Jenny Ketchum's Super Bee Triumph


There are nearly as many definitions for "dream girl" as there are greasy loners chatting about motorcycles on their computers on ChopCult every Saturday night. Jenny is Davey Ketchum's dream girl, which means this pleasant and friendly chopper chick is already taken. If she weren't, most dudes around here couldn't match her pace, anyway. That suits Jenny just fine, because she doesn't need anything or anyone to slow her down. She's got a bike to ride, a job she loves and a story to tell, which makes her more interesting than 99 percent of all the biker broads on Facebook.


What's your day job? I am a tattoo artist at Goodluck Tattoo in Santa Cruz, CA

Where do you live? Prunedale a.k.a. Prunetucky—the land of goats and honey!

How long have you been riding? I learned to ride years ago, but haven't had my own scoot until my ass-dragging old man finally finished my bike early this year

People who helped with my build: some bald weird beard named Davey

Engine size, year, make, model: 1962 650 T110 Tiger pre-unit

Exhaust: The tailpipe is an Empi Stinger that I had from when I worked at a local VW shop. Every bee needs a stinger, right?

Frame year, make model and mods: 1958 with a heavily modified hard tail

Fork: mid '70s H-D Narrowglide, shortened 2.5 inches

Front rim and hub size and style: 19" Dunlop laced to a Harley hub

Rear rim and hub size and style: 18" Dunlop with a Triumph hub

Front tire model and spec: Avon Speedmaster

Rear tire model and spec: Avon MK2

Gas tank model and mods, if any: axed Paughco

Painter: Billey Cruel and Ron Williamson

Why Mopar on a Brit Bike? Two reasons: I really dig Mopars, and buzzzz buzzzzz buzzzz, I'm a lunatic

People you'd like to thank: my grumpy old man for the blood sweat and tears, Kutty Noteboom, Billey Cruel and Ron Williamson, my best buddy Lauren Faro for building my asspad with love, and last but never least big baby Jesus!

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Commented on 7-28-2010 At 12:37 pm

nice, classic, I even like the color shceme, nice bike

Commented on 7-28-2010 At 01:04 pm

Nice bike can't wait to see it on the road. B cool!

Commented on 7-28-2010 At 02:27 pm

I do love a Triumph, especially an original one.

Commented on 7-28-2010 At 02:35 pm

I dig that shit out of the Mopar paint! Great Trump

Commented on 7-28-2010 At 03:07 pm

i love this bike! i always though bee strips would be cool on a bike and here it is! rad!

Commented on 7-28-2010 At 03:16 pm

Commented on 7-28-2010 At 04:14 pm

I pray to Christ she is referring to ODB (rip) when she's talking about BBJ.

Commented on 7-28-2010 At 04:32 pm

A rider after my own heart. To hell with springs in the seat just drop that bitch right on the rails and put some miles on.. got to love it..

Commented on 7-28-2010 At 04:33 pm

That's how I took it.

Commented on 7-28-2010 At 04:38 pm

Ima Mopa nutta and a Triumph Luva and i dig the shit out of your bike!

Commented on 7-28-2010 At 06:52 pm

I know her. Nice lady, very crazy...

Commented on 7-28-2010 At 07:14 pm

I wanna hear a Trump with a VW stinger. Kinda curious about the taillight too.

Commented on 7-28-2010 At 07:14 pm

I wanna hear a Trump with a VW stinger. Kinda curious about the taillight too.

Commented on 7-28-2010 At 07:27 pm

Awesome bike.

Commented on 7-28-2010 At 07:37 pm


Commented on 7-28-2010 At 07:39 pm

Oh ya, thats the "Vanilla Gorilla " bike.....

Commented on 7-29-2010 At 06:16 am

I think I maybe need another tattoo.....

Commented on 7-29-2010 At 02:16 pm

Simple, and awesome. Does that make it simply awesome?

Commented on 7-29-2010 At 02:23 pm

Awesome bike and awesome ink! No Rules on your t-shirt. I think you mean it!

Commented on 7-29-2010 At 06:11 pm

Love the bike! Dave and Jenny are amazing people!

Commented on 7-30-2010 At 12:21 am

I love you lisa!!!

Commented on 7-30-2010 At 01:50 am

Great job and totally awesome! I need a good buzz between my legs.. a car's just not doing it for me.

Commented on 7-30-2010 At 10:28 pm

That's Sweet!

Commented on 7-30-2010 At 10:30 pm

Sweet bike, the paint job is bitchin!

Commented on 8-2-2010 At 03:04 am

saw that article in street choppers too nice bike

Commented on 8-2-2010 At 03:04 am

saw that article in street choppers too nice bike

Commented on 8-5-2010 At 05:32 pm

"Pre-unit"! Davey LIKE!!!!

Commented on 8-5-2010 At 08:08 pm

BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! Great looking bike. Dig the whole look of the bike.

Commented on 8-6-2010 At 07:28 pm

Damn! Whole bike is awesome Jenny, but seriously that tank is just amazingly cool!

Commented on 10-26-2010 At 01:32 pm

Very cool ride. And as a Hollisterian, I love seeing a Prunetuckian get their ride up here at CC.
Seriously stylin' ride!

Commented on 9-29-2011 At 12:06 am

that bike is sweet! love that tank.

Commented on 12-25-2011 At 11:17 am

love those old trumps!! your's is way the color scheme! do you have any short clips of it running so we can hear this bad ass bike?

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