Sneak Peek at DicE Magazine Issue 77

Here it is...the brand new issue of DicE.
Bigger and better than ever, with 2 wheeled freedom machines to get your heart rate up and your blood boiling.

Never Mind The Choppers, It's DicE 77!!!

Cover art by; Rosa Gee (11 years old) & Jesse Gee (12 years old).
Layout: Stevie Gee (37 years old).

Adam DiDomenico - Pennsylvania
Photos: Ben Hittle

Angel of Death
Vinnie Stones - Antwerp, Belgium
Photos: Bram De Roeck


Dream Co Cycle Supply
AJ Anderson
- Des Moines, Iowa
Photos: Kenny Carvajal


FTCL - DicE - Marcus 78 FXE Shovel
Marcus Ellis - Cleveland, Ohio
Photos: Mikey Revolt


JAG-The Road to Verdon
Jeremy Radford- Los Angeles, CA
Photos: James A Grant

Thrive Motorcycle - Jakarta, Indonesia
Photos: Putra Agung

Mom's Worry
Dario Ferruccio - Finale Ligure, Italy.
Photos: Marco Frino

Mystic Mechanic
Francois Crèche - South of France
Photos: Franz J. Venzin

Nick Haint Knuckle
Nick Resty - Birmingham, Alabama
Photos & Words: Jerimiah Smith


Special Bike Feature with Todd Asin

"I’ve had the idea for this bike in my head for a while now. Actually, more of the idea for the tank, teeth and bullets. As you can see I was heavily influenced by fender skirts on early ‘60’s Customs. I had already collected parts to put together another Panhead, so when the chance came up to build another bike for Born Free 9, it seemed like a perfect chance to go all out on my version of a classic 60’s chopper.

I started by having the 1951 Panhead motor and trans polished and rebuilt by my buddy Luke at Union Motorcycles and then it was on.

Straightleg frame. First I cut the rear section off at the seat post and lower rear leg. Then I cut through the top and bottom sections of the axle plates to keep them level while I lowered them 1.5”. I bent new top tubes and added about an inch to the bottom to keep roughly the stock length. Boxed the top and bottom seat post area, and plated the neck.

Original VL Springer up front with upside down Springer-to-Glide riser posts, flipped and machined to 1 inch so that I could slip them over 7/8ths bars. These were custom bent by Arie Vee to mimic Flanders Triumph pre unit bars.

The front brake is made from a Triumph Tiger cub. I machined the spool off the back, made an adapter plate and my own lug nuts so that it bolts to the 21” star hub like an OEM Springer brake would. Total pain in the ass and works like shit to stop this heavy tank.

Tank is a freebie from Lowbrow Customs that I narrowed and pie sectioned. Holds exactly 1 gallon of gas. Molding, scoops, bullets and spears are all hand made. Hidden mounts front and back.

Lowering the frame in the back basically fucked up everything from the seat post back. Oil tank, fender, clutch, brake and stock mounts all had to be modified to work together again.

I also made the pipes, sissy bar, taillight, narrowed LEE style clutch pedal, the headlight mount and lengthened a chain guard off an old Benelli scooter.

My favorite part of the bike, other than the tank, is the shifter, made using an old Cal Custom dagger dipstick handle that my Dad had in his garage since I was a kid. I remember going out and just holding it thinking it was the coolest thing ever. Not a rare or expensive piece, but I love it. My buddy Joel at Hogs and Rice here in town killed it with the pearl teal over silver and black fades. He’s painted bikes for me on and off for fifteen years and this is my favorite that he has done. A cool dark color in the shade and a bright eye searing teal in the light. Brent Rogers was kind enough to donate some of his prized pearl white vinyl to the build and Adam at River Seat Co. did an amazing job on the seat, p-pad and sissy pad. Pretty stoked on how it came out."- Todd Asin

Photos: Ryan Salamon

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