Little green fuzzy guy giving the finger

I remember this from the 70's iron on t-shirt...I think he is telling winter to please GO AWAY....we want spring

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Commented on 3-13-2011 At 04:32 am

Hell yeah, I have a Consolidated skateboard shirt with this little dude on it. Love it!

Commented on 3-13-2011 At 04:33 am

Hell yeah, I have a Consolidated skateboard shirt with this little dude on it. Love it!

Commented on 2-28-2013 At 09:26 pm

I want to paint this little dude on my oil tank! On my 91 sportster!

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Jon Glover

Do you ever wish you were in the deserts of Utah and riding right into a sunset of rays, haloing over the mountain tops directly ahead of you? Jon Glover can bring you there every time with just one of his photos. He has this great eye when it comes to capturing those special moments when riding. It's as if you were right there, living in that exact moment of time right along side the one riding in his photos. Let's not forget to mention his superior skills when it comes to still life. He makes bikes pop and cars look stunning without any movement at all. It's a rare science that Jon does flawlessly. With crisp color choices, amazing compositions, and an overall beautiful eye for capturing the souls of motorcycles and cars, I am super excited to say Jon is coming out all the way out from Salt Lake City, Utah to represent his photography at Fuel Cleveland on May 9th. Be sure to go say hi to him and check out his brilliant work at the show. Here is a little one on one we had the other day, enjoy

-Mikey Revolt

Jon Glover, where do you rest your head at night?

J: I'm from Salt Lake City, UT born and raised.

When did a camera first find you? Is photography your first art form or have there been other mediums you have mastered?

J: I've been into taking pictures as long as I can remember. My first camera was a little 110 film cartridge type that I took everywhere with me. I was probably 6 or 7 when I starting documenting sunsets from the roof of our house and the occasional skateboard and smoke bomb launch ramp session.

When did motorcycles come into your life, is there any history there?

J: My dad had a 2 stroke yamaha 400 that he'd take me for rides on around the neighborhood when I was just a little kid and I instantly loved it, the power, speed and danger. I was hooked. A year or so later he brought home a matching yellow yamaha 50cc dirt bike and I terrorized the neighborhood sidewalks until I whiskey throttled it one day after hitting a bump and clotheslined myself on a tree cable. I was scared of it for about 2 weeks but luckily I got over it and began wearing trails into the lawn again. We always had dirt bikes around but I didn't get my first street bike until I was in my early 20's. Since then I've bought, sold and traded all kinds of different bikes.

When did you decide to mix the two, photography and motorcycles?

J: To be honest I don't shoot as much when I'm out riding as most of the other artists in the show. With so much going on and being so busy riding really is my therapy and I like to just enjoy it without worrying about any distractions. I normally take my phone or a GoPro but that's about it. I don't document my trips and adventures nearly as well as I should. I'm better at documenting other peoples bikes and their riding than my own.

Name some things on your bucket list, or goals you want to achieve?

J: Like most people I have a lot of rides that I'd like to do like Alaska, the 4 corners of the continental US, the Continental Divide from Mexico to Canada. I'd like to ride the coast in Austrailia. I've spent a lot of energy trying to check off my bucket list goals over the last 2 years so I'm working on making new ones. I don't want to wait until I'm too old to enjoy it and you really never know what will happen in life. I don't want to die with any regrets so I just try and make those things a priority. The only one I didn't get to do last year was visit the Mooneyes Yokohoma show in Japan, so that one is still haunting me but maybe I can go this year or next.

I really loved your idea of “Get Lost” when and why did the idea come about?

J: This started for me out of a need to get away from my crazy life, I was working pretty much 7 days a week between my 2-3 jobs and seemed like every time my phone rang it was somebody who wanted something else from me. It gets to a point where you just feel like you are drowing and there's no end in sight. My time was becoming a precious commodity and the only way to find balance was to literally Get Lost. The Get Lost was 2 fold, me getting away to find some peace and quiet and at the same time telling everyone else to Get Lost until I'm back. Riding is the therapy that keeps me level. I can turn off the phone and just ride until I'm in the middle of nowhere with no emails, phone calls or distractions.

After 10 years at my last job I was eligible for a 4 week paid sabbatical where I had to take a full month off with no contact with work. I starting planning my Get Lost 2013 trip and spent about 7500 miles traveling around the Mountain West just taking my time, sometimes with friends and a lot of it solo. It was a life changing month that has just left an unquenchable thirst for the open road ever since. Last year we traveled from Utah up through Oregon and down the Cali coast on Hwy 1. It's just a great motto that helps me take time to get out and enjoy life and slow down for a minute and be reminded about the good things out there.

Speaking of getting lost, if you could jump on a bike right now and just go, where would you go and why?

J: If the weather was warmer I'd head for Montana in a heartbeat. Big Sky country is no joke and the landscape is incredible. You can ride for long stretches and never see another person on the road.

What do you love and or hate about traveling?

