Kit's Triumph


Green bikes are supposed to be bad luck if you believe the hype. Kit's not one to buy into bullshit so he painted this machine green and thumbed his nose at the superstitious silliness. He built this bike a couple years ago and has been riding the balls off of it ever since. Not one to be scared of long rides on a Brit bike, he's been known to say "I'm a grown ass man, I gotta map, I'll get there when I get there" and then goes at his own pace and doesn't worry about keeping up with the modern big twins and fancy pants riders.

Kit kept this project on a strict budget and built it all at home, drawing on his experience of working on old Brit cars in the driveway with his dad years ago. He did everything but paint and chrome himself, from the engine rebuild to the fab work using basic hand tools and a borrowed welder.



Engine, year and make, model, modifications:

68, 69, 70 depending on what part, Triumph 650 TR6

Stock rebuild, using the Wes White Four Aces DVD as a guide.



Stock front loop with all the unnecessary tabs and what not cut or ground off. Unknown hard tail



Stock shaved with NOS MCM covers


Tire/wheel size and style:

Firestone Deluxe Champions, 3.25 19 front 4.00 rear


Favorite thing about this bike:

Turned out better then I had planed and hasn’t left me stranded (yet). Starting to get some patina.


Next modification will be:

Building another Triumph


Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc:

Head light mount was just a universal side mount I got at the long beach swap for five bucks, some cutting and drilling and it looks pretty cool. Headlight is a Bates. Front seat mount I made to swing under the upper hard tail mount by using the side car boss as a pivot with some bronze bushing from the hardware store. I narrowed the flat rear fender to 4 ¼” I then welded in louvers. The fender struts are hardware store u channel cut down, ground and drilled. Peanut tank is an old Daisho. from Japan, NOS Santee vertical oil tank came in its original box with the Valley News from 1972 wrapped around it. 

Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include:


Thanks to:

Wes at Four Aces for all the help and being so patient with all the questions.

All the folks at Biltwell/Chopcult What a great bunch! (Gee thanks, Kit!)

David R. For mixing up a great color.

I knew nothing about Triumphs or anyone who was into the whole custom/chopper/ bobber scene just what I’d seen at buzzing around SoCal. So a BIG Thanks to all the cool people I’ve met because of this bike.

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Comment with Chopcult (19)

Commented on 9-26-2011 At 09:08 am

Very nice build man!

Commented on 9-26-2011 At 09:45 am

Nice Triumph buil Kit. Bike looks really good.

Commented on 9-26-2011 At 09:51 am

I have seen this bike many times, Kit does great work! Kyle

Commented on 9-26-2011 At 10:07 am

I dig that bike, and Kit is a super cool dude I am glad to call a friend

Commented on 9-26-2011 At 11:35 am

Where does the green bike myth come from?

Commented on 9-26-2011 At 02:27 pm

i really dig that louvered fender

Commented on 9-26-2011 At 03:34 pm

thats prrrty!

Commented on 9-26-2011 At 03:45 pm

Spot on! one of the nicest ridden bikes around that was built by a top notch handsome man - and that is from a fancy pant rider.

Commented on 9-26-2011 At 06:14 pm

Kit is a nice guy who rides the crap out of his bike. Great Job Kit!

Commented on 9-26-2011 At 07:06 pm

There's a little green bike in every one of us... Kit's triumph is pretty much the most solid built bike I've known.

Commented on 9-26-2011 At 09:04 pm

Kit has one of the best all around Triumphs I know of, He rides the shit out of it He is a talented sign painter and he is also a great guy to hang with,.... I hate him.

Commented on 9-27-2011 At 05:01 am

the 'green myth' applies to sailboats, too. i heard that when boats are painted green, they try to crawl ashore.

Commented on 9-27-2011 At 07:55 am

that rear fender kicks ass!

Commented on 9-27-2011 At 07:56 am

I loved this bike the minute I saw it, Kit's a great dude with a fine machine!

Commented on 9-27-2011 At 08:43 am

Kit is a solid dude with a solid bike! I rode to scrII with him and a buddy, 3 Triumphs humming along like WWII fighters in formation. All of you guys who think old brit bikes can't be rode for any period at speed should take notes from Kit and try harder!!

Commented on 9-27-2011 At 11:16 am

Louver fender is sick.. the lucky rabbits foot cancels out the "bad luck" green!

Commented on 9-27-2011 At 07:51 pm

A bicycle nerd to boot. Nice feature, Kit.

Commented on 9-29-2011 At 07:37 pm

Like I said Cool People, Group hug at the Slabs.

Commented on 10-1-2011 At 03:45 pm

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet trumpet

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