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The One and Oley, PA Swap

Event NameAntique Motorcycle Club of America National Meet
Event Date/TimeFriday, April 27, 2018 - Saturday, April 28, 2018
Event TypeMotorcycle Show / Swap Meet
Event DescriptionPerkiomen Chapter National Meet - An antique-bike show rivaling the country’s best museum exhibits.
Contact Phone(610) 948-4553
See ya there!

From . . . "The world of tomorrow..."

The DC Linkert carburetor looks funny without a float bowl spacer.

A story for you . . .

I remember this weekend . . . A few years ago, I loaded my 1961 XLCH in the back of my old Dakota and drove up to the Viking Chapter AMCA Meet in St. Paul, MN.  I camped in the swap area next to some old timers.  I brought a few parts to sell to help pay for my "trip."  I use the word trip, cause that's what ended up happening.  These old timers had this liquid (it looked like tea) in a big glass jar.  This tea was some kinda of fermented drink, with some kind of plant leaves (and it looked like dill) floating in it.  They referred to this drink as Porcupine Piss.  Every now and then, the jar would get passed around, and we'd all take a sip.  I wanted to get some food, so I decide to fire up my bike, and ride to Jimmy Johns for a sub sandwich to go.  As I'm riding, things got all weird.  The world was moving very slow, and I was speeding (or so I thought).  Cars were right on my ass, my speedometer(which isn't even hooked up) I could have swore, said 100mph.  It was the fastest I ever rode my bike, and I never got over 40mph.  At Jimmy Johns I remember getting the hottest sub available, with extra peppers, etc.  I also bought a drink, but left it on the ground next to my bike when I rode away after starting it.  The sub swinging from my handlebar in a plastic sack.
When I returned to camp, a guy was telling us where the tornado shelter was, 'cause it was predicted to storm tonight, with 70mph winds, and hail, and heavy rain.  It was getting dark already.  I leaned my bike against my truck (on the side opposite the storm) - and why I rode out the storm in my tent, when everyone took cover that night is anyone's guess?  Why didn't I get in the truck?  I ate my smoking hot and spicy sub, and held on to the sides of my tent as it stormed like no tomorrow.  The next morning everything was soaked, the sun was up in the sky, hot coffee was served . . . the old timers asked, "Where'd you go last night?"  We still got tea if you need some?  How about a peanut butter cookie?


Charging systems were a big deal in the 1960s.  When you had Lucas systems that maybe didn't always work, the rest were still 6 volt.  The new 12 volt systems were a big selling point.  Brighter lights, reliability and carefree electrical performance !  What going to make you buy that new Harley-Davidson????  The beautiful paint?  The hot rod cams and valves?  Or the new 12 volt electrical system? 

The DIY'CLINE is almost gone....

Last two copies for sale... 

8 years slinging DIY books. Thanks everyone!

Nancy and the She Dicks with LADYHUMP May 6th


Party opens at 2 pm and LADYHUMP will play asap. Don't be all fashionably late and claim "I didn't know" or you had to "get your hair done..." THIS IS AT A SALON!!!

Nancy and the She Dicks are back from a 2 year hiatus to celebrate Freebirds Salon 1 Year Anniversary and Rozy's Birthday!!! Come out and party with us.

MAY 6th 2018 2:00 pm
Freebirds Salon & Barber
833 E. 4th Street, Long Beach CA.
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