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With manufacturing and race roots that go back to the 1960s, the men (and women!) behind Joker Machine have lived and loved the high-performance motorcycle scene their entire lives. Since its founding in '69, the company everyone knows today has ebbed and flowed through the bike business under different banners, but high technology and performance have been core to its beliefs since day one.



Trophies, trinkets and memorabilia spanning 40 years of involvement in the custom motorcycle scene decorate Joker Machine's tidy foyer

Today Joker Machine manufactures highly stylized, high-performance parts for nearly every kind of machine on two wheels: speedway, dirt track, motocross, retro Japanese, modern Brit bikes and of course H-D's.



Joker Geoff is justifiably proud of his company's involvement and contributions to the motorcycle scene

Joker Machine resides in a tidy industrial park in the shadows of LA county's Pomona Drag Strip. Under one roof seven CNC machines of varying sizes and capacities churn out everything from hand controls to ignition covers with speed and precision. A simple fitment and R&D station next to the warehouse houses a tool set, work table and bench grinders similar to the stuff many of us have in our own garages. the vibe at Joker Machine is more dirt track than space shuttle, and that's a good thing. One need only look at the trinkets Joker displays with pride in their office entry to realize these guys like to have fun just like the rest of us.



If idle hands are the devil's playthings, someone at Joker Machine is a holy terror. Like the products that bear their name, the detail in the models on display in Joker's front room are incredible



Bryan Warren is the salesman and marketing muscle at Joker Machine



A shop geek's wet dream, with no less than seven CNC mills on tap for carving billet alloy



Two operators assist one another during this manufacturing process. Depending on what part is being made at the time, one man can oversee operations on two or three CNC machines



The belly of the beast



This is Joker's Land Speed Record bike. Most of the components on this machine were custom-fabricated in Joker HQ

When they're not working on new products for choppers, sportbikes, café racers or late-model metric iron, the guys at Joker Machine field two factory-backed race efforts: an LSR machine and a speedway bike. Neither machine was fitted with its motor when we visited Geoff and Brian, but plenty of other trick stuff abounded on these highly specialized motorcycles.



The Joker Machine speedway racer, sans 500cc one-lung mill



You can tell a lot about a man by the way he stores his tools. This man is OCD



Even the most precisely engineered parts and accessories need a little massaging during R&D. These grinders and sanders see plenty of action during the development phase of new Joker Machine parts



Final assembly, packaging and inventory gets handled in this part of the JM shop


The resurgence in popularity of the MoCo's Sportster isn't lost on Joker Machine, so Geoff and his designers have been busy busting out billet parts to enhance the looks and performance of H-D's quad-cam cruiser. One Joker Machine Sportster upgrade we think is especially smart and good looking is their new air cleaner with integrated crankcase ventilation. Its tight and tidy design is a far cry from H-D's own toaster oven-sized breather, and the fit and finish appears excellent.



Like many other companies in today's chopper aftermarket, the guys at Joker Machine see a growing market for style and performance bolt-ons for late-model Sportsters 


Thanks to Bryan and Geoff for showing us how Joker Machine ticks. To see other JM products, click here or visit your local aftermarket dealer.




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Commented on 2-8-2010 At 06:27 am

Those dudes churn out some good looking bits. Always cool to see it from the inside.

Commented on 2-8-2010 At 07:37 am

Woah! Clearly the joke is on everyone else - that facility is no laughing matter!

Commented on 2-8-2010 At 09:12 am

Always nice to read a good blog.

Commented on 2-8-2010 At 09:29 am


Commented on 2-8-2010 At 09:38 am

Like Disneyland.

Commented on 2-8-2010 At 10:24 am

im wishin they would make that sporty air cleaner for pre 04,, its pricey, but it looks good...

Commented on 2-8-2010 At 11:06 am

i love these inside shop articals. so fun!

Commented on 2-8-2010 At 11:09 am

I want that shop

Commented on 2-8-2010 At 11:10 am

Keep up the good work. Thanks for the post. Made in the USA

Commented on 2-8-2010 At 11:35 am

great article! support Made in the USA

Commented on 2-8-2010 At 12:36 pm

Love seeing stuff made here in the US of A. On a side note those footpegs on the sporty at the bottom are awesome.

Commented on 2-8-2010 At 01:40 pm

I have their intake on my Nightster, its just the plain cover one but it's a rad little piece. High five, dudes!

Commented on 2-8-2010 At 01:41 pm

All I can say is wow. There still isn't anything that can replace a guy that can make things by hand. I guess I am just old school.

Commented on 2-8-2010 At 03:42 pm

I would love to work/play/live there...
CNC gives you precision-not a bad thing when going 100mph

Commented on 2-8-2010 At 05:38 pm

I have liked Jokers stuff for a long time, It's a but pricey but well worth it.

Commented on 2-8-2010 At 11:59 pm

Kick Azz People for sure! Nice write up on a family that is living the and giving the American Dream!
I think its time to go visit the extended family. Kendal if you read this I am bringing Drake so you can baby sit the kid haha

Commented on 2-9-2010 At 04:05 am

Another nice feature... Its been a pleasure to get to know the "inside" facilities of a major brand!

Commented on 2-9-2010 At 09:33 am

Joker Machine Rules! One of the few companies making parts for CB750's. Thanks for the help with the pink bike.

Commented on 2-9-2010 At 12:46 pm

I'd give one and a half nuts for a cnc machine that is half of one of theirs. Really nice stuff and USA made!!!

Commented on 2-9-2010 At 01:41 pm

man what a rad shop, geoff your tooling looks on point! keep makin rad stuff!

Commented on 2-9-2010 At 06:29 pm

That was a great read...I love it when you go inside a shop like their's and see how they do it...especially liked the race bike's and how they use them for the trick parts they build...makes a big difference when an owners heart is into what he's doing...

Thanx for the cool article...and congrats to Joker Machine for being in the business as long as they have...

Larry in MD

Commented on 10-27-2010 At 03:30 pm

really like some of the air cleaners these guys make, small and great looking

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