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Motorcycles really are the center of it all. Have you ever encountered a bike that links many different humans together in different ways? This high piped freedom machine is just such a bike. Caged in the Zoo that is NYC, this bike is the kind of creature that is right up my alley. As is the story behind it which includes a barn, a divorce, and random connections between people. What old bike worth its axel grease doesn’t have a few stories?


Mikey the current tamer of this beast said he would see it daily as a young man on his bus ride home from school. It was parked in front of a local custom shop called Manx and it intrigued him regularly. When he got a little older the bike seemed to vanish all of the sudden. Smelling the potential for a deal on a broken machine, he could fix up on a budget, he stopped in to ask about it. Rich the owner told him he was going through a divorce and his soon to be ex-wife had taken it back. Rich was kind enough to hook Mikey up with her number… As luck would have it Mikey soon found himself on a ride out into the countryside to possibly purchase the bike.


She had been Rich’s daily rider, rain, shine and sometimes snow… Ridden hard, put away wet and dirty in the barn for “safe keeping” during the divorce. (the motorcycle) Now she sat nearly lifeless sandwiched between 5-foot tall tractor tires unceremoniously corroding.


Luckily a deal was struck to free her from this fate. Mikey assembled the bike knowing he would never paint it, which in turn freed him to use some of his favorite swap-meet finds with the kind of patina you just can’t fake. Inspired by the early sixty’s when shit just started to get weird, this machine speaks of an era long before wild custom paint and gregarious amounts of chrome. I love how this collection of parts has a real early budding chopper era feel about it.



Mikey wanted a bike with a story and this one is still making them. I first saw the bike parked at a few different bars in Brooklyn. On 2 separate occasions I had begun trying to track down the owner. I just had to shoot this bike as it had the dirtiest shovel motor and the tallest pipes I had ever seen. Sure enough the chopper gods intervened and I randomly met Mikey outside the Snake Hole Chopper Loft just hours before I had to leave NYC. He just rolled up the alley while I was shooting another bike and he seemed surprised when I wanted to shoot his machine.


Talking with Mikey the plot thickened there are parts and people I know connected to and surrounding this freedom machine and it happens to him regularly that this bike can have that sort of power. For example when it was being hard tailed, by my friend Mike at 47 Industries, a customer walked in and commented that it was probably the dirtiest shovel motor he had seen “other than maybe old Rich’s”. Mikey laughed and mentioned it was the same 


I have encountered many 2-wheeled objects of desire that unite people, times and places in a way that few other things on the planet can. It’s these machines that speak to me more than any shiny new custom ever could. They remind me its more than just the way I feel when I ride that keeps me in the wind but also the people and places my bikes take me to.


Have you got a bike that has come back to you? Or came to you under strange circumstances, or caused you to meet people from earlier in its life?




Owner name, location: Mikey Bombay Guglielmetti - "Brooklyn, ehhh" 

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: It started as beat up 1975 Superglide left for dead in the back of barn.

Frame: Hardtailed stock shovel frame



Fork: Original offset springer

Chassis mods: Stock specs hard tail by Mike & Ryan at 47 Industries. 

Favorite thing about this bike: Maintaining an artful approach, all the fabrication looks completely organic.



Next modification will be: Repairs.

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: hap jones tank, wassell fender, MCM Preunit bars, 1920s antique automotive taillight with original painted brass bezel, original cast cam cover from Morris Magneto, do i even need to mention the pipes?

Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: Measure your door jambs before going up with your pipes.



Thanks to: Endless thanks to Mike at 47 Industries and extra big thanks to Ryan Stalter, who's knowledge, help and sacrifice of his own bikes, helped bring this junk pile to fruition.


Give Mikey a follow on Instagram.


Thanks for reading. Keep it between the ditches and the shiny side up!


- Bear

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Commented on 2-13-2014 At 11:49 am

Mikey! Rad write up dude.

Commented on 2-13-2014 At 01:09 pm

You're famous, again. HAHA. Thanks for the mention Mikey and Bear. Ryan gets the glory for execution on this one. I just gave it spot to sleep over for a while.

Commented on 2-13-2014 At 01:27 pm

Wow, this bike speaks to me !!
Don't change a thing.


Commented on 2-13-2014 At 05:42 pm

Perfect bike and wonderful human.

Commented on 2-13-2014 At 08:30 pm

@BenHittle Yeah I agree cool ass bike an a cool cat, Mikey is so mellow its awesome, seems like there is some zen old biker occupying this young dudes body lol. I'm not even kidding hahaha. -Bear

Commented on 2-13-2014 At 08:33 pm

Bikes dope. That being said, I don't know why the shoot wasn't done in a whole foods parking lot. Hey chop cult pass us that mustache wax!

