The BF9 Bike Giveaway Promo has official started. 🚩New for this year.. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT TO WIN THIS INCREDIBLE 1951 H-D PANHEAD. That's right on this bike Only.. you do not need to be present to win. If your name is called and you are not present we will ship the bike to you Free of charge in the lower 48 states. If you are a international winner we will drop at any shipper in the greater LA area for Free.
The way it works is Buy a $25 BF9 promo poster/ticket combo and you are entered. You can buy as many as you like... to increase your chances but one poster/ticket combo enters you in everything we give away this year. That's for bikes and the @simpson_motorcycle_helmets monthly giveaway, the @langlitzleathers jacket, the @wesco boots, the @sscycle Knucklehead motor and many more sponsored giveaways 🚩The other 2 amazing bikes that we are giving away YOU MUST BE PRESENT AT THE SHOW TO WIN !! Those bikes are a 2017 @harleydavidson Lowrider S and a 1942 H-D Knucklehead built by @wretched_hive
The 1951 PANHEAD and the 2017 H-D Lowrider S will be on Saturday June 24th and The 1942 H-D Knucklehead will be Sunday June 25th.
To purchase online go to the Born-Free page on @losermachine website 

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Joe Smith

How'd you like to try and hang on to this SOB ????

The S&S Degree Wheel Kit

Most of the time, the only occasion this tool is removed my the tool drawer is when there's a problem.  Your camshaft, pinion gears, timer gear, breather gear . . . all the marks on the teeth line right up and your cam timing is done correctly?  Right?  Wrong?  The fact is: You most likely have 4 to 5 parts, manufactured by 4 to 5 different manufacturers.  A mark could be off a tooth?  Throwing everything off . . .  Different gear pitches.  New parts meshing with used parts.  Are your valves really opening and closing at the precise time they should? 
This is the best way to do it.  Using dial indicators.  That needle will indicate movement (what the human eye can't see)  You'll know exactly where you're at.  Correcting cam timing is done my moving the cam gear on the camshaft (not easy).  Also done by changing pinion gears, changing cam gears, moving the cam (+ or -) 1 or 2 teeth . . . or modifying key slots.  It's a learning experience every time this tool comes out.  Think dammit !


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 . . . workin' on choppers before work this morning. 
Last night we watched our local gal Maddie Poppe win American Idol
I hang out with Mort a lot - he's my best bud for sure.


Ammonia (NH3), colorless, ALIENRUN 2018 pungent gas composed of nitrogen and hydrogen. JUNE 2ND It is the simplest stable compound RACHEL NEVADA of these elements and serves as a starting material for the production of many commercially LITTLE A'LE'INN important nitrogen compounds. All Welcome. Free Camping.

Do you even Brobot Bro?


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Grab your copy of Turkey Season today!

ChopCult contributor Alec Ozawa has just released additional copies of his photo zine Turkey Season for you to enjoy. Turkey Season was created in the spirit of garage built motorcycles and clocking miles with friends. Use promo code CHOPCULT to receive free shipping (US only).
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