Knuckleheads of David Mann Chopper Fest 2012


The David Mann Chopper Fest in Ventura, California always has a good turn out of quality chops, bobs, restos and whatever else you wanna call custom motorcycles. This year was no different and there was no shortage of old pans, knucks and flatheads. I shot a couple hundred photos so I'm gonna break it up into digestable chunks. Today's feature is all about the knuckleheads...

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Commented on 12-20-2012 At 06:50 am

Those are some beautiful bikes.

Commented on 12-20-2012 At 07:32 am

Damn! Could almost make me want an H-D!

Commented on 12-20-2012 At 11:08 am

Damn. Even Santa made it out this year (last pic).

Maybe some year Ill make it out to the west coast.

Commented on 12-20-2012 At 11:53 am

Sweet, Sweet Knuck's!!! You gotta love them!!!

Commented on 12-20-2012 At 12:17 pm

That blood-red bike in pics 11-12 looks familiar. Is that a Max Schaaf bike? Pure sexy.

Commented on 12-20-2012 At 03:57 pm

i would take a knucklehead over any new bike

Commented on 12-20-2012 At 07:18 pm

I grew up skimming my Dads Easyriders, and the David Mann paintings are all I can really remember. They defined "bikers" to me. They gave me a healthy lust to own a Shovel.
I like the backend on that softtail in the background in #s 9&11!

Commented on 12-23-2012 At 04:17 pm

cool , but these bikes need more L.E.D. lights and billity doo-dads,and cup holders....oh and neon ground effects that strobe,and don't forget the CD changer so you can bump or blast some Def Leppard "pour some sugar on me" Oh sorry i was dream'n of the "street vibrations" in Reno

Commented on 12-28-2012 At 07:58 pm

what a beautiful site before bedtime!

Commented on 1-23-2013 At 05:52 pm

Yeah chopman69 I know exactly what you mean, street vibration has gone downhill and sad too say the last few years of easy riders show has too, seems to be bagger shows. Nice no doubt but definitely doesn't do it for me like old iron.

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