Commented on 2-14-2014 At 11:17 am

"an era long before wild custom paint and gregarious amounts of chrome"

Novel use of that word. Chrome like clusters of weeds, eh?

adjective: gregarious
(of a person) fond of company; sociable.
"he was a popular and gregarious man"
synonyms: sociable, company-loving, convivial, companionable, outgoing, friendly, affable, amiable, genial, warm, comradely; More
antonyms: unsociable

(of animals) living in flocks or loosely organized communities.
"gregarious species forage in flocks from colonies or roosts"
synonyms: social, living in groups More

(of plants) growing in open clusters or in pure associations.

Commented on 2-14-2014 At 11:59 am

I love the hard earned grit the bike has. The story of how Mikey managed to wrangle this little lady into his life is just awesome. The bike oozes character and soul. Good job to Mikey and the homies that made it happen!

Commented on 2-14-2014 At 01:06 pm

Nice bike, but the owner looks like your average hipster rat.

Commented on 2-14-2014 At 02:05 pm

Oh hey look at me i hate hipsters, am I cool yet....Shut the fuck up

That bike is sick!! Good Work!!

Commented on 2-15-2014 At 06:26 am

I thought that was the owners ol lady. I gotta get glasses...

Commented on 2-15-2014 At 07:20 am

She's sweet ... the bike of course

Commented on 2-15-2014 At 01:29 pm

It was awesome seeing this bike rolling into Strange Days last year man, we got some great photos of it; hope to see ya again!

Commented on 2-15-2014 At 08:35 pm

I dig it, an air cleaner couldnt hurt though

Commented on 2-15-2014 At 09:18 pm

One more thing before this feature is over, I really find it puzzling why guys on a biker website are paying so much attention to another dudes appearance. I myself give zero fucks about what another dude looks like, because I don't swing that way. I understand hating posers, but this dude is obviously from Brooklyn and brought a local old bike back to life, you should be applauding him not ridiculing him. This whole "hipster" shit is getting out of control in the biker community, if you build, love and ride bikes that pay homage to the past while adding your own touch I gives a fuck about your appearance, because I'm not a chick. If you wanna talk shit about people for how they look, there are thousands of female fashion websites, maybe you'd feel more comfortable there.

Commented on 2-15-2014 At 11:12 pm

Dirtbag I showed my wife these pictures and she liked and respected the bike, she then saw the last pic and asked if the dude on it was on his way to new york fashion week. I'd respect a guy in a clown suit that could slap together a gnarly chop, I'd still be wondering what he was doing in a clown suit. I respect this guys build, I'm just wondering why he try's to look like the wicked witch, in not hipster, but "eccentric beyond all measure" garb. If that's how you pull east coast ass, good for him, he can keep it all.

Commented on 2-16-2014 At 09:55 am

That's my kinda shit right there. Killer choppy.

Commented on 2-16-2014 At 01:58 pm

that shovel is nasty cool.... and fuck all the hate if you really give a shit what a "biker" should look like go watch sons of malarchy

shovel rules and i bet that mikey rules too

Commented on 2-16-2014 At 06:59 pm

Grown men who give a fuck about what pants another man wears... haha. That bike fucking rules. And I can give you my opinion because I've shook his hand and spent time talking to him... Mike is a great guy,

Commented on 2-16-2014 At 07:12 pm

You guys can hate on this dude all you want, his bike is still cooler than yours. The hipster name-calling thing is getting really old. Everyone on here expresses themselves through their bikes, why is it so fucking horrible if someone expresses themselves through the way they dress? Seems like a double standard to me.

Commented on 2-17-2014 At 10:29 am

I met Mikey at the lowside party in New York. His bike rules and he's one of the nicest most genuine dudes I have met at these little chopper gatherings. He's got a pretty rad collection of vintage chopper gold as well. So id imagine his next build will be killer too. Keep it up dude!

Commented on 2-17-2014 At 11:24 am

mikey is a solid dude and full of good vibes and damn his bike rules. makes me happy knowing it exists. brooklynforeverforeverbrooklyn. i guess the hater on this thread would rather judge people than try to get to know people. live and let live over'n out.

Commented on 2-17-2014 At 11:34 am

talking about hipsters definitely attracts attention. more comments on this feature than the last three features together.

Commented on 2-17-2014 At 12:40 pm

@AMFshovelheads dont take this too personal but I think your distracting from the point here bro. To me this is way less of a dialogue about hipsters than it is about how to act around here.

