People's Champ 6 Top 13

We would like to congratulate the Lucky 13 for moving forward and thank YOU for voting. We'll see you at Cook's Corner and Born-Free! Be sure to follow Brandon, Carlos, Chuck, Curtis, Jaren, Jeff, Jeff, Josh, Lee, Mike, Reid, Shamus, and Thomas to watch their builds come to life.
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We Taco, We Moto ...on any given Tuesday! (but this Tuesday was a little more special than the average Tuesday)

Taco Eating Contest... First Place; Emily! Second Place to Marty!!!

June 19th, a day to the year when we lost our dear Captain Art now two (2) years ago! We still remember. We still celebrate. We still live life as much as you taught us to laugh and love ART!!!
@Lucinda_Blue_Velvet forever!!!

Thanks to Ashley's on 4th for the hospitality. You know how to treat a bunch of drunken' taco eaters. That's for sure nuff' 

Future taco affairs? Perhaps you're taco-curious? follow @TacoMotoTuesday on the IG.


Father's Day at ALEX'S BAR Long Beach, CA. 
Got to see CARSEX play an awesome set!!!

Iowa Boys

My friend Jim McKensie(orange bike) and Tom Bluhm(red 45) were models for this famous painting. 

Valve Springs

Far Right: -32 valve springs(3 ea)
The others, I don't know what the heck they fit? Maybe KH? 
The one on the far left is a real orphan.

Look What The Cat Dragged In

Morty (The Official Shop Cat) says,
"Ok dude, it's time to tear down the Poison Banner."
"Really, it's time . . come on."

WL Cylinders

Workin' on my bro John Boy's cylinders last night.  They need honed, valve seats cut . . . but I got all the cosmoline washed first.  Sanded the aluminum corrosion off the new pistons.

Club Bikes

I knew the Hells Angels rode panhead choppers with upsweeps back in the 60s and 70s . . .
. . . but I didn't know they rode K Models too ?  I guess it had to be at least 750cc, but if we calculate it out, it really only comes to like 742cc ?  Huh?  Ah, he's cool, we'll let 'em in anyway, plus his family runs a liquor store !

Engine Vacuum

A vacuum gauge can tell you a lot about an engine.  It will help you pin-point the problem area.

Early Sportster Voltage Regulator Bracket

Top: Aftermarket bracket
Bottom: Stock-type bracket (however, it's been chromed, with extra holes)
Works with standard 6V or 12V Delco or Bosch regulators.
(photo benefits for Lil' Chris)
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