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Al Gore's beard is still Relevant GD it!!!

It's the classic story of meeting your future wife while driving home late from work on night, stopping at a red light and getting rear ended by some drunk chick on her way home from "singles wine & movie night" (and I mean sneaking a bottle of wine into a movie and watching it alone). It was an accident you met.

Somewhere in the early 2000's people got tired of the "mainstream" (before being tired of the mainstream was a "thing") and started a resourgance*, however small, of a beer brand that didn't try and compete with the sky box seats at the Superbowl. Instead, as accidents often do, just enough sales promoted a marketing campaign to the obscure elements in society. Pabst was back in the game, not since the 70's had they had a foothold to stand on. Now based in Los Angeles, we can pretty much blame Portland Oregon for the current success of PBR, where hipsters rule iconic, but in a much more anonymous way (opposed to the New York variety).

Nectar of the Hispter Gods ~ Chicago Tribune
a very funny read (although kinda old, 2011) especially when they quote people who "like the beer, because it doesn't taste like beer." Instead tasting like dirty water... HERE

Salon put it best in 2008; "Hipsters fetishize the lowbrow culture of the 70's and 80's..."

The guy sitting in the sky box seat at the Superbowl is the one who does. MILLER Brewing, how ironic is that? How does that mesh with your "DIY Chopper Culture?" Wait... we need a distraction. Let's blame the Russians! In 2014 there was widespread storied in major newspapers (USA Today, etc.) that reported PBR was being sold to the Russians. I can't think of any one more hipster than Rasputin the "Mad Monk" as a symbol on the label of PBR beer. But, alas it was buyout was but a myth... one that sounded obscurely enquiring, but lacked actual flavor (am I talking about the beer or the Russians? It doesn't matter.)

I'm sure there's someone that will pipe up with, "Well, I like PBR for the taste." I'm pretty sure in a luke-warm blind-taste test amongst other like beer brands (in the bottom of the lowend market) you wouldn't be able to identify PBR against it's competition. It's not a shame to admit you drink it because it's free... (at least at certain unnamed events).

Remember, no product will stay hip forever. You'll either change with the swing-stream** or continue to pay $12 for PBR tall boys at the local music venues...

Time for another distraction; This just in from the Smithsonian "We saved Al Gore's beard in a jar."
He created the Internet, he must have thus started the current trending of beards too... 
I'll let you decide (wow, that's an old picture. I think he's bald now?). If you blog about it, people will believe it.

* Resourgance defined; When something has a resurgence in popularity that that tastes sour in your mouth or memory.

** Swing-stream defined; when you flow with trends carried by whichever current is dominant. 

Mike Schrickel & Shane Smith / Chop Machine

I have taken a ton of photos of different builders and bikes over the last few years but hands down one of the best dudes I have become pretty close friends with through all of it has to be Mike Schrickel; builder and owner of Chop Machine Motorcycles based out of Toledo, Ohio. Something about his style when it comes to building I really dig, it's that whole late 60's early 70's vibe that just radiates off every single build he touches. I always wanted to talk to him about buying one of his bikes or having him build one for me but it never really came forth till this Fuel Cleveland show came about. I asked Mike along with another really good friend of ours, Shane Smith also a Toledo, Ohio native to build me a really rad chopper to showcase at Fuel. Between the two of them, their knowledge and skill when it comes to building bikes is insane. It's almost like I got to pick a dream team to build a bike for me. With both of them having some amazing backgrounds in motorcycles, it was a no brainer to have them work together on this. I gave them a 1977 FXE Shovelhead I picked up back in November to work with and they have been at it the past few months building her from the ground up.

Shane is known for his motor skills, so he took the liberty of doing a rebuild on the whole top end of the motor along with Mike's knowledge about putting motors back together like it came off a factory line. The motor was rattle caned black by the previous owner which made it look dull and old. Mike and Shane busted countless hours to bring the motor back to its original glory. It's like night and day when you look at the before and after photos. (People stop painting your motors!!) We didn't want to put too many photos out there on this build so that everyone can experience it's beauty at the same time at Fuel Cleveland.

These two have made a great team in building this bike and it's a great honor to have such amazing and talented friends to help me with a dream of creating a bike I would never imagine could be possible by myself. I am in forever debt to these two for busting their asses off to get this thing done in time to showcase it on May 9th. It's going to be one amazing machine and I can't thank Mike and Shane enough for being apart of this build and show! Check out some more of Mike and Shane's builds below.

-Mikey Revolt

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal / Pretty Poison




The Horse With No Name

The Horse With No Name

Chop Machine

Shane's Buel Build

Shane doing what he loves Photo by: Nick Amrhein

You can see more of Mike's builds at his Facebook page Chop Machine LLC or his instagram

Also you can see more Shane's shenanigans on his instagram at 

Shane's Buel Build  Photo by: Nick Amrhein


Looks Good

All in The Details

Note the Socks..
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