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We don't normally post scans from old magazines but man, this was too good to ignore. Our friend Steve Rebuck mailed me a copy of Bikers 74, a UK publication by the English Libary from, you guessed it, 1974. He added the immortal line "I figured you guys would enjoy this" and he wasn't wrong. It comes as A4 size but folds out to A3, most of the photos are by Phil Mather. The English Libary are also responsible for trashy biker books like Chopper, The Leather Boys and the classic, Angels From Hell. Here is the first paragraph from the first page

"The motorbike-to the tens of thousands who ride one to and from work it's just a cheap form of transport; to the additional thousands who wheel gleaming machines out of garages at weekends it is a means of recreation; but, to the kind of biker you'll meet in this magazine, the motorbike means a lot more. It symbolises a whole freewheeling life-style which is a unique amalgam of speed, danger and excitment culminating when you're out there on the road tied to nothing but your bike-'like a castaway on a rushing island of machinery'. When you're going too fast into that hairpin or likely to come off at the next corner, there's no one to help you and you stand or fall by your own decisions. For the biker this is the ultimate high. For once he experiences the thrill of being in complete control of his own fate"

Right on brother.

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I won't pretend to really know Larry or say that he was a good friend, but I met and partied with him once in Daytona, and that was enough to be saddened when I heard about him passing. Great guy, great times, great smile. Sucks when you hear about this kinda stuff happening. Just brings you back down to Planet Earth and makes you realize how fragile life can be, and why you have to enjoy every second you breath. Wish we could have partied again, man... just means we'll do some chopper riding on the other side.

Chasing Terry

Save the date- April 27, 2014 Arizona Cycle Swap - Tempe, AZ.

This is the first run of what we hope to be a regular swap in the Phoenix Area. This is centrally located in the valley with easy freeway access and plenty of parking and shade. Free entry and $20 to sell per vehicle.

Buy, Sell and Trade. Used, New, Vintage and Custom parts. All makes represented, American, British, Japanese, European. Come browse the selection and talk shop, or load up those old parts and turn them into cash. Rain or Shine, we still swap!

Date: Sunday April 27th
Time: 8:00am-1:00pm
Free Entry to public


Vendor Set up 6:30am-7:30am
$20 per vehicle to sell. - Cash only at the gate.
Vendors are limited to selling and displaying motorcycle related goods and services only.
Vendors will be required to fill out a registration form upon entry.

Visit for more info and give them a follow on Instagram.
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