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Featuring Josh's totally rad Neighborhood Ironhead. I do believe there might be a full feature on this baby coming soon to issue #119 possibly? I think every part on the bike came from within a 25 mile radius of his house or something crazy like that. He told me the whole story while we were on the ferry for the Revenge Run, but the details are a bit hazy at this point... The full-on proper feature should be a real doozie! Happy March (7 days late) and welcome home spring!

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The winner of the PaintHuffer MetalFlake giveaway is.............

Congratulations to 33 member
DrFxr for winning the PaintHuffer MetalFlake giveaway!

We would like to thank Brian at PaintHuffer MetalFlake for his kind donation and ongoing support for our community!

- The winner was chosen by using the random number generator.

New product from S&S Cycle

Whether you're Hooligan racing or just want more power, the S&S Hooligan kits for 2000-16 Harley-Davidson Sportster models will give you an edge on the competition. Boost that 883 to 1200cc or your 1200 to 1250cc. Bolt on big bore kits mean easy installation with no machining and no rebalancing. S&S bolt-in cams and premium tappets make the most of the added displacement.

Easy installation "Bolt-on parts" no machining, no rebalancing

Use stock heads, pushrods, and fuel system

Available in silver or black powder coat that matches stock finish



Go to for more information.


Five Things You Need To Know About The Kernville Kampout

The Second Annual Kernville Kampout is coming up October 14-16, but you already knew that. Here's a handful of things you may not be aware of:

Kernville Kampout Free Camping


Yep. We teamed up with friends and sponsors so we could make camping free. We've reserved the entire campground. Please don't bring giant RVs and trailer queens. This is intended to be mostly motorcycle camping with a few vans, trucks, etc but is certainly not an RV club event. Just pull in any time after 2:00 PM on Friday and pick a spot.


Just like last year, we will have a ton of ice-cold 805 on hand.


kernville kampground location


Frandy Campground is right in the middle of town, along the river and easy walking distance to our favorite night spot: the Kernville Saloon. Fishing, tubing, wading, etc in the river is not just allowed, it is encouraged.

kernville kampout guana batz


Talk about an upgrade over last year! Our friend Pip and the energetic assemble known as the Guana Batz will be live on stage Saturday night, so be ready!



The talented artists from Temecula's Old Rose Tattoo are bringing a trailer set-up and will be tattooing Friday and Saturday night. This won't be complicated or free. No reservations, just walk up and wait your turn. They will have a special flash sheet just for this event, plus other stuff to choose from.

For everything else you might need to know about this event, go to:

* All information was borrowed from Biltwell Inc./ WTF

Take off the rose colored glasses...

Think of this the next time you see a handful of top tier sponsor logos presenting, powering, or hosting a mega-chopper show....

"What's the big deal?"

"I don't care who the sponsors are..."

"A couple (of dozen) logos on a flyer never bothers me..."

"I just go for the free beer!"

"I only ride old knuckleheads so none of this applies to me..."

Until you realize there's ulterior agendas at work. Large corporations have successfully infiltrated the blossoming (uncontrolled growth potential) "scene" (for lack of a better word. Ask a hipster for advice if you're confused) by mere "shiny bead" tactics. "We'll give them some free stuff, and they'll eat right out of our hands... ha ha ha!" Pure Fat Cat money men maneuvering. 

So what's this all about then?


Somewhere there is a computer algorithm defined to identify and classify shop phone numbers and addresses and prevent sales from (insert company name here) to your independent "small shop." Effectively denying you the ability to create a unique business and monopolizing the only avenues for new part acquisitions. Of course, you could always "buy Chinese" but you're a prideful kinda guy (or gal) and you wanna support the USA (note to self; most of the parts are still made overseas... shhhhhh).

"None of this sounds very Chopper at all..."

"I'm voting for Hillary, she'll fix everything..."

"I bought my Sportster USED, so I'm okay...."

"I'm one of the extremely few elite that can just have some connected friends fab the parts I need..."

"It's not fair... (insert whaa whaa sounds effects)"

It's (big) business. Nothing more. 

Have a complimentary energy drink and go buy a t-shirt ....

Two Guns, Arizona

Random stop along Route 66 (Hwy 40) on the way to Flagstaff, AZ. If you're planning on skating it, someone's been keeping it pretty clean, just bring a towel or two. Used to camp here for free but now we just make miles. It's an option if you're traveling on the cheap! Lots of history in the place; Diablo Canyon, the closed Zoo, the ghosts... great place to explore if you've got the time.

Seems appropriate to post online...

Lava Burger at the Lumberyard Brewery Flagstaff Arizona

Today's feature: Born-Free 8

Our coverage for the Born Free motorcycle show is now up on the site. Relive the fun and the bikes from one of the best chopper shows around. Photos and words by Ryan Loughridge / Ryan Loughridge Media.

September 11, 2016 - Heroes Run 3

Save the date and support this great cause!

Sunday - September 11, 2016
Ride 11am
Party 2pm

Heroes Run III - ChopCult members Joe, Justin, and Rudy are at it again. They've built another bike that will be ridden home by one lucky person. This year's bike is a custom '83 Harley Ironhead Chopper. Each $25 voucher you purchase gets put in the drawing. YOU MUST BE PRESENT FOR THE DRAWING. No exceptions. You must be at least 18 years old and live in Virginia to purchase your voucher online. Please note that voucher purchases are not tax deductible. Online voucher sales will close at 11:59 p.m. on September 10, 2016. You can also buy vouchers at the event. All proceeds raised will go to Connor's Heroes Foundation. Connor's Heroes® gives support and companionship to children in cancer treatment and their families.

Show up with your cycle at Hardywood. Meetup 10am, kickstands up at 11am.

Starts at 2p. All are welcome. Family (and dog) friendly event. Plenty of food trucks on site. Live music from  Ann Beretta and Park Sparrows.

Instagram: heroes_run


Time is running out to enter the Painthuffer Metalflake giveaway

Trippy tank by 33 member Terrysavage

Paintwork by 33 member Bentwristcustoms

Paintwork by 33 member Bornntheusa101

Tankart by 33 member arcldvr

Enter your work of art here for the chance to win a ten pack of metalflake from Painthuffer.

The devil's in the details

 See more here

National Parks 100 year Anniversary

On August 25th 2016 the National Park Service turned 100 year old. We were fortunate enough to be just finishing up a family trip and visiting Arches National Park (about 5 miles north from Moab). Blistering hot during the day and windy rain showers at night! Perfect. 

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