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Limited Edition Dice Issue 66 Poster Now In Stock.

Here it is in all of its 24" x 31" glossy glory, the issue 66 cover poster by the very talented Phil Guy. A limited supply of these only in stock. Available by following this link to our WEBSITE.

The Greasy Dozen Garage Builder Collective 2016 is here!

By Bear-

Like we said the first year; it's not a tough guy thing it's about building / riding motorcycles and having fun!

Selection starts today and runs through May 21st at 8pm est.

Who Can Apply: Anyone can participate, 33 members, Flies, Cats, Zombies, Taco Eaters, Scooter Trash, Lurkers, the only group barred are Vegans...

You must be a home garage builder or small shop with 2 employees or less. This is not some corporate thing it's a very basic grassroots affair with a focus on building bikes! It's been that way since we originally approached Billdozer about it and so it will remain. Pulling together like-minded companies to help out new builders and up and coming shops with parts and support!

I had a good conversation with my friend Walter at Kick Start Cycle a few days ago. We talked about when the new scene emerged around 2005 and how things were really cool and drama free. It was finally a scene about the bikes and good times. There were few rivalries and anyone that wanted to bring that was quickly made aware that this was about riding motorcycles and having fun.

The Greasy Dozen Builder Collective embodies that spirit and I'm hoping this year we can gel some of the brotherhood and collective energy that made the first years so great..

The Greasy Dozen will continue to call Chop Cult home, but IG users and people from other corners of the internet may enter, all info updates winner and so on will be posted here to keep it simple You can add updates to your build thread here or IG etc but will continue to post progress and prize updates here. True to its form we will be getting back to the roots of brotherhood, community and collective effort that made the emerging nouveau chopper scene so great. We have opened it up to allow users of other forums or those who are exclusively on smartphones to participate.

All brands, all creeds, the only rule is be respectful to one another and make it about the bikes!

I want to thank Lisa Editor in chief here at CC for hosting us again and Allen and Brandon for your help and support.

Ok, let's get to the Bikes!!!

To Apply:

1. Follow @Oldbikebarn on IG as more details will be posted there as they develop.

2. You must post picture here in the Chop Cult thread or on IG of your current build or raw material tag @oldbikebarn and include #greasydozenbuildercollective2016 adding a few details about your plan and what category you wish to try for:

The categories are:

3 Short Chops

3 Long Bikes

2 Cafe

2 Oddball

2 Street tracker

3:Extra points are awarded for anything Starwars related in your submission.

4.Multiple unique posts are also encouraged, as they show your enthusiasm level.

Once chosen each builder can select how and where the will showcase their build using #hashtag #greasydozenbuildercollective2016

If you have questions you can email and he will help you out.

Builders will have 5 months to complete a bike and hopefully, attend the Greasy Dozen Run September 30, 2016, You can expect the usual format, a rowdy ride, bbq, corn boil and camp out at the Clark Family Farm.

In closing, I'll point out the prizes come in the name of the winner and are redeemable in the form of gift cards or promo codes. Handled clean and professionally, designed so nobody cheat anyone. The facts are this actually costs all the companies involved time and money. We work as a team to give something back to the community, and try to inspire more people to build their own bikes as they watch this unfold!

Now let's see them submissions! Winners will be selected May 21st

Big thanks to Phil Guy @burritobreath for the rad art,

So far this is the list or generous companies supporting, more will be coming!

-Bear @biltwell burlybrand @chopcult @indianlarrymotorcycles @kickstartcycle @kundratickutoms @ledsledcustoms @lowbrowcustoms @lowside_magazine @oldbikebarn @rockanride @show_class_mag @sscycle @speeddealer @triplesixcrewdeathcompany @wrenchmagazine

ChopCult is sponsoring The Country Mile

We are proud to sponsor this event!

The first annual country mile motorcycle races is happening on May 14, 2016, in beautiful Cuddebackville, New York, at the Oakland Valley Race Park. The one hour ride from New York City to the race track will get you in the mood for a full day of racing and all night of fun with your new friends. This is an unsanctioned quarter-mile flat track race where amateurs are encouraged to try their hand at the sport of kings. No matter what you ride, we have a race for you. Please visit us at for spectator tickets or to register to race! Give us a follow on Instagram for daily updates. Thanks - Walter

$10 SPORTSTER RAFFLE - Burly Brand Tracker

What are we giving away? We are giving away a 2000 Sportster Tracker Built by Burly Brand. The bike has parts from Burly Brand, Lowbrow Customs, S&S Cycle, Vance and Hines, Metzeler Tire, Ride Wright, Tracker Die, and more!- Burly Brand

The plan is LAHD and Burly Brand team up to build, race, and raffle away a Sportster tracker. Brands such as Lowbrow, S&S Cycle, Ride Wright, Metzeler and Vance and Hines to contribute parts to the bike. LAHD/Burly will be racing the bike at a couple of events leading up to summer. Promo Packs for $10 include a Tire Repair Kit and include one Raffle Ticket which will be available on Chop Cult and in store at LAHD. To clarify, buyers will receive a raffle ticket with the purchase of a promo pack (sticker pack or a tire change kit). Promo Packs will be sold at events leading up to Born Free. The bike will be given away at on July 9th at LAHD. 


During modifications.

 Tearing up the track in Perris, CA.

The So-Cal Tracker is ready for delivery. Just buy the Tire Repair Promo Kit for $10.00 and you will receive a raffle ticket that enters you into the giveaway. You DO NOT need to be present to win. The winner will be responsible for all tax, title, and license transfers.

Taco Moto Tuesday to J. King Neptune's

Couple pics from TACO MOTO TUESDAY on 4/26/2016
Weekly Taco Meet & Drink, everyone welcome! Non-segregated event
Follow @kultofspeed on IG for more info

Huge thanks to J. King Neptune's in Sunset Beach (family owned for over 50 years) for hosting us this week! Taco Tuesday $1 tacos can't be beat!

Voodoo Vintage Fabrication RELIC Girder Front End

Voodoo Vintage Fabrication RELIC Girder Front End

There are so many innovations on this puppy it's freaking crazy! Not satisfied with your rake? No problem! Same goes for the fork length. Adjust both with very little effort and switch back again when you are ready! Custom shock brackets may also be used to accommodate various length shock absorbers and to adjust fork length in addition to the Axle Clevis Adjustment.

Safety is a priority! Nightmare scenario, your steering stem nut becomes loose or falls off altogether (a well-known issue with girder style front ends). On the RELIC front end, the lower active link pin serves as a redundant safety backup system by preventing the lower tree from separating from the steering assembly.

Another cost saving feature - Built in accommodation for an internal fork stop. Use a "bearing race style" fork stop (available on site) and don't worry about drilling and tapping holes. Everything is already taken care of!

Accommodations are provided for numerous style front brake systems and the axle bushings can be machined to just about any size Standard or Metric.

The RELIC is available in raw steel ($895 Retail) and Gloss Black powder-coat ($1095 Retail). Shock absorber and Axles are purchased separately or you can source your own. Standard lengths include 18", 22", and 26". However... We will fabricate the RELIC to just about any custom length needed. (Additional cost may apply)

Additional components are available for purchase including a variety of shock absorbers, turn stops, axles, spacers, and bushings.

In all, the RELIC front-end is an updated twist on early American technology and a fresh new option for seekers of classic style.

Additional information can be found on our web site:
And through online media publication: Facebook Instagram

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