The Daily: Brett's Shovel


We ran into Brett at last summer's Gypsy Run III and dug his dirty Shovelhead almost instantly. Brett's an elusive cat, so details on this week's Daily are sketchy. It doesn't take a professional to spot those sweet Tokico calipers, mid controls and a Frisco-style sporty tank. Scan further and you'll see some cool pipes, slammed and covered shocks, and a P-pad that's older than your mom. You get the idea. So enjoy…











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Commented on 12-9-2009 At 07:57 am

sweet titties!

Commented on 12-9-2009 At 08:13 am

that is a really sweet scoot. i love 4 speed frames!!

Commented on 12-9-2009 At 08:57 am

Classy AND Sexy.

Commented on 12-9-2009 At 09:11 am

Brett rode this thing 2 days straight in the driving rain without skipping a beat. Great ride!! Tim

Commented on 12-9-2009 At 09:42 am

I love to see that people take these old ladies and make them daily drivers. SEXY!!!!!

Commented on 12-9-2009 At 10:09 am

Sweeeee-eet rat.

Commented on 12-9-2009 At 11:55 am

Elusive. Good word. I couldn't get that dude to say a damn thing nevermind throw shit at people. He's no fun. Cool bike though. Hi Brett.

Commented on 12-9-2009 At 01:36 pm

Awesome sled, like it alot!

Commented on 12-9-2009 At 01:47 pm

Damn I like that bike. Instant attraction!

Commented on 12-9-2009 At 02:14 pm

those pipes are crazy, that is one sweet swing arm chop

Commented on 12-9-2009 At 03:27 pm

BaD PiPe SeT Up!!!!

Commented on 12-9-2009 At 03:49 pm


Commented on 12-9-2009 At 06:12 pm

sweet scoot what is the tape on the primary cover for looks cool

Commented on 12-9-2009 At 06:42 pm

The bike is perfect. Pipes nice and rusty. Love it.

Commented on 12-9-2009 At 07:32 pm

I'm starting to love the swingarm look - They do it so well in Japan, too many ridgid cookie cutter 'choppers' around.

This is rad... It get's ridden! Thats what its for!

Commented on 12-9-2009 At 07:53 pm

nasty...just the way i like them!

Commented on 12-9-2009 At 09:20 pm

Seen plenty of tape on headlights but never on the primary... fuck it, eh?

Commented on 12-11-2009 At 05:08 am

I love it ! Could be perfect with a rigid frame, but I'm not sur it would be that cool !

Commented on 12-11-2009 At 03:49 pm

That front tokico mount looks interesting

Commented on 12-12-2009 At 01:09 am

good to see that stock 4 speed frames are still rollin.
this is a seriously threatening custom in my opinion - watch out rgid rollers
mucho L&R

Commented on 6-22-2010 At 07:20 am

The tape over the primary is an FTF thing, or at least that's why I put tape crossing out and flipping upside-down the HD "Ride Free" crap on my mirror.

Commented on 9-15-2013 At 11:57 pm

"The tape over the primary is an FTF thing, or at least that's why I put tape crossing out and flipping upside-down the HD "Ride Free" crap on my mirror."


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