J: I love everything about it, even the 'bad' stuff is all just part of the whole experience. Going through the rain and hail just makes you appreciate the warm sun that much more. You just have to take things as the come and so much is out of your control that if you don't enjoy it all you won't last very long. Some of the best moments on my trips have been when things sucked the worst like running out of gas 40 miles from the nearest Oregon town and building a fire in the hills to stay warm, shooting guns and watching the sunset while my good friends Ty and Kurt made the 80 mile roundtrip to bring us fuel. Or riding through the worst rain storm of my life at 90 mph shoulder to shoulder with Davieguns through Idaho and just as the bikes starting getting flooded out, sucking water and thinking we were done for we crest the next hill and the sun breaks through, the rain stops instantly and all is right again in the world. Those are the things you never forget. Traveling is about having stories to tell. If everything was perfect you wouldn't have a good story.

What is your camera preference, Canon, Nikon, or something completely different? Any go to lens you prefer over the rest?

J: I'm a Canon guy. I traded a car for my first DSLR body and that pretty much started my Canon relationship. Once you start building out your kit you are pretty committed to one brand or the other. My favorite film camera though is an old Minolta twin lens medium format camera that my Grandpa gave me. Nothing fancy but I love it's mechanics and its history.

What is your all time dream machine or do you already own it?

J: I have many dream machines. I think there are different tools for different jobs and I like a lot of different styles so that's a tough question. Right now my favorite is still my Dyna Tsport for what it has allowed me to do and all the places we've traveled. I have a '64 Triumph custom that is close to being finished that fills my vintage dreams but I also wouldn't mind a Ducati Hypermotard, a Shovelhead chopper, and maybe a KTM for the dirt.

I noticed you lighting game is getting to be pretty top notch on your car and motorcycle portraits. What are some of the biggest challenges when it comes to lighting for you?

J: I've always liked dark and moody lighting which kind of defines much of my style. It takes me a lot more time to shoot with the lights but I like the results. I've never been super technical with calculations, zones and meter readings which is bad on my part but I just feel it out and adjust as needed. It's been a lot of trial and error usually on the spot with clients shoots so it's make it or break it time. I work better under pressure and like the challenges that can happen in the moment.

What is one of the craziest moments or stories from your travels over the years?

J: I mentioned a few earlier but the really good ones I'm not at liberty to share under sworn oath to those involved.

Do you have any big projects in the works you can talk about or want to share?

J: Nothing big right now just taking things as the come. Fuel Cleveland is a huge deal to me so that's at the top of my list right now.

Anything ever chaotic or crazy happen on a photo shoot or while riding and shooting?

J: Dude come on, I'm a professional. Everything always goes perfectly according to plan without a hitch! haha

What has been your all-time favorite photo shoot and why?

J: My favorite is the next shoot. I love the challenges and problem solving being on the spot so I'm always looking forward to the next one. I like to think about and plan what I want to do then throw it all out the window when it goes to shit and have to come up with something totally different given the circumstances.

Any life mottos or codes you live by?

J: Don't put off your dreams. Do it now because you never know what might happen tomorrow.

Who and/or what motivates and inspires you?

J: That's a pretty long list of people. The biggest thing that motivates me is watching people that go after their dreams and push their talents to the next level. I'm inspired by those that dream and do, not just talk about it.

Is there anything else you are really passionate about other than motorcycles and photography? I notice you take a lot of shots of nice cars too, so you can’t say cars either!!! Ahha

J: Cars! I have been into vintage cars for a long time, mostly period customs but after working on my unfinished '50 Ford Shoebox for the last 10 years and how much work it is, I just go ride my motorcycles now and forget about it. I've enjoyed life a lot more on my bike rather than stuck in the garage all summer working on cars.

What was 13 year old Jon like?

J: Let's not talk about that kid. I did a lot of skiing, listened to classic rock, wore a lot of polo shirts and didn't talk to anyone, especially girls.

Are you a Franks Red hot or Sriracha kind of guy? Ahaha

J: Cholula all the way, but I'd go with Franks over Tabasco. I only use Siracha on mac & cheese.

Anyone you want to give a shout out to or thank?

I have to thank Tyler, Kyle and Greg at Lowbrow Customs for giving me so many awesome opportunities that I didn't deserve. It's a huge honor to be included in this show and the level of talent is overwhelming. Thanks Mikey for all the work putting this all together and including me.

Check out for more photos by Jon and be sure to see his photos in person at Fuel Cleveland on May 9th.

may the 4th be with you

here are some older shots from the amazing Star Wars exhibit from 2013 at the
Cult of Saturn Cube, I mean discovery Science Center in Santa Ana.
Excuse the poor quality of my old iphone.  
This was a very exciting day, Just to see all the props in real life, such a treat.  I built most of the models and had the toys but the details in the actual pieces was incredible.  My young naivete in the 80's allowed me to think that all the spaceships and the walkers were real working machines.  HAHA but i guess that a testament to how well these were made and without cgi.

ahhh Monday..

Charlotte Days Butt!

