The Gila Monster


During our coverage of the Grand National Roadster Show, we had the opportunity to check out Mike Davis's Gila Monster. His stellar 1950 Triumph GT turned many heads and received top honors for the European class. This build was shot in October during the mock up stage and we felt it deserved a full feature. Enjoy



Owner name, location: Mike Davis -  The Cycle Lodge

Bike name: The Gila Monster

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1950 Triumph w / MAP Cycle 750 kit, Forged Hi Comp Pistons,MeGa Cycle cams, Over sized valves,68 Bonneville Head,Dual Amal 389 carbs. The Motor was built by Classic Cycles in Orange Ca. It's a fully polished show motor and built for speed.

Frame: Stock

Fork: Narrowed & Shortend stock Front end. NOS MCM fork covers.

Tire/wheel size and style: 21 high shouldered aluminium with custom narrowed spool hub& Firestone racing tyre. The rear is a 19 high shouldered aluminium with stock hub and vintage Avon race tyre.

Favorite thing about this bike: The narrowed frontend and the Paint Job.

Next modification will be: It's Done!

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: The pipes are one piece with tuned custom megaphones fab by Scott @ Noise Cycles in Santa Ana,Ca. Scott also did the fender stay,tach mount and front axle.Webco narrowed & sectioned handlebars,sectioned Bates headlight mount,Vintage Smiths racing tach,Webco finned rocker caps,TriCor heel/toe shifter,Old drag seat recovered in Bates leather by the Haifley Brothers in Phoneix, Old grips,headlight & Harley accessory tail lights.Wassell tank & fender paint by John Edwards ( Old Tyme Custom Paint in Garden Grove,CA)..frame too. Bob Newby belt/clutch set up. Everything has been painted, plated or polished on the bike.

Backstory:  I bought the project a few years back from Keith Moore (R.I.P) from Moores Cycle in Anaheim. The bike has taken almost 2 years to complete and has been a lot of fun and alot of work. Big thank you to Tony & Andy Dunn at Classic Cycles for letting me build the bike at their shop. I almost got Tony fired a few times.. sorry Amanda. My only regret is that Keith never got to see the bike finished. He was one of a kind and will never be forgotten. I am working on a memorial ride/breakfast for Keith in April and should have some more info soon. Updates will be on my site

Thanks to: Classic Cycles ,Scott @ Noise Cycles,Kiyo,John Edwards &The Haifley's

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Commented on 2-25-2013 At 08:20 am

Thank you Lisa.

Commented on 2-25-2013 At 09:16 am

I like everything about this bike. As with most things from Mike Davis style was nailed on this one.

Commented on 2-25-2013 At 09:24 am

Beautiful bike amazing detail!

Commented on 2-25-2013 At 10:53 am

Things nice. Im also pretty stoked to see what Mike is gonna do with the pre unit he just picked up.

Commented on 2-25-2013 At 11:20 am

great looking bike! how come i couldn't make my triumph look that good?

Commented on 2-25-2013 At 12:11 pm

been around a ton of Triumph's and this by far this is the sickest one I've seen and it's really not even close! Finally some great pics of this bike! great job Mike!

Commented on 2-25-2013 At 01:17 pm

This bike is on fire! Love the down pipes. :)

Commented on 2-25-2013 At 02:13 pm

This bike is currently for sale- Serious Inquiries Only-

Commented on 2-25-2013 At 04:25 pm

really like this bike. Nice work!

Commented on 2-25-2013 At 07:59 pm

Incredible. And the attention to detail is obvious.

Commented on 2-26-2013 At 08:27 am

Sweet build Mike!!

Commented on 2-26-2013 At 12:46 pm

my favorite Triumph ever

Commented on 2-28-2013 At 06:17 pm

Great looking bike... and great looking photos Lisa!

Commented on 3-24-2013 At 12:47 pm

hey Mike.... you're still planning on paying for all those parts from my display cabinet .......Right?

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