I like fixtures

Cut, machine, weld, bolt. Made this to help with supporting an evo sportster frame while cutting the rear section off... aaand helping locate the new rear section prior to welding.

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Almost forgot...

Gotta keep the streak alive.

Hope you had a good one!

New Tank Bib - Part 3

This needs to be finished.

Black dye it.

Both sides.

After it all dried, then I used Satin Shene on it, but Joker tells me I shouldn't use that. Some black came off when the shene went on.

The leather was really stiff so I figured why not try some Lexol on it, too.

This is disappointing, it was so stiff and cracked in a couple places. But the Lexol seemed to help.

Now to lace it up. I used this video to learn how.

A little bit of time and there you go. Once you get started it's pretty easy and fun.

Another mock-up.

Now to the second goal of this project. I had a friend give me this pin quite a while back. I haven't been able to run it anywhere and I wanted to put it on a nice tank bib. I did a practice attachment on a scrap.

I have these deals, too.

I need something like this on my nice bib.

Mark it.

Punch it.

Looking good, but...

I need to "countersink" the holes to get the pin flush.

This transfer punch was about the right size.

A little work and it fits good.

Loctite the tiny set screws.

Ready to go.

Perfect, or at least good enough for my bike.

Happy Easter from Fish ...

Happy Easter
from Chop Cult member Fish433
and Hazzard County's own Bootlegga'h

This year's RISE ABOVE LOS ANGLES Ride (pics.1)

It's the irony of living on the beach in Los Angeles, it's beautiful and the weather is perfect all year long, but to get out of it, you've got to make a trek in any direction. This year's Easter inducing Welcome Back Jesus party at the Gasser Lounge started with everyone leaving town... to Rise Above Los Angeles in an attempt to get just a little closer to Jesus before his triumphant return (which later occurred at midnight at the Gasser Lounge... what a strange coincidence?)

Mount Wilson is the perfect example of getting above it all, roughly 50 miles to the top of the mountain from the bar, it's long enough to just make you want a little more. But once you're above it all, you realize you're really no longer "in" the city below which on a clear day (unfortunately, not this day) you can see Mexico to the South and Oregon to the North (that's not true, but you can see a while lot)(at least I imagine you can, but it's so smoggy every time we've rode up, all I can see are the tops of brown clouds and if you squint your eyes really tight, you can see those little tiny sky scrapers of downtown L.A. peak through the toast colored air)...

"Whoa. There's a blue sky up here..." Yep.

Did I forget to mention we found Bigfoot on the top of Mount Wilson ....

... and yes, He did come to party.

(more pics coming)

STAY ON TARGET... Star Wars de Mayo 2014

Once again we're taking Cinco de' Mayo, rolling it into a little furball and shoving it up the butt of Old n' Borning... yeah, straight up the butt. We've switched it up to Star Wars de' Mayo at the world infamous Gasser Lounge and it's here to stay. Bring on the Milk-Blue Beer!

Mark your Galactic Calendars:
MAY 3rd 2014

We'll rip the Death Star Trench Run and destroy the pinata Death Star at midnight (or whenever we feel like it...). One thing you can count on with any Lady Hump ride, yeah, there'll be some Jar Jar Binks stupidity. Costume Contest. Free Shop-Rags, more...

Rise Above Los Angeles MAPS

Meet today at Noon @ Gasser Lounge
If along the ride, you somehow get lost, you're going HERE

The Welcome Back Jesus party at the Gasser Lounge occurs later tonight!

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