New product from Throttle Addiction

"ADLERT is a new tire company out of Japan that offers us a much needed alternative 21" tire option with a vintage tread. This tire matches perfectly with a classically styled Firestone Deluxe tires featuring the iconic zig-zag tread pattern. These 21" X 3.00 Vintage tread tires are perfectly styled for your vintage chopper or Cafe racer. Adlert tires are DOT rated with a speed designation of P (94mph) and meet all modern safety standards." -Zach

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Taco Moto Tuesday TONIGHT heads to Costa Mesa

Taco Moto Tuesday heads to Costa Mesa tonight to celebrate Chris Parks and Magoos Birthdays!
Meet at the usual spot 6:30pm, KSU 7 sharp. Ride with us or meet us directly at The Wayfarer....

The Wayfarer 
843 W 19th St, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

More info at @TacoMotoTuesday on the IG.


Torquefest 2018

A Torrid Tale of Loose Lug Nuts and Ground Gears . . . (it's the truth)  John Wells really knows how to throw a party.  Cool hot rods, choppers, lead sleds, chics, rock-n-roll, it's a happenin' scene for sure. 
A pure event of exhibitionism at it's very finest ! 
Dubuque, Iowa (Fairgrounds Road)
May 4th and May 5th Only . . .
(If you show up May 6th, you missed it)

April Fuels is coming!

Be sure to give our friends at April Fuels a follow on the 'ol gram and Facebook for complete details.

Rotax Fast

Lonnie Pauley, James Hart, Toby Jorgensen . . . just a few names of racers who were so fast on the big tracks - all riding the Rotax 600 power plants.  On many occasions, their lap times would have put them in the 750cc Pro feature.  The light, high powered Rotax is a dominating machine in the hands of a capable rider.  I never rode one - and I see you can get one for a reasonable price now.  Hmmmm? 

Hurry Hurry !

If I quick run home at lunch today, I may have time to try out these new Autolite 386 spark plugs in my 45 before it starts snowing again tonight.  It's been RIDE, then SHOVEL, RIDE, then SHOVEL . . .
This snow fukin' blows ! 

Tappet Roller Replacement

1. I drilled and punched out the old pins 
(w/ tappet roller tool from JIMS)
2. Deburred tappets
3. Checked fitment of new pin
4. Installed new pin and roller
5. Utilized JIMS tool for staking pins.
6. Further staked each pin-end with hammer on vise anvil.
7. Soaked in motor oil to lube rollers.
These tappets and rollers are for Dave's KHK motor rebuild.  I bead honed the tappet blocks. Washed and cleaned, and fitted to each tappet.  His tappet adjusters (long style for KHK) had their valve faces surface ground too.  A decent set of parts now.  Next the case bore or tappet block OD may need polished for proper press fit in the case.  This shit takes a lot of my time !  Oh well . . .

The next So-Cal Swap Meet is April 22nd

Join our friends at the So-Cal Cycle Swap for a day of fun in the sun! Main gates open from 7 am till 1 pm. Reserve your vending space now.
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