WWR: Alec Ozawa's Porosity Princess


The “What We Ride” features focus on our contributors and the motorcycles they choose to kick their leg over. We’re fortunate to work with Alec Ozawa, and he has become a vital part of the ChopCult team. Alex is a Chicago-based custom motorcycle enthusiast who enjoys photography as one of his artistic outlets. Having no mechanical background, his ‘can do’ attitude helped him to build this 1998 Harley XL1200C, 95th Anniversary Custom chopper he calls "Porosity Princess." Enjoy!



Owner name, location: Alec Ozawa, Chicago, IL

Chop Cult Member profile: alecozawa

Bike name: Porosity Princess



Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1998 Harley XL1200C, 95th Anniversary Custom

Frame: Stock frame with Haifley Bros Hardtail kit. My best bud, Sam Long, welded the frame together for me because I have no business doing a real welder’s job when it comes to something so important on the bike

Fork: 10” over 39mm tubes by Forking by Frank Hand-shaved lowers Polished stock trees



Chassis mods: Haifley Bros Hardtail kit

Tire/wheel size and style:16” spoke wheel with Harley tire on the back, TC Bros 21” front spool wheel with Avon Speedmaster on the front



Paint: Monaco Blue and Adobe Beige sprayed by another good bud, Eric Scholin, at his dad’s shop, Karl’s Kustom Paint. Eric color-matched the paint, sprayed the blue, then gave me the tins so I could mask off the flames for beige. My only real skills are pictures and masking tape.



Favorite thing about this bike: Riding it! It’s exactly how I want it to be: the look and feel. It’s simple and reliable. I’ve made a cross-country trip and rode all over the midwest with this thing, and I’ve never had to trailer it home. I’m going to hang onto this Evo sporty for as long as I can.

Next modification will be: Upgrade ignition module and add a single fire coil. Pull the top end and give it some love. Fix cracked fender and oil tank. Chrome sissy bar. New tires.



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc.: Added ribbed molding around edges of the gas tank, oil bag, and fender. Haifley Bros King/Queen Seat Prism Supply clamp-on highway pegs Stainless buckhorn handlebars cut and pulled back by FI Customs The left footpeg rubber is a piece of radiator hose.


Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: While riding through the desert with Sam, my left foot peg rubber flew off. We found some radiator hose along the way, and that’s been my footpeg grip ever since. Not a very interesting story, but people always ask, and I tell them I like souvenirs.



Thanks to Ashlee Stewack, Sam Long, Eric Scholin, FI Customs, Andrew Gassman, Rafa, The Turkeys, Takakuni Ikuma, John Jorgenson, Morgan Anderson, The Tramps, Flying Tit, Lance Coble, Chopcult, Lisa Ballard, Dan Venditto, Grant Hindsley, Michelle Hal, Natalie Murray, CC Ferns, Fuel Cleveland, MotoPhotoShow, Black Horizons, sorry if I’m missing anyone, there are so many of you. -Alec

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Commented on 4-10-2019 At 06:15 am

Nice ride! Give that top end some love with a kit from hammer!

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