Scott Hoepker - Chemical Candy Customs

When you see a paint job on a bike or helmet with a carefully planned out thought process behind the entire design with lines of perfection, beautiful color combinations, and it makes you say to yourself "holy shit that's amazing and I want it!" It's most likely a Chemical Candy Customs'  paint job by the one and only Scott Hoepker. His stuff is just so brilliant, always high end and you can tell he is a perfectionist, not letting anything leave his booth until he is 110% happy with it. When I asked Scott if he would be a part of Fuel Cleveland and paint up a Biltwell Gringo for the show he was more than thrilled and humbled by the whole idea. For him to fit this show in on his super busy schedule is so awesome. I've seen a few pics of what he has painted for the show already and I can't wait to have it on display for all of Cleveland to see! I wish Scott could make it out for the show but unfortunately with Born Free around the corner he's a busy, busy man, painting up some bikes that will be in this year's show. Here is a one on one we had the other day, enjoy! 

-Mikey Revolt

When did Chemical Candy Customs begin?

S: Damn, good question. Well, I guess I started at a nail salon, "Get Nailed" in Irving off Harry Hines Blvd. I was hooking up hot house wives and creepy cougars with some of the finest nails that DFW has to offer. That got boring quick as I was tired of being looked at like a piece of man meat and the place smelled funny. Haha, but seriously, it was about 4 years ago.

Your skills behind the spray gun are insane my friend! Did you apprentice with anyone or learn everything on your own through trial and error?

S: A bit of both. I had a bike of mine painted by a local artist/professor that shared some of his time and trade secrets as we became friends. The rest just comes to me, each project I take on, I try to develop new skills. These days it's hard to break out with something new. It seems almost everything has been done so I just try to put a spin on certain techniques to make them my own.

How long have you been painting rad masterpieces?

S: I was always really into art growing up and used to do a little abstract art and oil painting. My pops used to do random paint projects and encouraged me to pursue the craft. About 9 years ago I got into pinstriping and took a stab at painting custom helmets. When I first started my company name was "Backstreet Buckets". This led people to think I only painted helmets, so once I started painting motorcycles is when Chemical Candy Customs was born.

Was there a time when you decided you were going to start painting professionally as a career? Was it hard to take that leap?

That was an interesting transition for sure. I was working at my family's restaurant chain and pin striping helmets and tanks in my spare time. Biltwell was a huge support when I first started. My wife encouraged me to break out and pursue my own career goals. Eventually, I developed my skills and added Kandies, Pearls, Metallics and Flake to the mix. Once I dove into that realm of work, I realized I had found my true calling. It was hard to take that leap but I wouldn't change the path I chose.

What's your favorite bike you have ever owned and or still own?

S: My first bike was by far my favorite as it opened up a whole new world for me. It was a 1977 Honda Z50cc mini Trail Bike. My pops thought it would be amusing to put a set of apes on it. I was only 5, way too small, and my arms weren't long enough to even reach the bars. From that day on I was hooked on motorcycles even though I couldn't ride it.

If there was one place you could jump on your bike and just go where would it be and why?

S: I'd love to take a road trip through Utah. Such a beautiful place, I imagine experiencing it for the first time on my chopper would be at the top of my bucket list.

Is there anyone that inspires you?

S: One of my best buds, Kirk Sharp. He's the kind of guy everyone loves and wants to be around. He's a huge motorcycle enthusiast and in my eyes will be a legend. As Kirk would say, "Fuck it, ride it!"

Any life mottos or standards you live by?

S: I believe in working hard, not giving up when things get tough, and hold on to the people you love.

What's the coolest thing you have ever laid paint on?

S: My wife's sippie cups. But seriously, my new shovelhead my buddy Jim and I built together.

What's your dream machine?

S: Knuckle or pan, either one would do me just fine

Is there any other crafts, medium, or other things you have been trying to master?

S: I like to dabble in photography and short films, motorcycle related obviously. It's still a work in progress.

When coming out of the paint booth do you look like you came out a paintball match from hell or a tv show host for one of those home improvement shows that doesn't have a single drop of paint on them after painting for hours?

S: Paint ball match from hell and flaked out shoes.

Any big projects in the works you care to share?

S: I have been given the honor of painting a couple of builds for Born Free 7 this year. I am always humbled to be a part of someone's creation.

Are you a steak and potatoes or burger and fries kinda guy? Or you can really mess this question up and say your a vegetarian ahahah... 

S: Ha, I'm vagi-tarian....but burger and fries works too!

Anyone you would like to thank or give a shoutout to?

S: My wife and family for their patience and encouragement while I pursue my craft. Mike D Ellis & Bill Bryant at Biltwell, ChopCult, Lisa Ballard, and my friends who support me "rain or shine" know who you are. Thank you Mikey for inviting me to be a part of the Fuel Cleveland. And of course, the customers who continue to choose me in a sea of gifted painters.

Be sure to check out Scott's Biltwell Gringo that will be on display at Fuel Cleveland on May 9th and if you love his work as much as I do and want more, check out his website


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