I'm so fed up with arm chair warriors and dick measuring on the internet. The point is people should be not say shit they would not say to someones face on the web just because they are separated by a key board and some cables.

Over moderation is not good nor is it my roll here but sometimes when a guy is being a dick I'll send a private message and I often get some mousey apologetic dude on the other end. "I was drunk" or other lame excuses for being a dick.

The point I make is why not keep your online persona a little more genuine and less filled with hate. I love a good joke, pissing match or debate but after all aren't we all here to have fun, build and ride motorcycles? Not insult each others looks?

Being young and dressing well does not inherently make you a hipster or an idiot. People picked the wrong guy to call that in this case as Mikey is a classy guy with big heart and he actually knows a thing or to about choppers...

I'm gona quote Billdozser one of the founders here and refer everyone to rule number 4 in the Mission Statement & Posting Guidelines

4. Manners & Thick Skin.
Personal attacks on members will not be tolerated. Dissenting opinions and robust debate are encouraged, but show other CC members some respect. There is a line where funny smart ass turns into lame and annoying, try to find that line and stay on the good side of it. If mods get legit complaints or see behavior that is out of line, you may get your post deleted, you may catch a PM asking you to mellow out or you may just find out that you've been deleted. This is at the mod's discretion. Consider it like a bar, it's there for you to have a good time but you punch someone and you are going to the curb head first. This is a tight community and there is no reason to take yourself so seriously. So, if you've got a massive ego or thin skin, you should probably stick to lurking or go elsewhere. If you see someone going too far, try to help get the thread back on track yourself or let Allen, CRFyou, Torch, or Jetblack know and we'll handle it. We are very light on moderation and want to keep it that way but will not tolerate abusive behavior to other Chop Cult Members.

On the fashion point, well today’s bikers fashion may be hip, but its shit-ton better than the miles of Velcro dorags, clip on ponytails and ugly tribal skull designs of the preceding 20 years of biker fashion black hole. So don't be a dick. I think if more guys gave the up and comers a chance they might be surprised what they find.

Hats off to those that piped up for Mikey and no love lost to the guys stirring the pot with the hate (it can be funny) but lets just try an ease up on the personal attacks and focus on the bikes and builds! This conversation has to happen every once and a while...



Commented on 2-17-2014 At 01:04 pm

I agree. It's a sweet bike and he doesn't deserve the shit-talking. quoting George Washington on his B-Day: "it's better to be alone than in bad company"

Commented on 2-17-2014 At 06:01 pm

Thanks, Bear. Well done. Mike and bike are amazing.

Commented on 2-17-2014 At 06:25 pm

There's an enchantment in these bikes with their legit patinas that adds character by the tons. I can't stop looking at it! So nice.

Commented on 2-17-2014 At 07:01 pm

Really? Gonna bust the man's nuts for long hair and a pair of boots? Isn't that biker gear? So he's a young "hip" dude. Right. I wish I was. I see the women these dudes hang with and fuck me if I wouldn't wear those clothes if I was younger, slimmer and not as ugly! If you knew the man you'd be as angry as I am over the comments. I do know him-for 15+ years already. He's one the nicest most hateless people anyone will ever find walking the earth. He would hand you his spark plugs and push his bike home if you are his friend. He built a bike that he felt had soul and style. And it's cooler than the shit most anyone else on here will build. He and his hipster buddy that built it more than likely know more about Harley Davidson motorcycles than most of you dudes will ever be able to learn (myself included) and they are only in their early 30s. As to being on his way to fashion week? Hmmm Maybe he was on his way to work?

Commented on 2-17-2014 At 07:12 pm

The bike is alright I guess, but i'm not really seeing it as a feature. Maybe I'm not getting it and somebody can clear it up?

Sounds like a lot was done to it after he bought it off some dudes ex-wife. Hard tail, exhaust, fender, sissy bar and oil tank. Bars look new and the front end is new or very well maintained unlike the rest of the bike.
Soooo It's not really a survivor.
Is it just meant to look like one?
Why is it so crusty after all that work was done?
"Next modification will be: Repairs." What? Repairs aren't a mod, they come before modification and if the bike is properly maintained you likely won't have many repairs. WTF is going on?
The article mentions "organic fabrication". Does that mean it's like the poorly done chops i see around town? I'm not seeing that, but clue me in here...

Again, this is a fine bike but I don't want to see a trend where making a bike look shitty is what everybody is going to do. It's a waste and all the good iron will just rot. Put an air cleaner on that thing and take care of it as if you like it. That means cleaning it! Can you imagine what this thing would look like all cleaned up? tits!

