Double Vision: Dual Engine Triumph Race Bike Update

I have been working on this bike non-stop the last six weeks, and it has caused me to empathize with people who have chosen the life of the recluse, leaving behind friends and family for a sole pursuit. I am not there myself, but I am looking through the keyhole and I feel as though I have come to some sort of understanding about that sort of thing though I rather wouldn't. But I digress; it has been a couple months since I updated photos of the build, which has since changed names from Milwaukee Murderer to Double Vision.

Special sprockets. This here is what joins the power of the motors by linking the crankshafts.

Oil tank in progress. Made a wood buck out of MDF and hammered annealed 5003 aluminum to make the face and dished back. Thanks to Jay Roche @ Special 79 for some tech posts on his blog which helped me out. This tank consumed at least 3 full days of my life, and I mean full days, but it is the nicest thing I have ever made.

Sometimes simple things are the best, I really like the way these fender mounts turned out.

This primary guard involved a really large MDF buck and plenty of time. I feel as though I welded miles of aluminum building this bike. Turned down a circle of MDF in my lathe, routed the edge over and hammered the dish over the clutch basket area. 1/2" strip welded to that to bring it out a bit more, and the face and sides all welded up while clamped to the wood buck to keep it in shape. Mounts to 9/16" stainless round bar that is welded to the stainless motor plates. Should be up to tech for Bonneville in August.

More aluminum, chain guard and number plates. This was a little while ago and was about the end of the major fab work. I subsequently tore the bike down to the bare frame and finish welded everything. More pics to come soon... ?

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Commented on 6-9-2013 At 10:49 pm

Awesome detail. Thanks

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Shout out to Saddlemen saddle bags

This new to me bike came with a set of Saddlemen throw over bags that was missing one twist-lock closure. So I emailed the folks at about getting replacement hardware and they sent me what I needed for free, via priority mail even. And they threw in two toolbox stickers to boot. I love it when I can tell people about great customer service.

Déjà Vu

I decided I needed a 700 mile-a-day bike that was a little more two-up friendly. I have been wanting to take my son on some all days rides instead of just bike night. I need to be able to get to Indiana and back in a hurry, too. The rigid shovelhead is about a 400 mile a day solo and my 03 Vulcan uses a lot of oil after the 400 mile mark in a day.

So last Friday night, in the dark and cold, I picked an '02 Kawasaki 1500 Vulcan Classic. Just over 8k and still rolling OE tires.(I was shopping for Roadkings and Wideglides, too. But it is hard to spend $6-8K when $2600 can buy a clean and functional bike, like this one.) It needs de-chromed for my tastes, but it seems I can't just ride a bike like I bought it. I saw a few craigslist specials dressed closer to my tastes, but I like this one because of the low miles and damaged paint. The tank is fine, but both fenders are badly scuffed from a trailer ride at some point. I wanted one as fresh as I could get mechanically and the bad paint helped lower my offer. I didn't mention that I have a spare set of perfect tins to run. 

I'm naming this bike Déjà Vu, because I will probably build it with all the dresser parts and tins that I was running on my '03 in 2003.

Too much chrome and the hyper charger needs to go. Of course my son loves the "hot rod part on the side of the engine". SMH, but he is only 8. The carb wasn't jetted quite right, so it wouldn't quite idle right in the cold and the clutch switch was a bit dirty. So it was a challenge to keep running at stoplights and I couldn't get it to start in gear.

The paint is pretty nice if you like flames. Definitely glossy enough to floss your teeth in.

There's the scuff on the front fender.

There's the scuff on the rear fender is worse, clear to bare metal.

Including the elusive out of production chrome inner engine cover, chrome side covers, and driveshaft cover. That's all going to be up for sale, so I afford some new tires. The Corbin gunfighter is surprisingly comfortable for the rider, but not the passenger so that will be up for sale, too.

The mileage was under 8200 when I bought it.

Garage is getting a bit crowded.

Wauseon by M+S+F

Pics by Dong Park.

Featured on American Pickers

On last night's new episode of American Pickers on the History Channel, a photo I took at the 2012 Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freakshow was featured!!!

Here's the full photo as I originally posted it:

They had reached out about 2 months ago for permission to use the photo, which they found right here on the blog (click here for original blog post).  I've been a fan of the show for a long time so I was happy to agree.  Time passed and I didn't hear anything until the beginning of this week.  The e-mail sent was clearly to a bunch of people (not just me) that granted permission to use photos or video and said that the air date was Wednesday but that not everyone's content made the final cut.  They said that everyone would be thanked in the credits regardless.

I watched the show (like I would have anyway) anxiously waiting to see whether my photo made the cut.  I waited and waited but Mike and Frank weren't buying any Harley parts.  Then, at the very end of the show, Mike suddenly runs across a stash of old big twin parts and buys an original knucklehead beehive taillight shell and my photo was shown.  Woo hoo!  I was really excited that it made the final cut.

Shortly after that, "Gophers and Cheese" was listed in the credits, alongside the Library of Congress, the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame, and a couple of Historical Societies.  My little motorcycle blog is totally legit now.

If you want to check it out for yourself, the photo is featured in American Pickers Season 7, Episode 4 (#143) titled, "If You Talk Nice To Me."


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