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The Great Escape ~ BornFreeR Quaking Aspen Fuck Your Corporate Sponsors Campout

This last weeks been huge highs and deep lows. The blog had the pause button hit about 3:45 am last Wednesday morning when we found out one of our dearest friends in the whole wide world died tragically in a truck v. motorcycle accident. Capt. Arturo, the guys who been the face of the Lady Hump desktop header for about two years now. Since then, there've been gatherings, a memorial, lots and lots of hugs, tattoos, discussions, altered plans and redirections on how we're going forward... in his example. Live life to the fullest and do so without fear. Friday we attended the memorial at his work where he was the tall ship Captain on the "Spirit" out Dana Point at the Ocean Institute, most of us attending who knew him spoke and shared about his tremendous ability to love us, not our love of him (which kinda goes without saying) but how much he loved Us throughout the years. And on Saturday morning we packed it up and set a new course, destined for star gazing at night and tall trees in the breeze!

Thus the BornFreeR Quaking Aspen Fuck Your Corporate Sponsors Campout occurred. I'll bet you can figure out my part of the title? I'll bet you can. No sponsors, no tickets, no passes, no costumes, just motorcycle riding, good times, and getting to know one another a little bit better than you might have known someone before. Lots of beer drinking, pants down, sausage festival. It's what's for dinner! Seeing old friends for more than "hi-bye" and making some new ones. People have questioned me too, is this an "anti-born-free" and my answer is steadfastly, No. This is your Freedom of Choice to ditch the (hashtag)  Chopperchellas of the world (all of them, name them off, it's not hard to do) and realize how corporate sponsored events are literally killing the small community scenes. Undeniably, there will always be small scenes, yes. But there's stars in the sky versus giant black holes that suck in all the life surrounding them. The IBM Solarsphere has been bought out by the Stentson Floppy Hat Interstellar Union of Conquered Planets. I'll choose star hoping before I drink the Kool Aid of any marginalized corporate events presenting themselves as grassroots and in reality becoming nothing more than the Hot Topic of mall chains across Andromeda as featured in GQ, Oprah, and TeenBeat. It's happening all across this country; Backyard builders are a dying breed, a thing of the past and factory "presented by" or "powered by" events are a blossoming cancer of profiteering and celebrity sightings. Sure sure sure, there's always those that will carry the burnt flickering backyard builder torch, but going from literally ten thousands of them to merely dozens is our current terminus flatlining hospitalized condition. 

"When in doubt, stick it out!"
Drink Whiskey
Sing Karaoke
and order something off the menu you've never eaten before!

Now this a grass pass.

more pics coming! Daily for about a week.

~ Long Live DIY ~

On the hunt for a Springer Wheel

So here I am needing a wheel and rotor for this Crossbones front end.

The guy that sold it to me wouldn't sell me the wheel to go with it. He said he was going with a hydraulic frontend on his build and wanted to keep the wheel to use it. He did leave me the spacers so I need to wheel to work with what I have. I was skeptical, because it didn't seem like enough spacers.

In the past I have made assumption about "parts is parts" and I have been very wrong. I figured that the wheel was very specific for a Springer. I also was lucky enough to run across a 97 Heritage Springer and Crossbones to take pictures of. I assumed that the little spacer on the 97 and the fender support on the Crossbones were similar. NOPE. Daniel Martin from Longbow Customs helped explained the situation to me.

Everything before 2000 was a Timken bearings and needed different spacers and such.This is the pre-2000 Heritage spacer for a Tinken bearing. It's what you can't see that matters.

Anywho, Daniel went on to explain that most any hub for 2000-up 16 incher for Springer or Hydro Softail will work. Here's a little more specific info.

Finding my 4 speed leaks

I have been having such a difficult time with the primary and figuring out which end was leaking. So I pulled the transmission and decided to see if there were any major or weird leaks. I put this together to leak check it. I tried to set the regulator as low as possible, about 6 to 10 psi. I then put the rubber tip to the vent screw hole on the transmission top. Then I start spraying it down with soapy water and looked for bubbles.

I found the bubbles at my drain plug even with my new proper seal. So I pulled the plug to take a look. Here's the problem, the last little bit of the threads and sealing surface aren't there.

Silicon to the rescue. I put the plug mostly in and just coated the last couple threads. The instructions on this copper silicon says go finger tight, wait an hour, torque, and wait 24 hours. That seemed to work. No more bubbles there. Don't use silicon on engine parts, but on a transmission, you should be fine since there aren't any oil passages to clog.

The next bubbles I found were clear up here. That's really odd, because it has to be a porosity issue and it should technically be "above the water line", but I might as well fix it.

Black silicon here so it doesn't scream like the orange stuff.

I filled the transmission with Bell Ray Big Twin oil, so if it leaks, I can find the red trail.

I did this work weeks ago and I haven't gotten around to blogging about it. The drain plug seems to be holding.

It's time to PARTY! Born-Free is this weekend!

We have begun setting up for this weekends show. We will have zero access to email and phones over the next few days so if you are trying to get a hold of's too late! See you this weekend!

See Ya At The Big Deuce

Hopefully you've been following me on Instagram and haven't assumed I'm dead.  I've been busy with projects and simply haven't had much time to blog.  Most of my energy has been getting ready for Moto Mania 2: The Big Deuce which is THIS SATURDAY!!!  I'll have my XL883R but I'll also be debuting my "Evil Monkey" 1976 Honda Z50A (mini bike) and my Tamiya Lunchbox (radio controlled monster van).

What is Moto Mania???  Surely you're kidding.  In case you're not, you can read my review of last year's event on Chop Cult here or read all my blog posts featuring extended coverage here.  Dan has some new things planned but it should pretty much be a repeat of last year, which would be awesome.  See ya there!

Art & Fuel Presented by Throttle Addiction

From our friends at Throttle Addiction - 

Be sure to come check out the Art & Fuel Exhibit showing at Born-Free this weekend. 10 Extremely talented artists have painted Throttle Addiction tanks to be shown exclusively at this event. Be sure to come find it and check out their hard work. The exhibit will be located at the far opposite end from the public entrance, near the smaller Dice stage. If you can't make it, check out our Instagram feed for photos of the beautiful work. Sponsored by ChopCult and Painthuffer Metal Flake.

New Indented Wassell Tanks Debut at BF8 -

We finally have the first batch of our new Indented Wassell style tanks in hand and we're giving everyone a first look at Born-Free this weekend. They will be for sale to the public next week! Stop by our booth to get a first look at these new additions!

People's Champ 2016


Good luck to @highwayman_co @drty_misfit @reece.zylstra @vnygra @louiedeathgrip & @bymcchancey on their quest for the #peopleschamp4 belt! Thanks to all our sponsors who are making this party possible and helping out all of our builders throughout this competition!!

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