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El Diablo Run 2019 Dates

Official dates for the 2019 El Diablo Run are:

Friday, May 3 (ride in)

Saturday, May 4 (party)

Sunday, May 5 (whatever)

Monday, May 6 (ride home)

We moved the weekend to avoid being gone on Mother's Day so momma doesn't get pissed at you again.

Ruben's Campo will be FREE camping on first come-first served, and you can camp on the beach in front of Kiki's or Ruben's for FREE.

If you want to reserve a palapa or hotel room at Kiki's you can email him at:

If you want help getting a reservation somewhere else, you can use our friend JC at Baja Voyager:

It took us a year, but we just got some bitchin'  hard-bound, 100 page coffee table books in stock with words by McGoo and photos by Geoff Kowalchuk. They feature a little history lesson on the origins of the event and a butt load of photos from 2017. Check 'em out in the Biltwell online store here.

¡Viva Motos con Amigos!

Springfield MILE this Sunday

I couldn't make it this time, but I hope everyone has some fun.  Looks like a hot one (95 degrees) where the track dries out and gets slick, creating possible low-sides.  Tire wear will be a huge factor, so look for the veterans to hold back a bit 'til the 5 lap sign.  Another problem is with all the liquid cooled bikes now.  They'll be blowin' their corks (if they sit on the line too long idling) and spewing during the race too.  Tiny radiators for less wind drag, but they don't cool as well either.  The older air-cooled motors never had that problem.  It should be interesting.  I always hate seeing a newby with a good run for the win, get sidelined for a overheating engine or a bald rear tire.  Experience is the key - so look for Coolbeth, Smith (and of coarse Mees) . . . but I'll take Ronnie Jones just for the fun of it !  Go Ronnie Go !  Show em' some flashes of brilliance ! 

Let's see, Hmmmm, if we left at 4am ish Sunday - I'd be there for the race, home by 11pm . . . long day - but it could be done !

Thank you Darren McKeag!

Thousands tuned in to our Instagram feed last Sunday and enjoyed a fantastic day spent with artist and friend Darren McKeag. We don't know how Darren was able to produce so much art in single day, but he did it, and he did it well! A million thanks to Darren and his lovely wife Missy for the 24 hours of fun! Please check out Darren's website and get with him for any projects you have in mind. He'll make it happen!

Joe Smith

How'd you like to try and hang on to this SOB ????

The S&S Degree Wheel Kit

Most of the time, the only occasion this tool is removed my the tool drawer is when there's a problem.  Your camshaft, pinion gears, timer gear, breather gear . . . all the marks on the teeth line right up and your cam timing is done correctly?  Right?  Wrong?  The fact is: You most likely have 4 to 5 parts, manufactured by 4 to 5 different manufacturers.  A mark could be off a tooth?  Throwing everything off . . .  Different gear pitches.  New parts meshing with used parts.  Are your valves really opening and closing at the precise time they should? 
This is the best way to do it.  Using dial indicators.  That needle will indicate movement (what the human eye can't see)  You'll know exactly where you're at.  Correcting cam timing is done my moving the cam gear on the camshaft (not easy).  Also done by changing pinion gears, changing cam gears, moving the cam (+ or -) 1 or 2 teeth . . . or modifying key slots.  It's a learning experience every time this tool comes out.  Think dammit !


Me & Morty (The Official Shop Cat)

 . . . workin' on choppers before work this morning. 
Last night we watched our local gal Maddie Poppe win American Idol
I hang out with Mort a lot - he's my best bud for sure.
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