One from The Vault.......

Talking to Robert Williams in '02 one time, Suzanne Williams had overheard us talking about Roth's Choppers Magazine. When we were finished, she said she'd overheard me saying I had a full set of them, and I told her yes, that I'd had them since they first published.
She asked if I had an issue that had a paragraph cut out of one of the stories, and I said yes, and that I'd always wondered about that. She proceded to tell me the story
behind it.

It seems in a story about one club , there was a paragraph in it that another M/C Club had objected to. The member of the objecting M/C had been in the shop when the new issues had come out, and had picked one up to read, saw the offending paragraph, and told Roth no fucking way was that going to stay, and he wanted it out of the story.

Well, Suzanne said, Ed had them all printed and ready to go out, and he was too cheap to reprint them over again, but he knew he was in a tough spot, so he took all the issues out in the shop, and had the young Roth boys all sit down and take razor blades, and cut the offending paragraph out of every single issue. As they were cutting the paragraphs out, Ed was bundling them up, and that's the way they all went out!

Well, when issue # 12 of Garage Magazine came out, There was an article in it intitled "Lost Prophet, The Forgotten Ed Roth.......Almost". It was an article with Darryl Roth recounting some of his memories of his father, and of his time spent at his father's shop. In it he recounts how he and his brothers had to sit in the shop, and cut these paragraphs out of one of the Choppers issues, and he says there were 10,000 copies!

Soooooo....after I finished up reading Garage, I went down to "The Vault" (as everybody calls my den that has most of my collections) and dug out my May '68 Issue of Choppers. I took this picture, and sent it off to Stoner, the editor of Garage, and he printed it in issue #13, in the "The Family" section of the magazine.

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