Born-Free 10 coverage pt.3 - Sunday Awards

 The 2018 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob ready to be given away
 The all original 1945 shinning in the sun
 The awards 
 Giving away a few Born-Free decks made by Joker's Skate Shop
 Chip and Mikey on stage to hand out a few of the awards for the SDC show
 The Bell Helmets Choice award
 Bobby Scott took 3rd place in the SDC show with a perfect Dyna built at TrackerDie
 Josh Allison with his 'Born Free' award
 The crowd waiting in anticipation 
 Dennis Jackson all the way from Delaware took home the 'Best Rider' award
 Patrick Tilbury with 'Best Competition'
 Onlookers waiting to see who will win 'Best in Show'
 Mikey from SDC took home 'Best Modern'
 Makoto, Emmi, and Shige with the award they presented to Mike and Grant for 10 Years of Excellence with the Born-Free show
 Part of the Best in Show prize is a trip to Japan to be in the Mooneyes Hot Rod Custom Show
 Go Takamine got the 'Best Indian' award!
 Ryan Cox super stoked on his 'Best Flathead' award. Well deserved
 Chris Graves with his incredible Shovelhead... took home 'Best Shovelhead'
 Hawke Lawshe' got 'Best Knucklehead' and also the 'Mooneyes Pick' award
 Mike Davis
 Josh Sheehan proud of his 'Founders Pick' award
 Shige holding up the Moon disc he presented to Mike and Grant
 Mike, Shige, and Grant getting ready to present 'Best in Show'
 The Harpoon and Jeff Leighton came on stage to present the Vard MFG fork that was a prize for the winner of 'Best in Show'
 and Born-Free 10's 'Best in Show' award goes too...
 Justin Walls!! with his absolutely incredible EL Mirage ready bad-a bike that will be going to Japan
 Getting ready to giveaway this 2018 Harley-Davidson
 The crowd waits as the name on a ticket is called...
 Congrats to Devin Seymour for winning this brand new 2018 Fat Bob
 His first seat on his new whip
 We called up a random guest from the crowd to pull the ticket for the Knucklehead giveaway
 After sorting through a handful of tickets we verified that Brook won the 1945 Harley-Davidson
 He was not able to hide his excitement! 
 Congratulations Brook
That was Sunday's award photos, stay tuned for pt. 4 for more pictures of bikes, and what went on at Born-Free 10

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This thing was pretty farted up.  On the verge of self-destruction sums it up about right . . . My dad worked really hard on it the last month.  Now it's solid - and when the gasses mix with the correct amount of oxygen - it should provide years of enjoyment powering around this great heart of American back roads.  1936 - A year in motorcycle engine production for Harley-Davidson that changed things for H-D, and all manufacturers - from that year onward.

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This is a good spot to regroup, look at the map - and hope your bike starts - it did !
Pulpit Rock Brewing ain't bad . . . I sat outside and got stung my a bee.  My arm is all swelled to shit, and I just got the stinger dug out (after 18 hours) I didn't see it at first - but now it's almost tool late.

This DC11 Linkert works great.  It likes it best when the rpms are kept up, so when you see a hill coming - keep it pegged and in the upper power band - no problems.  My starting issue didn't come around on this run.  1 to 2 kicks max . . .
A stop near Bassett, Iowa to adjust my backpack . . . riding so fast, it got all shifted and kilter.  Low beam burnt on this trip - and back home I noticed no tail light or brake light.  This thing only has a 3 wires - so I should be able to figure it out.   Thanks to Shane Einck for the refeshments.  T-Bocks in Decorah has great grilled chesse sandwiches !  The Sugar Bowl wins for ice cream !  


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