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When McGoo and I launched in 2009, we did so with limited knowledge of the growing realm of “social media.” We wanted to assemble a community for people just like us: blue-collar guys who enjoy building and riding custom motorcycles. We dedicated a lot of time and energy to make ChopCult as good as possible within the scope of our abilities, but ultimately, members quickly became the people who made ChopCult unique.

Thanks to the participation and support of every builder, bikerider and entrepreneur who trusted us with the keys to their domain, ChopCult thrived. Citizens if this site share knowledge and experience on what has become one of the most robust original news resources, forums and social networks in today’s growing motorcycle world.

Today ChopCult has reached a place where two men with day jobs and a handful of hard-working part-time moderators and contributors can no longer keep pace with the needs of its audience. Even simple things like membership approval and forum moderation take time, and we take even these mundane tasks seriously. Consequently, site improvements conceived by us or suggested by CC members could and often did take months and sometimes years to execute. We did the best we could but there are only so many hours in the day. To manage ChopCult’s growth and relevance at its current size and pace, changes had to occur.

Beginning January 1, 2013, will be owned and operated by KaiStream Inc. KaiStream is a social-media management company with the staff and financing to do things for ChopCult we never could. KaiStream is not a group of motorcycle enthusiasts, but specialists in running sites like this one. Their passion for social networks and understanding of user groups’ needs is real. ChopCult’s new owners are impressed with the community spirit of the site and have told us any subtle changes they might make will be months down the road, and will be done in the interest of keeping ChopCult growing and thriving just as it does today.

So, what does this mean to ChopCult members? Hopefully, the transfer from our old server to KaiStream's new one will be seamless. ChopCult may go "dark" a few hours around midnight PST this evening, but no other hassles are likely. Of course, the new owners pledge never to sell or share any personal information of our 25,000 members and nearly 175,000 monthly visitors, and all content will remain intact. In months to come, KaiStream may make improvements to the forum and/or classifieds that we haven’t been able to execute due to lack of time and financing.

Even dedicated full-time Internet companies have manpower limitations, so two current ChopCult features that won't make the cut are the miles redemption and CC merch stores. Members have until January 31, 2013 to cash in accumulated miles on their odometer for prizes in the redemption store, and we’ll satisfy orders for t-shirts and other ChopCult merch through the same date. On February 1 the odometers will exist to quantify your involvement on ChopCult for other members.

If you are an active ChopCult member, new ownership is committed to keeping the site your favorite online home. Casual visitors and hard-core members alike are unlikely to notice any significant changes, and that’s a good thing. If you’re a ChopCult advertiser, KaiStream’s full-time staff for account services will put our efforts in this department to shame. Advertisers: look to your email in-boxes this weekend for information from McGoo on business protocol moving forward.

KaiStream will reach out to active members for assistance with moderation and content generation as soon as other business is handled, but you don't have to wait. To volunteer your name or just join the conversation, please weigh in on this thread in the main forum.


Bottom Line: ChopCult will be the same as it ever was, only better, and McGoo and I can focus on other interests.


To the thousands of friends, contributors, industry players, fellow builders and bikeriders we’ve met through over the years, thanks for your support. We look forward to participating on here as members, and can't wait to see what's in store for the future.

Sincerely yours,


Billdozer and Halwade     

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Commented on 1-7-2013 At 06:27 pm

The Mayan calender was right, all is lost...........

Commented on 1-7-2013 At 06:34 pm

this has been a really fun site, but recently we have seen many sites make the move and sell to the larger conglomerate site carriers. Sadly mass advertising, lack of original concept, loss of individuality has always followed very closely behind.

Lets cross our finger and hope this is not the future for Chop Cult.

Commented on 1-7-2013 At 06:35 pm

Thank you for all your hard work over the years. This has been one of the most inspiring forums I have ever had the prevledge to be apart of. I sincerly hope that the new caretakers maintain the true community feel and really reach out to the members for content direction. See you rolling down the road...

Commented on 1-7-2013 At 07:02 pm

Attention Gai Stream management:

If you've been reading these comments, you may notice something different about motorcycle enthusiasts here at the CC. We support those that support us, and we don't trust outsiders, the Man, or corporations telling us what to buy, where to go, or how to live free. We know your main focus is to make money and we know you've done the market research on who your intended consumer will be. I'm here to tell you that doesn't mean shit if you start putting up ads that don't relate to what we're all about here and not bring some people who DO know what the hell we want. This is not a place for big business. Otherwise you will see a mass exodus and your venture over before it began. Bill and Harold ran this like a business but treated it like their baby. It flourished, grew wings and now they've let it go. It is ours now (gais and members) but only time will tell if truly this is where the members want to be.

