65 panhead, 1955 panhead, 36 knucklehead and maternity photos

We got Jason's 65 finished and put about 300 miles on it,  my dad is driving down to the Texas road run and delivering it this weekend.  This bike is massive,  I didn't try to ride it with the buddy seat on it,  I am too short!  Jason is a lot taller than me and will do just fine on it.  

1965 didn't use a side cover on the battery,  I think it looks nice with out it.  The battery that we used is a champion battery and it is nice and black, some of the other modern batteries are clear or have a bunch of writing on them.  The mufflers are new old stock and sound great.  The tour pack is something that Jason supplied and it is really cool. It has an early latch on it and also a handle so you can Cary it with you

I got to take my 36 out for the first time this year. Sophorn put a windshield on it, which ended up being more of a challenge than we anticipated since the summer shields were designed for standard rigid bars and I have Flanders bars on my bike.   

I am making good progress on the 55 too it should be done and running next week.  This bike is phenomenal and I feel so lucky to get to work on such a nice pristine example of an original bike
The rear header pipe was missing when they brought the bike to us.  My dad had a nice old original superior rear header pipe in his stash of parts.  It fit up really nicely and matches the rest of the bike well

Britt and I did our maternity photos with the bike. It was fun.  Here is a link to the rest of the photos

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