be no profit made by Run to the Hills raffle tickets, all proceeds will be given to the family that owns the bar as a thank you for the accommodations and hospitality. And lastly, cell phone service is almost non-existent, unless you go up to the top of the hill, so plan accordingly.

Can't wait to see everyone and have a great time.

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Please direct your questions to Dirty Business or Dana.

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