Hell On Wheels

So there are seven or eight of us stil awake around three am. Had to finish that bottle of Jack or else. This one guy who was playing the gitar starts talking shit to these chicks. I was off taking a wizz when it all went down, but the guy whiped his dick out and continued taking shit to the girls. Then (as it was explained to me) he pushed this 14 yr old kid who was related to the chicks. Fight ON! When I got back from taking my wizz these girls were taking this guy down a few notches. Cant remember when I ever saw a guy take so many "Kill Bill" kicks to the balls and not fall to the ground! At first (not knowing what had instagated the deal) I was getting a laugh out of five chicks beating this guy up proper. (one of them with a broken foot!) Oh man. When I finally realized it wasnt going to stop any time soon I tryed to get in between and calm everyone down. So I'm trying to talk to this guy to get him to just quit and go to bed and this one chick comes up and starts doing a punching bag rutine that Rockey Balboa would be proud of on this guys nose! HAAAAAAAAA! The image will be burnt into my brain for the rest of my life! Had all I could do to keep from falling the ground and laughing myself to death! It went on for at least an hour. Wound up waking everybody up. Took a village to stop this one. Bikers gotta get some sleep here! Milk and cookies for breakfast kinda thing I guess? So I wound up doing triage on the chicks bloody elbows, knees, and broken foot. Good thing I brought those handy whipes Bill! Came in handy for cleaning up the mess.
Full time peace keeper at this point. UN would be proud. Didnt need a gun. Didnt want anything starting up again... This one chick goes back and draws a big dick with nail polish on the guys face. He was asleep. Drrr! Cant reason with people some times.
If anybody ever needs to have their crutches fixed at a camp ground after beating somebody to a bloody mess let me know. I got good at it last night.

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Commented on 6-7-2010 At 09:06 am

Nice job! Maybe you'll have to switch your helmet to one of those NATO blue jobs.

Commented on 6-7-2010 At 10:05 pm

That's Rad. Pass out with your shoes on and it's fair game to draw anything on your face.

Commented on 6-8-2010 At 02:26 pm

Chris, man, you have no idea how awesome this blog is! Thank you so much for giving us girls props! That douche deserved what he got.
Too bad no one got video or pics of us. I bet someone out there did...fingers crossed.
Thanks for posting up my pageant pic. Even though I didn't win the pageant, I sure as hell won that night!
Love ya man

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