Hydrogen and Oxygen

I guess it wasn't cost effective to design the water jacket around the port?  Wouldn't you have a more consistent temperature?  It must not take much coolant to make a difference, since the passages look rather small?
A lot of extra weight (and crap) just to cool that damn cylinder head . . . I guess they call this progress?  I don't know why I care, since I'll keep going places on my 50s and 60s machinery anyway . . .
The proto-type liquid cooled Harley-Davidson MX (above).  I guess if all these marketing ideas would have hit on all (or at least 1) cylinder(s) . . . and these protos sold . . . sales could have been through the roof !  I guess that's why these companies keep trying new things, and implementing new ideas into their products. (Is that Larry Roeseler in the air ? . . . or Bruce?)

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Sena Technologies, Inc., the global leader in Bluetooth innovation for the motorsports, action sports, and outdoor sports lifestyles has announced the release of the revolutionary Sena 30K Mesh Intercom Communication System. The highly anticipated 30K is nowhere to simplify the way riders communicate with one another using Sena's revolutionary Mesh Intercom Technology, allowing for a much more user-friendly setup as well as self-healing and self-optimizing functionality to keep your riding group connected without having to worry about who's connected to who and if you're out of range. This is the future of motorcycle communication.

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Even with huge technological advancements such as Sena's Mesh Intercom, Sena believes no rider should be left behind. Because of this, the 30K houses Mesh and Bluetooth processors which allow both functions to work in conjunction with each other. Each 30K provides for Bluetooth pairings with a smartphone and GPS as well as three other Bluetooth devices, while the device itself acts as a bridge to bring all Bluetooth intercom users into the Mesh group. This way, 30K riders can still intercom via Mesh with Bluetooth only headsets such as the 20S EVO, 10S, or 10R.

In addition to the technological advance of mesh technology the 30K packs the same coveted feature set as previous Sena devices such as Audio Multitasking, the ability to take and make phone calls, listen to music, hear turn-by-turn GPS directions, built-in FM Radio with up to 10 preset stations, Advanced Noise Control, and much more. The 30K also features an all-new quick charge feature that allows for 3 hours of Mesh Intercom use or 5 hours of Bluetooth Intercom with just 20 minutes of charge time. The 30K will be available in both a single and a dual kit retailing for $329 single / $579 dual.

Check out SENA's website for more information and give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram for supporting our community!

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SCfest 2018

Rolling out to SCFest 2018...

Well here we are again leaking pushrods. I have had more trouble with the pushrods on this last build than anything. I have been too busy jacking with them and life to even blog about the trials and tribulations. So here's the story. The cool stainless steel Big Jim's tubes leaked and leaked regardless of seals tried. I swapped the fatter aluminum solid pushrods for slimmer steel versions thinking it was the pushrods hitting the tubes. No real change. Daniel thought that the oil tank needed a vent to atmosphere. I tried that, but it didn't help. So I drug the bike back to Daniel in Bartlesville. He swapped the stainless tubes for stock style and everything seemed great. The stainless tube didn't quite center up correctly. Then I noticed that the vent was putting oil out onto the transmission top and clutch basket. So I thought the vent was no longer needed and plugged it with a brass pipe plug.

Well I guess it still has too much case pressure, because oil is coming out the pushrods again.

And oil was even around the brass pipe plug that was sealed with teflon tape. And yes the oil is only about half up in the oil tank.

There was controversy on were to align the breather gear mark when we used the degree wheel on it on two different occasions. I am going to move it from one tooth off to two teeth and see if that helps.

Anyway, I manage to get all the way to Durant before I had to stop for a beer. The 9th Street Bar is a nice little place.

2 o'clock on a Friday afternoon and some random dude was playing country covers for tips and beers. He was pretty decent. Poor guy lost his Harley when he went to rehab.

Back on the road.

Red River bridge to Texas.

Hay bales and countrysides.

Made it to camp. Panhead Fred and Jimbo beat me, and sadly no one had any beer.

Luckily, Pibb rolled in directly behind me.

Pibb saves the day with a trailer full of Bud diesels straight from St. Louis proper.

There were a lot wildflowers, but most weren't where I could get pictures very easily.

Jimbo's primary belt was slapping and he needed to fix it.

Texas Mark got to camp.

He brought his son Eli, too.

The usual suspects.

Beautiful views of lake and sky as always.

Trent and Jason got there about dark.

I have no idea what Pibb was looking for.

Hanging out.

Shemp rolled in on Saturday and his bike wasn't quite right, so Mark got to work.

My wife did an excellent job of taking care of everyone at camp.

More chillin' from these two.

My boys did a little fishing and caught a few.

A hitch hiker on Pibb's trailer.


More campin'

Everything was fine...

until the camera flashed and people got irritated.

Another SCfest in the books. 

More on the singing cowboy in Durant, I was getting gas on my way back through on Sunday and I will be damned if the singer didn't show up at the quickie in a pick up truck and get on the trailer and start picking again. Unfortunately, I sent my camera home with my wife so I can't prove it.

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Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to Tory, Dave, and the awesome dads in our community! Have a great day!

Photo by Christina
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