The Temptress


The best part of is the community that stands behind it. Many lifelong friendships have been made through the forums and classifieds. ChopCult member Mitchell Hunter sent me a private message about a possible bike feature. I was pleasantly surprised because his request was not for self promotion; it was to nominate fellow ChopCult member Dan Townsend’s motorcycle. They’ve never personally crossed paths, but Mitchell stated Dan was the first member he met after signing up to the site in 2011. Mitchell has been following Dan’s many changes on “The Temptress” over the years, and thinks it’s one of the best Sportsters he’s ever seen.To witness two strangers come together because of a motorcycle and ChopCult is pretty neat.


Photos by Travis Heacock



Dan Townsend Denver, CO

CC Profile: AsianDan

Engine Specs: 883 ->1200 Sportster xlc, 1999



Frame : Stock xlc frame & rake with LedSled 2 inch stretch hardtail

Forks: 6 over with shaved lowers

Chassis mods: LedSled hardtail weld on 2 inch stretch, oil bag &battery box



Tire/wheel size&style: Oem 21" front with Kenda (soon to be AvonSpeedmaster) rear oem 16" solid mag with Avon MKII

Favorite thing about this bike: My jockey/foot clutch setup. It's so much fun!

Next mod will be: Ya know, for once, I'm very happy with the way it is...for now



Other mods,cool parts,etc: Custom sissybar, modified deadbeat customs taillights, fuse/wire box, king/queen seat with the taillight internal wiring, headlight mount, foot clutch & jockey shift all fab'd by Thadius the Blacksmith, narrow tank painted by CCmember Feaone -Neil Tompkins , Nissin street bike front master cylinder mod'd by me from info off of ChopCult, Engine engraving by me, OldStf adjustable bars, my cool old Kmart headlights I scored at a swapmeet, Mooneyes gourd air cleaner & derby cover, my upswept cocktail shakers


Building or riding story: I never really liked to have down time on the bike, even in the winter. I got into an accident last year and the bike was down all summer. It was a depressing summer. But I got to change things that I wanted done, because of that downtime. As I said before, I'm totally satisfied with the look of the bike as it is now. I wouldn't call myself a builder. Because I'm not. I'm a dreamer/ producer/director of a movie that I love watching over &over. That movie is my bike.



Thanks to: Thadius the Blacksmith, all my Denver friends, Travis Heacock photography, Hammer&Grind, Billy Murphy for wrapping the seat in no time, Neil "Feaone" Tompkins for giving me an awesome paint job, Brad Gregory for sending me a spare sprocket guard so quick after mine was damaged, Jimmy D for helping me with the pipes, Technical Tom for always giving me rides to the bike when picking it up or dropping it off, CC member Mitchell Hunter for nominating me for this Chopcult feature & to my Dad for getting me into bikes. RIP.



We just received this additional information from Dan. "The ironic thing is in a week I'm going to Louisiana for 2 weeks. I was gonna bring my bike to ride around & to meet Mitchell for the 1st time since he's in the area where I was raised. But my bike got knocked over 2 days ago at a Harley dealership along with 2 other bikes. Some dude was test riding a new hd trike and the right rear wheel hit our front wheels. My brake mc broke, foot peg broke, pipes got scratched, slightly bent too, My wheel is tweaked & my 6 overs are bent too. So I'm going to Louisiana without my bike. It'll be fixed hopefully before the end of June." We hope that Dan's bike is returned soon and he can enjoy the ride once again. Kindly follow Dan, Mitch, and Travis on Instagram. Thanks!

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Commented on 5-10-2015 At 04:31 pm

clean dude !

Commented on 5-10-2015 At 08:31 pm

The sissy bar is off the hook! Love to see that there are others rocking new iron with an old school twist. Clean build. Agree on the jockey shift... its like riding for the first time again and once you do it you never want it any other way. I don't know if this is the place to ask but i was wondering were the best place to get extended upper fork tubes at?

Commented on 5-10-2015 At 08:36 pm

The best place to get tubes? I'm gonna try Forking by Frank's to get another set. Maybe this time some 7 over or 8.

Commented on 5-10-2015 At 08:37 pm

& thanks guys!

Commented on 5-10-2015 At 09:36 pm

Rad looking setup.

Commented on 5-10-2015 At 09:40 pm

ill check them out thank you

Commented on 5-11-2015 At 06:04 am

one of the coolest sporties out there

Commented on 5-11-2015 At 06:11 am

Been following Dan for a while now and seen this bike go through more changes than my own underwear. He's crashed it and bashed it and keeps on keepin on! Way to go Dan, well deserved feature!

Commented on 5-11-2015 At 09:12 am

Very cool bike. Love the sissy also.

Commented on 5-11-2015 At 09:33 am

I really like how the chopped cam cover looks different, not just cut to look like an old big twin. rad scoot.

Commented on 5-11-2015 At 11:06 am

Lookin Good!

Commented on 5-11-2015 At 11:09 am

Looks wicked man! Great build, the perfect style!

Commented on 5-11-2015 At 11:27 am

Very Nice AD very nice, great to see an AB get props well deserved!

Commented on 5-11-2015 At 12:16 pm

I too have been watching Dan's work since signing up. He is a really helpful and humble guy. Not to mention that is one of the cleanest Sportsters on here. Keep up the good work man.

Commented on 5-11-2015 At 02:53 pm

Nice work boys! sick bike and pants Dan, sick photos Travis, and sick paint job neil! yeow!

Commented on 5-11-2015 At 03:45 pm

this is seriously one of the tightest evo spoties i've seen in ages. And, as a 6"3+ person I might even be able to ride this with the stretch and 6 over tubes

Commented on 5-11-2015 At 06:51 pm


Commented on 5-12-2015 At 02:03 am

Bike looks mighty fine mate.
Bummer about the accident. Hope it gets back togehter for a full Summer of riding.

Commented on 5-12-2015 At 04:43 am

Great lookin' Sporty. I'm with M178 on being tall and seeing a ride I'd fit on and love to ride. Great work on shaping the build and hope she's back on the road for you real soon.

Commented on 5-12-2015 At 09:41 am

Love this ride and how it was prior to the wreck! Keep.....on........truckin!

Commented on 5-12-2015 At 11:38 am

Congratulations Dan!

Commented on 5-12-2015 At 01:36 pm

looks good sick bike..........FTW

Commented on 5-12-2015 At 11:17 pm

Awesome bike. Well done!!

Evo sporty's are the working stiff's weapon of choice; accessible, affordable and reliable.

It's always rad to see the work and love that people put into them, but this one is a cut above.

Commented on 5-18-2015 At 01:29 pm

Nice Dan! rad pics Travis!

Commented on 6-5-2015 At 06:30 pm

great bike, great dude! This has long been a favorite chop of mine...

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