Fuel Cleveland 2016

Ol' Mikey Revolt (^^ above ^^) and our buddies at Lowbrow and Gasbox know how to throw a bike show. As a Cleveland native, the Bringer of Chaos loves to showcase two of his favorite things: his hometown and sick ass choppers. This year was interesting with the venue being changed to the indoor mountain bike park known as Ray's MTB. The bikes were sprinkled throughout the park and it was a unique way to stage the show as compared to a traditional gallery format.

Mitchell's in Cleveland. Yes, we went twice in three days. #ridemotorcycleseaticecream

We started the weekend off with a pre-party at Mahall's bowling alley in Lakewood. Free lanes, lots of cold beer and live rock and roll by the three-piece fuzz rock gods Moonbow made for good times. There was no shortage of cool local bikes parked out front and it was a good indicator of how things were going to go the next day...

Saturday was a busy one with plenty of vendors out side, a couple dozen show bikes inside and a few hundred bikes of all kinds stacked up in the parking lot. Late in the day the skies finally broke loose and washed everything down, but Ohio knows how to take this kind of weather in stride. It was over pretty quick and when the crowd finally thinned, most of us headed over to the Sidetrack Cafe for the Show Class afterparty. 

The following day was a proud one for the Lowbrow Customs guys as they got to give their new HQ a proper break-in. The freshly paved parking lot got it's share of used 50wt donated, and friends, family and customers got to enjoy the new showroom, a birthday cake (12 years!) and a casual bike show. Congrats guys, it's been fun to grow beside you and we can't wait to come back again next year.

We stole this photo from Mikey since somehow we didn't nab any pics at Sunday's celebration

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