The Greasy Dozen 2014


The Greasy Dozen has been nothing short of an adventure. So, what is the GD? Well, it’s many things to many people, but basically it’s a showcase of garage-built motorcycles that culminates in a run through the back woods of Ohio to a party, bonfire and corn-boil at the Clark family farm. Only in its 3rd year, the Greasy Dozen Builder Collective and its associated run has already put smiles on the faces of many onlookers and builders. Drumming up interest and spreading the gospel of garage-built machines. Promoting what matters to grassroots motorcyclists and the brands that support them, it’s quickly become a little nucleus of “built, not bought” culture.


A big part of the movement has been picking 12 official garage builders each calendar year and then supporting them with parts, swag and encouragement while documenting their progress. I must say, this format has produced some beautiful motorsickles and juicy weld porn along the way. Check out this year’s build thread here.


I’m proud to announce we have handed out over $15,000 in prizes, swag, and gift certificates and another $10k of subsidized parts. I owe a personal debt of gratitude to all of our sponsors for making my little idea of doing something for the average Joe a reality. An extra pat on the back goes out to some of our earliest supporters, like our very own ChopCult, Biltwell, Lowbrow Customs, Kick Start Cycle, Indian Larry Motorcycles, Burly Brand and Speed Dealer Customs who inspired others to join the party. I also want to recognize my editor, Lisa Ballard, for her work laying out all the crazy features for the GD, keeping Greasy Dozen promotion going, and her tireless efforts to support the chopper community.


As you can see from the photos, all brands are welcome and I hope many of you join us for live Blue grass music by The Relentless Mules during the pre-party on the 26th at the Compound. Then, the next day, for a rip through some of Ohio’s best back roads to a bonfire and corn boil at the Clark family farm. If you dig choppers, garage-built bikes, bluegrass, brotherhood, and no tough guy BS then you will find yourself surrounded by like-minded people and good times. Full details for the run can be found at ALL CYCLE BRANDS ARE WELCOME!


Here is a look at some of the 2014 bikes that are in progress or already completed!


CC member Spidr has a pretty radical build and plans to ride in for the run all the way from the Canadian West Coast; something tells me he is getting the high miles award!


CC Member BnC finished this sweet Shovel ahead of schedule. Thanks for your efforts bro and for chiming in with appreciation of my mine… its not always easy to manage the shit show lol.


CC Member Greaser Customs came through with a Caféd out Sportster  


CC Member and associate builder Miki3slayer is buttoning up this beast!


This Pan by CC Member Bmillz is sure to b a hit.


CC member ChampCo has this XS coming together with the help of his kidz and its got all the right lines!


This is a second shot of ChampCo’s build I like seeing the full moc up and tear down, when guys cut corners the results are never as good as when the process is respected.


CC Member 53Bash has this alternative build in progress and I respect his attempt to fabricate his own suspension! That said lets see some up dates bro. Walt from Kick Start has a great sign on his wall that says… “Finished is better the perfect”. Wink wink!


CC Member 70schop is turning this well don bike out of a simple home garage and that’s what I like people to see. Building a very professional looking build can be done at home!



This is CC Member Ato’s machine; it makes me wonder when the XS650 supply will dry up? I dig the line on the hardtail.  


CC Member Crush1776 has a BA on the boil and I’m looking forward to seeing how this Café turns out.  


CC Member underdogg is pulling together this DOHC Honda and again its not about having $100k shop is about the determination to do the job with what you have!

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Commented on 9-16-2014 At 05:27 am

again.. I wish minnesota had stuff like this going on..

Commented on 9-16-2014 At 06:43 am

To the builders,

Hey I noticed not everyone used up there cash on , make sure you give us a call if there is something you need and we can hook you up!


Commented on 9-16-2014 At 09:14 am

I could post some updates, but they would just be boring parts fab... which I ran into obstacles on (hand tapping threads didn't give the required precision). I agree with Walt, but some shit you just can NOT half ass; the bits that hold your front wheel and suspension to your frame are chief among them.

Also, personal life. Have been places like hospitals instead of my usual 6 hours a week in the shop.

When I do get the next update ready, should be a very good one.

Commented on 9-16-2014 At 11:57 am

I HOPE EVERYONE SEES THERE IS A LINK FOR A SECOND PAGE OF CONTENT, O\on this feature... a lot of the juice is on the second page with shots of last years run and thanks to our sponsors.

Click the link after the last photo or paste this link in your browser.


Commented on 9-19-2014 At 09:53 am

that first shovel is pretty dope

Commented on 9-25-2014 At 04:59 pm

Loddytoddy we do

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