Commented on 1-7-2013 At 07:02 pm

Crapholes! social media sucks...let's ride...I'm done.

Commented on 1-7-2013 At 09:44 pm

WAIT...WHAT !?...
Who will tuck me into bed and rub my tummy when i have the poops?
I guess I'll turn my 33 patch over and sit at the edge of the bed staring at the floor ...lost ...and alone .
I think it was great when it was run by you folks ...and while I dont see that it will be terribly different ( maybe ) I'm sure that the great thing you started will continue to give us all a place to talk about sportsters and stuff...Thanks for yestarday ...and today!

Commented on 1-7-2013 At 09:48 pm

What ads run on the side are the furthest thing from my mind. Im sorry but I couldnt tell you what ads have run on here ever. Thats not why im here. If the people on the forum keep doing what they've been doing since the beginning and the sites main features stay the same everything will be fine.

Commented on 1-7-2013 At 10:31 pm

Congrats Bill! Thanks for bringing us all the world's bike coverage viewable from our desks. Good luck with future endevours!

Commented on 1-8-2013 At 03:51 am

Never posted before, but now I want to thank you for the knowledge and most of all the inspiration I got from the ChopCult. Ideas I got from your focus sessions are now on my ride, testifying The Cult in a country and a culture so different from yours ...

Commented on 1-8-2013 At 05:29 am

Oh no, I hope it dosn't, but this could suck. Another good thing gone corporate. Thanks for all the good times though.

Commented on 1-8-2013 At 06:34 am

I lose my computer for a week and this happens?!?! Seriously, I'll hang in anyhow, and seeing Torch's optimism helps.

Commented on 1-8-2013 At 09:34 am

Self-moderated online communities are ideal, in my opinion, as it does not require a 'higher power' that is into the nitty gritty details of our scene, so to speak. Chop Cult has been run by Bill & McGoo and a cadre of motorcycle enthusiasts who took it upon themselves to help moderate the forums, create tech articles, and add to the whole online scene that is ChopCult. I believe in CC and will continue to do so, showing as proof the real money I spend to advertise my company (Lowbrow Customs) on these pages. My belief stems from the fact that this is the best online chopper site that I know of, and just because Bill and McGoo believe in quality of life over working themselves ragged doesn't mean the site will go downhill. More manpower behind the scenes can add to an even smoother running, content rich online community, and I look forward to the future on the 33 and seeing that happen.

Commented on 1-8-2013 At 01:02 pm

bill & mcgoo u fuckin' sellouts, blah blah blah... i'm switching over to jj (oh yeah, they sold out too) ok, never mind, i'm back. always loved ya, cya on edr !

Commented on 1-8-2013 At 03:40 pm

All the best to you both ride safe and keep the rubber side down!

Commented on 1-8-2013 At 09:05 pm

What's going to happen to the hot babe thread?

Commented on 1-8-2013 At 09:50 pm

I am all for change.... Lisa is good at what she does, I am sure she will run things well. HOWEVER.... please blow up the classified and make them worth looking at. The current model for the classified sucks unsalted nuts!

Commented on 1-9-2013 At 09:54 am

Maybe they can fix why you can't load more than one picture in a classified ad.

Commented on 1-9-2013 At 06:09 pm

BAD,BAD,BAD.. I'm gonna stick around to see what happens..But at the first sign of SUCK, I will fuckin WALK!! Thanks for creating the coolest chop site that EVER existed guys!!

Commented on 1-13-2013 At 10:11 pm

Man this sux I loved this place. One things for certain it won't be the same.
After reading the sell out. I get it, but damn. Let the rubs have it. I am out!!!

Commented on 1-14-2013 At 07:26 am

Thank you for giving me a place to obsess, day dream, & just plain waste time. I have learned a GREAT deal from Bill & Herolds articles, & the discussions/arguments had by co-members. The experience that is C/C will talked about for years I believe.
may the wind brush your beards & may you never change a part in the rain.

Commented on 1-14-2013 At 08:15 am

...hey! where the hell are my miles i want another shirt anna few stickies!

Commented on 1-17-2013 At 09:04 am

Hope you guys get to ride somemore an glad your gettin to get away from the computer all the time.

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