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You know I’m almost as sick of hearing the word “hipster” as I was of looking at the “live to ride” junk in the 90’s. Recently I found that I too had started to say this word a bunch. I found myself leveling this term at just about anyone that was under 30, that had a hint of fashion, was a new or Johnny come lately rider.



I must say I’ve had a few wake up calls with some “hip” younger cats these days, and though I still may not understand how you end up with full sleeves by the time you’re 22, I’ve been changing my views a little because some of these guys are really trying to learn and many are more than willing to pay their dues in the shop and on the street.


On a recent excursion to New York City I ended up at the Snake Hole Garage, which is a 4th floor industrial loft in NYC. I was pleasantly surprised to find bikes riding in freight elevators and a collective of young hip dudes that had pooled their resources to learn, share and work together on projects. The Brothers Feltraiger who own and operate an all American made men’s clothing line out of NYC proved to be just the kind of up an comers I’m talking about.


I was surprised when I found out that they were behind the Snake Hole Garage because admittedly, maybe I slid them into the hipster category with out any other reason than their being young and on the fashion end of things business wise… They proved to me that I should be more accepting of the younger dudes that are energizing the scene. The way I see it if you spin wrenches, show respect for dudes that have paid their dues already, ask questions, have a willingness to learn and put miles down, then maybe some of us grumps should be more welcoming with these new riders.



With tools in their hands, some beer, brotherhood and bbq to go around at the Snake Hole Garage it was hard for me to feel this was much different then how I got started. Sure there’s a bunch more technology involved these days, but the spirit and allure of adventure and danger that a motorcycle brings to any occasion remains the same. So, before you call the next dude you see in skinny jeans a “punk ass hipster”, check out their sled, find out if they actually wrench or are just posing, and in many cases be prepared to be surprised. Some of these guys geek right out on vintage stuff and know as much or more than you and I about old pans & knuckles.


Today’s bikers fashion may be hip, but its shit-ton better than the miles of Velcro dorags, clip on ponytails and ugly tribal skull designs of the preceding 20 years of biker fashion black hole.



Personally, I’m gonna give a bunch of these new guys that benefit of the doubt, knowing that many will ride the fads and fizzle out. However, there will be percentages that become life long riders and wrenches. I maybe in my 25th year of my 2-wheeled heaven, but I didn’t get there over night. So if you’re a grumpy old bike rider, quit complaining and take the time to teach the next generation the ropes.


The guys at Feltraiger and Lowside Magazine came together this fall to support the Greasy Dozen movement by doing a release party for Carmine Bellamore's Greasy Dozen Panhead build. Its all about built not bought motorcycle culture and we really appreciated their support. These pictures were taken at the unveil party and at the Snake Hole Garage BBQ the following day.



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Keep it between the ditches and the shiny side up.



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Commented on 12-26-2013 At 10:48 am

Killer scene in NYC. Those guys have the best view of any shop I've ever been in. Cool spot and cool dudes.

Commented on 12-26-2013 At 11:47 am

"Personally, I’m gonna give a bunch of these new guys that benefit of the doubt, knowing that many will ride the fads and fizzle out. However, there will be percentages that become life long riders and wrenches. I maybe in my 25th year of my 2-wheeled heaven, but I didn’t get there over night. So if you’re a grumpy old bike rider, quit complaining and take the time to teach the next generation the ropes."

Best Quote Ever!

Commented on 12-26-2013 At 01:17 pm

how do i get info on going and checkin this place out?

Commented on 12-26-2013 At 01:26 pm

Bear first off it was an amazing time hanging with you that weekend. As well as the lowside crew and everyone else that came out and made it happen. It was a nice surprise to log in this morning and see this write up. (As well as my digger!!) You really did a good job with this write up. As far as this being a fad with us we all know its the farthest from the truth. I really scored big with meeting everyone at the snake hole a couple years ago and when I moved to Brooklyn there wasn't any other place I wanted to put my shit. Its a great time when we can all get together there and help each other, drink beer, and just talk shit. I grew up in a motorcycle riding family. I know the ropes. And the guys in the garage are climbing them quickly. Love and respect -Eddie

Commented on 12-26-2013 At 02:24 pm

i heard u gotta kiss eddy on the mouth before they let u upstairs.

Commented on 12-27-2013 At 05:48 am

Well written. I'll take their skinny jeans (and CB 450's) over clip on ponytails (and booming stereos) any day.

Commented on 12-28-2013 At 10:58 am

Looks like good times to me!

Commented on 12-28-2013 At 12:05 pm

Hipster is such a bogus term. Usually muttered by washed up or bitter types who aren't having as much fun anymore as the people they're talking shit about. Sorry but the whole idea that it's bad to look good is played out. I mean we spend hours and hours and thousands of dollars building bikes because we want them to look good and work right... So why is it wrong to want the same thing out of the clothes you wear? Either way I think it's great that old iron, american made shit and old fashioned haircuts are "hip" again. Because it's better than everyone dressing like juggalos and riding around on crotch rockets blaring eminem, and when they realize that they don't really like motorcycles we'll all be able to get a good deal on their shit.

Commented on 12-28-2013 At 05:47 pm

Perspective, it always goes down smooth. Angry vet that would throw the hipster word around. (Mind you I'm just shy of 30 so not old I guess? haha). Great write up man. Love and Respect

Commented on 12-28-2013 At 11:54 pm

Hipster in my world always relates to the music scene, and I'll throw it around were necessary. For me the term hipster doesn't exist in the bike scene, you either turn your own wrenches or you don't, and if you don't you're a fucking poser...

Commented on 12-29-2013 At 10:22 am

I really enjoyed this article. As a grey beard I been around a while. Have seen many fads and fad riders come and go. Have lived long enough to have bought the 500 dollar pan and longer still to see it nearly out of my financial grasp. I love seeing new guys come on the scene. Some are gonna love it and stick around others will give it up to chase something else. You either have it in you or you do not. If you do it will never leave you. No matter how you try to escape it. Bikes, hot rods, cutting, welding, fabbing and creating are in you and are inescapable. We have had a few good kids recently hang out at the shop. All pouring time, energy and hard earned cash into their rides. I can see a couple are already in it for the long haul. They won't be able to escape the feel of seeing that pickup load of parts fire for the first time or take you down the road. Just as we (the other grey beards) gather like little children at Christmas to surround a bike to hear it start for the first time in a long time. That never changes. As for changing fads, I recall loving to paint live to ride parts flat black. I also recall having a conversation with a life long brother about the people that jump in and jump out of the "hobby". We decided that it was a great thing becuase sooner or later these fad followers would sell these trendy motor cycles and we would have hoards of cheap Harleys. That is where we are today. Sad if you "invested" in a Harley and good news if you vested for a life time. Ride on.

Commented on 1-4-2014 At 11:51 am

well spoken my dude

Commented on 1-4-2014 At 11:52 am

well spoken my dude

Commented on 1-6-2014 At 07:16 am

Thanks for the kind words... this one was fun to write and something I feel strongly about. -Bear

Commented on 1-7-2014 At 08:51 am

What is it about you guys and not sending people their parts?


Someone sends you money, send the parts...

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