1939 Harley UL motor for sale

Flathead fever!
Nice 1939 UL motor to start a project with. Matching belly numbers, nice VIN, 13 fin 80" ULH cylinders, new old stock Flathead Power aluminum high compression heads. Nice looking cases with only minor welding on an old front left side motor mount fix. No carb, or generator. The motor seems to be in decent shape, would probably need just a light refresh/clean-up and misc little parts will consider quick sale with bill or sale, but i am working on getting a title for a little more. email for questions or to buy

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Commented on 9-19-2012 At 01:22 am

I'm really interested in this ! I want a flathead 80 so bad

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New ICON things.

The Fall/Winter 2014 ICON and ICON 1000 gear went live this morning, and I must say, The Hood Jacket is a beast. I've been wearing one for a few months now, and I love it. 

Also, these are most comfy gloves I've ever had my hands inside of. (Yes, you can get them in all black.)

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Ride to the Pines 2014

We always try to get some riding in when we go up for the Nor Cal Cycle Swap.  This time around we figured it would be fun to invite more people and do a big loop around Lake Tahoe. It was a simple deal, no raffles or prizes, no bike show, no entry fees. Just a group of weirdos riding around the lake more or less together. We met up in Auburn on Saturday morning and had a great turnout–around 30+ riders on all kinds of bikes; cafes, choppers, Triumphs, H-D's and modern bikes too. Some people just did a leg or two of the ride, some met us half way and others did the whole shebang. Tahoe was crowded as expected but we made the best of it and really enjoyed the sections on the 20 and 49. We ended up in the California bar in Auburn for a couple hours at the end, meeting up with more friends and calling it a day. Thanks to everyone who came out and especially to local tour guides, John and Roy who helped us find good roads and good eats. We'll probably do it again next year, so stay tuned if you wanna roll out.

Moto Mania - August 2014 - Part 2

I rode my Sportster to Moto Mania and oddly didn't take a bunch of photos of it.  I took a lot of photos of other people's bikes but not mine.  Weird.

Here's Dustin's Sporty:

Kevin got his new tank mounted up:

Sweet Tooth Leather (the air cleaner is particularly awesome):

Another Sporty with no mufflers:

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...and the honorary Sportster of the night was Dan's Royal Enfield.  He's been modifying it a lot lately and just put a Sportster tank on it.  I like it.

Speaking of Dan, he recently pointed out that most photos on my blog don't have people in them.  It's true.  I typically go out of my way to put the focus completely on the motorcycles featured in each photograph.  I try to limit distractions in each photo and will occasionally go so far as to edit out people and things that happen get caught in the frame such as a random handlebar from a neighboring bike or a stray arm or leg of someone who was standing or walking nearby.  Besides, would you really keep coming back to my blog if it was only filled with photos like this?

It's at this point that I can imagine Dan pointing out that featuring more photos such as the one above might drastically improve my female readership.  He might be right, but I remain skeptical.

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