Matt's Honda CB750 Chop


We met Matt in Yuba City, California at the Old-Stf open house. His home-built Honda was an eyecatcher with a high build quality and perfect lines. Here's the short, sweet story of the bike with the questionable origin and pedigree. Thanks for giving us the lowdown, Matt.



Engine, year and make, model, modifications: '76 CB750 (I think)

Frame: Think it's an Amen but if any CB gurus out there know, please pipe up

Fork: Narrow springer, not sure who made it

Chassis mods: Extended the neck and deraked it

Tire/wheel size and style: Front is a 19" laced to a Hallcraft spool. Rear is a 16" harley setup with a 43-tooth sprocket

Favorite thing about this bike: Pretty much everything

Next modification: Paint, chrome, highway pegs

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: I guess the little headlight is cool. Works like shit but who really needs to see in the dark. Stacks are cool, anyone want to volunteer some tuning tips? 

Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include:  No awesome ride stories yet since i just finished it but they will come. I traded a '65 Norton for it and redid the whole damn thing. thats my build story

Thanks to: I've got to say thanks to my lady; thanks to my buddy Jared for the seat not bad for his first try; My buddy Chris for the fender; Vince for the extra hands and beer; My parents for allowing me to take over their shop; I guess my friend Greg too, even though he wasn't much help

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Commented on 9-14-2011 At 06:34 am

Fuckin' bitchin'.

Commented on 9-14-2011 At 06:57 am

Good to see a Honda getting some love!

Commented on 9-14-2011 At 07:17 am

I would love to see that with a 21 and an 18.

Commented on 9-14-2011 At 11:40 am

Can't wait to see it with the new king and queen and the new sissy bar!

Commented on 9-14-2011 At 01:34 pm

Badass!!! Honda 4's are fucking MEAN looking!

Commented on 9-14-2011 At 03:03 pm

I love it. CB750s are fun bikes, I have a ratty '74 I just can't give up. It isn't worth anything but is fast and reliable!

Commented on 9-14-2011 At 05:46 pm


Commented on 9-14-2011 At 06:15 pm

Blazin' up the foothills in style. Always good to see you at THROWBACKS shindigs...

Commented on 9-14-2011 At 07:58 pm

Best part about this bike.. matches Matt's personality. Laid back, humble, and built to ride. He finds ways to make the parts with minimal tools.

Commented on 9-14-2011 At 08:55 pm

Man, looking at that beast makes me want to get off my ass and finish my CB. Nice work!

Commented on 9-15-2011 At 08:54 am

Nicely done Matt, that Honda is special, let the ride stories begin

Commented on 9-15-2011 At 11:51 am

Handbuilt in a shop with no name by a man with a day job (presumably, but with this economy...). My kind of bike. Thanks for showing us more Hondas.

Commented on 9-15-2011 At 03:08 pm

great looking bike! I'm really starting to take a shining to the CB's because of bikes like this!

Commented on 9-15-2011 At 04:53 pm

Very nice, Im really diggin the MC setup and the seat

Commented on 9-16-2011 At 08:16 am

Nice Honda chop for sure Matt!!

Commented on 9-25-2011 At 07:48 am

Very fucking cool!

Commented on 9-27-2011 At 07:05 pm

going to be super sweet with the new seat

Commented on 12-7-2011 At 03:13 pm

love the honda's

Commented on 10-22-2013 At 09:38 pm

Perfect lookin 750 chop man, regarding that jetting with the stacks, just finished a jetting job for a customers 76' 750 bobber with a very similar pipe set up, same round top carbs and stacks. it ran best with 130 mains and #40 slow jets, air screws 1 turn out.
Didnt have to mess with the needle clip position , but if 130 or 135 mains dont get rid of that 1/4 throttle flat spot when you try and blip it quick, then raise them needles up

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