Lincoln Electric Welder Prize Packs - Fuel Cleveland 2016

Cleveland is home to a lot of great businesses that support the work force and blue collar industries of the world. Lincoln Electric is at the top when it comes to creating tools to helping the work force of America right here in Cleveland. One of their biggest passions that most may not know, is the DIY home fabricator, the guy that can take nothing and make it into something truly beautiful right in his backyard garage. For this reason alone Lincoln Electric has been a supporter of Fuel Cleveland since the beginning. When they came to us with the idea to give the opportunity for not one but two winners of a prize pack worth over $4500 each of their equipment to help that DIY home fabricator, we couldn't have been more thrilled to say yes.

What we decided to do with these amazing prize packs from Lincoln Electric should make everyone excited. The first prize pack we will be awarding at the show to one lucky invited bike builder, deeming them with "The Best Fabricator Award" via guest judging. The second prize pack we wanted to offer a chance for one lucky show attendee to win via a random drawling. If you visit the Fuel Cleveland merch booth the day of the show you can purchase a Fuel Cleveland sticker for $5 and receive one free entry for your chance to win the entire prize pack. The stickers are only being sold at the show and the winner will be drawn at 7pm. You will not have to present to win!

What is in this prize pack you ask!? Check it out.

To start off they are giving you A premium Welder Helmet, welding doo-rag, Full Leather SteelWorkerâ„¢ Welding Gloves, Roll Cage® Welding Rigging Gloves, safety glasses, split leather welding sleeves, a welding jacket and to keep everything together a Lincoln Electric duffle bag.


A POWER MIG® 210 MP Welder


All we can say is wow! We just wanted to give another huge Thank you again to Lincoln Electric for offering such amazing prize packs to give away and also for being such a huge supporter of Fuel Cleveland from the beginning. Be sure to come out to the show on May 28th for your chance to win this prize pack and take it home with you. If you can't wait to try and win this and you need a welder today, think red and visit Lincoln Electric's website.

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Final day to enter TGWB's giveaway!

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