more adventures by the Ruiner in USA...kev aka Digger

Hi ya'll
Well the last 48 hours have been dramatic to say the least !
After spending a great night @kickstartcycle home ... thanks bro.... I left with #shovel running great , heading to #tailofthedragon via 81/77/40 interstates , after getting sick of the 81 I went onto the 220 , anyway after a couple hours rain started along with darkness , as goin through Strasburg VA ( see pic of last post) Istopped at the old mill for grug n a few beers , the night was great , as I got offered a bed for the nyt , why woukd I say no its only a mile down the road I say , after my host bought me a shot or two ( he was smashed ) I followed his car ( big mistake ) next flashing blue n red , so sobriety test ... fail ... breatho...
Fail .. so in cuffs I was , and what I thought was a local lock up noooo.
45 min drive to a JAIL ! Mind you these guys were pretty happy with themselves snagging an aussie as never had one before , so I got to see a magistrate n wore a lovely orange uniform for 14 hours , not the best fun ! But im all good in NC after running the gauntlet through Virginia with 3days of rain.... oh and have a date with court blah ..... so no need for ass kickin as im quite good at kickn my own lol
Digger still looking on the bright side of life......
 â€” atCherokee mountains,NC.

Great day of riding today n met a couple cool cats , nearly got taken out by a car that got clipped in Maryland which spun off n rolled wtf , next I was splitting lanes n got too the front n sneaked in with two other bikes , highway patrol tryin too flag me down , gas gas gas , stopped for fuel n realize d I had knife on and was clearly visible , its back in bag now lol , weather really cooled off , so genny is rockn , really lovin the change of accent here ! #Southerncharm is gold #southernfood great , in a bar listening to some amazing voices singing bobby Magee , few more beers n southern drool plz ! #onthebonestour #onthebones#patmalone #shovelheadlife â€” in Strasburg, Virginia.

Two minutes after pic was taken , yep wont start ..... limped it to knoxville , but before that rode the amazing trail of the dragon , riding from Roanoke then on blue ridge parkway and thru â€ª#‎maggievalley‬ â€ª#‎cherokee‬‪#‎smokymountains‬ too â€ª#‎trailofthedragon‬ was one of the most senic rides ive ever done , even 5 inches of rain could not dampen how great it was ! Only this fuckin bike dampens it ...... so got in too knoxville at 11pm with more help and soaked to the bone, big thanks to timmy who trailered me into Roanoke two days ago , and bob james island cycles in â€ª#‎charleston‬ SC for randomly stopping for gas at Buchanan VA and dug out a oem genorator n reg for me â€ª#‎oldschoolcool‬ hit him up if ya near ....3rd genorator 3 batteries 2 regs countless dollars thrown away ... keepn head up , but need to vent , tryin to get to Nashville in morning â€ª#‎ruiners‬ â€ª#‎lucky‬ â€ª#‎saint‬ keeps me warm n protected .....‪#‎onthebonestour‬ â€ª#‎onthebones‬ â€ª#‎patmalone‬

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