Moonshine Bill's Yamaha XS650


We met Bill at last spring's Dixie Roundup and his nickname (to us, anyway) became Moonshine Bill as soon as we learned what he was serving: 72 quarts of the sweetest-tasting white lightning in the dirty South. After his buddy Ross cooks up the potent elixir, Bill adds the fruit and spices that give this moonshine its tasty kick. Speaking of tasty, Bill's Yamaha is a sweet treat, too. Bill cooked up his rice burner with help from his friends at GarCo Customs, and like his moonshine this high-octane treat has a tasty return.



Owner: Moonshine Bill

Home: Alabaster, AL

Engine make, model: 81' XS650, ported heads, Pamco ignition

Frame: Chopped XS

Fork: Stock XS with shaved trees and lowered 2"

Wheels/Tires: 19" front wheel, stock XS powder coated black; rear wheel stock 18" powder coated black; Dunlop K70's front and rear

Backstory: The only plan I have currently is to change over to points ignition—simplicity is the only way. I did as much of the build as I could, but the frame modifications and exhaust work were done by Larry and Stewy at Garage Company Customs. The exhaust Stewy built sounds amazing. I broke her last year at this time. Couple weeks after finishing up, the crew left for BMR. We did roughly 700 miles round-trip without a single problem

Thanks: Garage Company Customs, Nate Spainhower for the killer paint and of course all my friends

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Commented on 7-12-2012 At 06:32 am

This bike RIPS! If you ever get a chance to score some "Dixie Gold" don't pass it up. Smoothest shine I've ever tasted!

Commented on 7-12-2012 At 07:30 am

I'd ride it

Commented on 7-12-2012 At 08:09 am

Hey Bill, did you do the sprocket cover or is that some of Ross's work? I'd like to do something like that to mine.

Commented on 7-12-2012 At 08:17 am

I did it on a drill press. I have this thing drafters use, it's got like a hundred different size holes on it. I used that to lay out the pattern with a sharpie then drilled

Commented on 7-12-2012 At 08:50 am

love this bike, an "southern fried sushi" is pretty damn funny as well!

Commented on 7-12-2012 At 09:10 am

Hay Bill bikes looking good. Had a good time down there with yall at the dixie round up. I got a CODE RED here Bill CODE RED!

Commented on 7-12-2012 At 11:55 am

Bill! Happy early birthday! Congrats on the write up man!

Commented on 7-12-2012 At 11:56 am

Bill! Happy early birthday! Congrats on the write up man!

Commented on 7-12-2012 At 02:54 pm

I'm diggin' Sushi Southern Style....Way 2 go Bill! Happy B'day too u GOF!

Commented on 7-12-2012 At 03:55 pm

bills a homo but his bike is pretty cool…XOXO

Commented on 7-12-2012 At 08:14 pm

nice! dig the little details. Pipes are awesome!

Commented on 7-12-2012 At 10:15 pm

there were some sweet rides up there in BAMA.

Commented on 7-13-2012 At 05:30 am

Being an xs guy myself I can only say wow, very nice!

Commented on 7-15-2012 At 02:20 pm

Wild Bill's bike kicks ass Period!!

Commented on 7-19-2012 At 08:27 pm

This bike rocks hard! Good job!

Commented on 2-6-2015 At 08:08 pm

Nice, got some questions if you could help me out!

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