If I've got it all wrong just tell me and I'll shut the fuck up.

Should i just crawl back in my hole? I haven't been on this site in forever...

Commented on 2-17-2014 At 07:14 pm

Oh, now that I'm reading the comments it appears I was just supposed to be looking at him and his clothes. Now I'm really confused.

Commented on 2-17-2014 At 07:29 pm

Shook, the fab work in the bike is top quality: The pipes, sissy bar, required bracketry, headlamp mounting and fuel tank tank mounting, and more are all done to a level that most people would never bother with and yet its also done that most people who look past the paint will never notice. I have zero investment in that stuff so before someone comes saying that I helped with the bike... My involvement is that I bent the tubing for the tailand it was assembled on our table Frame assembly and fab was done by someone else's very talented hands and the owner. The front end is an original offset and it is in excellent condition. Not sure on the bars. I think they were NOS stellings and hellings. And yeah, an air cleaner or something wouldn't hurt

Commented on 2-17-2014 At 07:34 pm

Oh, the engine and trans were crusty cause they didn't come clean. Numerous attempts to clean the perfectly running engine were pointless. It was just burnt on from 30 years of the previous owner never cleaning it. As to the rest he bought what he liked and put it on so killer 30 year old custom painted fender and tank.

Commented on 2-17-2014 At 09:10 pm

Mikey just wanted a rider he didn't fake any patina he grabbed parts out of his stash and on top of it this was done so he could take the time to "do his panhead right" while getting his knees in the breeze on the throw together shovel. Him having a stash of rad vintage shit is not a joke either the dude does the swaps and trades and collects parts...Yeah unlike many he actually lives it. This is no sales plug but he has some cool eye candy here to back up the claim

I did a feature on the bike because it caught my eye among lots of over done bikes that don't get ridden. The fact that Mikey knew his shit and was cool to bro bow with was just a bonus. Best part in all this is I talked to him today and he could give a fuck about what people think about him or his bike on the interwebs. LOL


Commented on 2-17-2014 At 09:12 pm

hahahah I got post 33! Suckers!

Now can everyone pull their panties out their asses. This is supposed to be fun right?


Commented on 2-17-2014 At 09:43 pm

The idea of "bikers" talking shit to someone who doesn't conform or fit their set standards fashion is beyond beyond never knew being a biker meant you were the fashion police...

Commented on 2-18-2014 At 01:13 am

I love this bike, the whole story behind it... Now it makes me want to track down the old nasty AMF ironhead I was in love with back when I lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and bring it to Vegas. (Back then Gasoline Alley still existed, there was still a regular flow of crackheads walking the streets lol, a LOT harder lifestyle and no Starbucks on Bedford...)
If anyone out there sees Val at my old garage on Metropolitan Ave, ask her if shes still got it. Please, have her hit me up.

Commented on 2-18-2014 At 06:39 am

The first line in the story is.... "Motorcycles really are the center of it all"
and you know because of all the name calling and ghey biker distractions people missed that and failed to notice my thought provoking question at the end of the piece...

Have you got a bike that has come back to you? Or came to you under strange circumstances, or caused you to meet people from earlier in its life?

I thought this thread would fill with cool stories...

Wait now he said Ghey not Gay lets have a debate about wether or not I'm a politically correct pos.

I'm hoping some guys that care to see this place be filled with more than mudslinging and hate chime in with some cool stories about bikes they have owned or maybe even ones they are trying to meet again.

Would be nice to see a few here but I also started a thread for this purpose.

Everyone in this "community" is a content creator, and I sure would like to see us live up to that name "community" more than any other forum full of dick measuring and insults being hurled from behind key boards.The Junk pile is for that shit but lets set up our game on comments on features and in the main forums.

Long Live CC


Commented on 2-18-2014 At 10:56 am

Mike and Ryan are the best dudes and that bike is awesome.

Commented on 2-18-2014 At 11:50 am

For a bunch of guys tearing about town on sketchy loud ass bikes often brandishing swastikas to "freak out the squares", you all are a pretty sensitive bunch. I think would be a more fitting name for this crowd.

Commented on 2-20-2014 At 10:52 am

All vote to delete chopemall say I. "I" We don't need people like that in our community.

Commented on 2-20-2014 At 04:42 pm

Great bike, great dude. Great write up bear. Everything's just great.

Commented on 2-20-2014 At 08:45 pm

so stoked. right on man

Commented on 2-20-2014 At 09:22 pm

His bike rulez and i'm stoked to call mikey a friend. No time for the shit talkers.

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